Guess who's writing fanfics again?


Hermann Gottlieb had a normal, quiet life. Paid his rent. Did his job. Just as any good citizen would. Day in, and day out practically the same. That is, until his new neighbor had moved into the apartment across the hall from him. Hermann suspected that it might be good to have some company around.. But, God how he was wrong. Newton Geiszler was the single most irritating man he had ever had the misfortune of meeting... And, also the most intriguing.
Based on Your Signs: Roosterteeth Edition
  • Aries:Joe the Cat
  • Taurus:Miles Luna
  • Gemini:Gavin Free
  • Cancer:Barbara Punkelman
  • Leo:Michael Jones
  • Virgo:Lindsay Jones
  • Libra:Arryn Zech
  • Scorpio:Kdin Jenzen
  • Sagittarius:Ryan Haywood
  • Capricorn:Burnie Burns
  • Aquarius:Aaron Marquis
  • Pisces:Gus Sorola
  • *these signs are based off the RT workers actual signs (except Joe the Cat I got lazy)*