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(I get the cutest damn promts i s2g. Anyways the prompt was: Max noodling on guitar in her dorm room when Chloe sneaks into the girls dorms, and upon hearing Max, just sits outside her room for who knows how long (?) just listening. This got a little longer than I wanted but fuck it I’m proud of this one! Also I spent a good twenty minutes laughing about noodling. Thanks to kaladinstormcursed for the prompt! Enjoy the pricefield!)

When Max was stressed she inevitably did one of two things, she’d grab her camera, several packages of instant film and go out and take photos. She wouldn’t over think if they looked good and she wouldn’t worry about showing them to anyone. These were just for her.

Or on days like today where going out to shoot photos wasn’t an option for whatever reason, she would pick up her guitar and start to play. Some days she would try and learn a new song, but on really bad days like today, she would just fiddle around. Not really playing anything, simply playing bits and pieces of any and every song she liked and knew how to play. It was cathartic in a way photography never was. Playing the guitar was so effortless, it required a little more concentration and attention sure, but mistakes were easier to correct and far less permanent.

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"you snooze you lose." he says laughing leaping to the shower, letting the water wash over him. damn that was good, letting the hot water just wash over him, relaxing.

“I wasn’t snoozing, you stole my shower!” She complained, following at a more sedate pace after him. One she got into the bathroom, she started taking her clothes off. “If you don’t get out of there, I’m going to come in anyways.”


Spring break just started and the crew found themselves driving down to the beach in North Carolina from DC. Of course usually it would be packed with people since it was unusually warm but seeing as school had only JUST let out and the group skipped the last day of school, They were the only ones there. Just a day of being dumb and relaxing.

Illyana: Tyaire get your damn hands off my boob.

Tyaire: What boobs? Illz you’re like an A cup.

Illyana: Um no! You tried it, I’m a B.

Dhamir: B for Bitch you don’t got no titties.

Illyana stretched her foot over to Dhamir and gave him a good kick. He groaned in pain as Illyana smirked. Nafis laughed at his friends as he lifted his legs trying to get comfortable with Dhamir laying on him.

Nafis: Dhamir you got to do something with your big ass head. It’s heavy as mess bruh.

Dhamir: I just got kicked in the side and you’re worried about your legs?

Nafis reached over and jabbed Dhamir in the arms. He groaned again. Naomi smacked Nafis upside his head with swift movement.

Naomi: Stop abusing him!

Nafis: Mind your business!

Nafis then reached behind Naomi and untied her bikini top. She gasped and used her arms to hold it so it didn’t reveal anything. Illyana reached over and tied it back up for her. The rest of the day seemed to go by too fast when they were having fun. The boys played in the water and Naomi dared Illyana to streak. Just a normal day right?

Went on my date with Dan today. The aquarium was so much fun and we just kept making awful jokes about eating the fish and stuff, then we went namco arcade and he destroyed me at tekken and will now be teasing me about it for a while lol. we also went on the bumper cars and kept ramming into the children and the guy in the suit for a laugh but they didnt mind.

also damn that dude can eat! we went eds diner and he got dessert for himself after and then he couldnt manage it and kept asking me to help him out and i was like nahhh that burgers killed me lol.

dammit it was such a good day and im an idiot and didnt kiss him before i left the train,.probably a good idea though because my burger had so many onions.

Damn. I could use a good laugh or smile today. Got disappointed by a friend who made a promise he couldn’t keep. It was one of those lofty ones. Why people do that, I’ve no idea. It just sets up others for disappointment.

That and someone from on-high sent out a mass email for an employee gathering and breakfast. Nice. If only me and around a dozen others, scattered across the country could participate. 😞

I was hanging out with a crush and a colleague last night and the convo topic was about settling down ect and they laughed when I said I’d make a good wife bc I wouldn’t be able to stick to one person bla bla bla which kinda got me like damn I actually quite like you and I’m actually pretty down with monogamy you’ve only known me as single 😑😔

Hey, there’s a good chance I’ll die alone or never have a successful anything in the sex or love category ever again, but I got out of bed today and did laundry. That’s something. I did my makeup at 6 am, still was able to lightly smile at people who spoke to me, and I was able to genuinely laugh today. That’s fucking something. I made myself eat today. That’s something. I earned money and washed my face at the end of my day and damn fuck off that’s something.

I have a job. I have a roof over my head. I have parents who are damn alright. Who gives a fuck all if I never get touched or breathed at ever again because at least I know my favorite albums to play when I’m upset. At least I know what my favorite things are and at least I know I’m a halfway decent person and I know I’m worth it on some level. If no one ever falls in love with me, who cares, I guess, because I know that I love me and I’m all I’ve got.

I’m probably going to delete this tomorrow. I’m exhausted and thinking too hard and being a whiny weenie burglar.

Me & my Dad just went out to get some stuff to eat since we forgot to stock up & though takeout would be a good option & buy some chicken nuggets. As soon as we shut the door it turns out he left the keys inside the house so we got locked out. 
So my Dad basically had to boot the fucking door in to get the keys– Well, spare key since he broke the damn lock & we weren’t able to lock it with the usual lock. Luckily we have one built in & have a mega old key to lock it. At least we could lock the door.

…I’ve been laughing/crying at this for the past half an hour it’s unreal. It’s 11pm. Dad’s just meddling with the lock now. Holy fuck.

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“This is the first time in ages (years maybe?) that I’ve woken up…”

dude i feel ur pain except i haven’t been working nearly as hard as i should be so atm i am full of panic and guilt……. but i still can’t bring myself to work. DAMN PRESSURISED INSTITUTIONS

but like im bein real here when i say that everythin is gonna work out nd next term is probably gonna be a bit rough but hey summer is gonna be great no matter how good or bad next term goes so ye :^)

(I got them both on one post check me out) Fucking same man, I feel guilty whenever I take a break lmao. One of our tutors said to us while laughing “oh yeah next term is going to be hell for you guys” so that sounds fun. I guess you have exams so gooood luck dude!! we should meet up in summer tho and do smthing (lol I have to translate about 15 books of the Iliad over summer ffff)

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5,6,7,9,14,19,27,31,32,33,39,53,77,81 :)

Damn ok so..

5. 4 turn ons
- any biting tbh
- tight gripssssss
- really passionate kissing
- idk, someone who smells hella good

6. 4 turn offs
- bad breath/smells/tastes like cigarettes
- greasy hair ‘cause I generally like playing with people’s hair
- v annoying laughs
- stuck up/arrogant people

7. My best friend
- I hate this term man but yea, my best friend is pretty rad, he’s hella funny and helps me out whenever I need him, he’s got my back:).

9. My best first date
- My best first date wasn’t technically meant to be a date but the full day was just complete perfection. We went to the shopping centre and got ice cream and a ballon and sat and watched people snowboarding and yea, it was just a really good, comforting day.

14. Do I have a crush?
- Hayley Williams😍. Ok seriously, yea, I do.

27. Meaning behind my URL
- My blog use to be totally different from what it is now but basically, I love getting lost or going huge walks in the woods and just enjoy finding new places so yea, let’s go on an adventure?

31. How I feel rn
- I’m feeling not to bad, it’s 1:45am and I’m still breathing so y'know, that’s a good sign

32. Someone I love
- My mum, more than anyone. She’s honestly such an inspiration to me and awk, I just love her so much

Ok I’m sorry but there’s just waaaay to many to answer but yea, there’s half :).

Today was so great

Got my nails done
Breakfast with Pavs
Soooo many good chats
Picked Elise up from school and went shopping
SOOOO many good laughs and chats
Got lunch with Elise and nick! MORE GOOD CHATS AND LAUGHS
Went home
Had the most horrific phone call I’ve ever experienced and still have no idea what to do about it
Dealt with it so well that I am so so damn proud of myself
Didn’t shed one tear. And I was logical. Oh yeaaaaahhhh
Got so much loving at training
Did ball x full baskets for the first time ever
Got a card from Leon and I died inside
Ankle not holding up so well but HELL YEAH
Got all our worlds apparell
My gals waited an hour and a half to hang out with me before I leave so we went to Maccas

still haven’t started packing
Sooooo many people have gone out of their way to talk to me or see me before I leave and I couldn’t be more thankful.
Today was so good and so bad but so good. ☺️☺️😶😶😂💪💪

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Old bird, old spit, Drake got kissed by some old bitch / Tongue in his mouth, now that's a bold bitch / Drake just kissed about a hundred dicks / zero to a hundred on some gross shit / Madonna old ass on some toad shit / Thought kissing a king would make her young again / Drake gonna need help gettin' sprung again / What bitch gonna kiss him, without wondering / if this nigga got aids or sumthin and / how long he need tests for STD's / all i can say, I'm glad it wasn't meeee......LMAO

Why tf you in my asks slut shaming Madonna? Even if she sucked a million dicks that don’t mean a damn thing. Get tf out my shit bruh. Laughing about her being old and not a good person is one thing but I'on do slut shaming. Bye.

I’m getting down to the last three weeks of rec and its very surreal. My third year at Fanshawe and I’m back in London again for the fourth in September. It is crazy to see how far I have become and grown up since living there. I’m thankful for all the people I’ve met and the experiences I have got to experience out there. It’s going to be a tough last three weeks, one of my very good and now best friends who has been my roommate for these past three years and finished her journey and will not be returning with me for this last and final year. 

I’m so sad that it has come to this point but I’m so damn proud of this girl and how far she has come. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me, the laughs we’ve had over the past three years, and the drunk nights we’ve shared with each other. It was never a good idea for her and I to go to the bar by ourselves, but, we still did it and probably have the most memorable nights. This will be probably one of the hardest goodbyes even though she’s not moving to another country, but will just be a few hours away. I’m so grateful for getting to know her and having the best last three years with her. 

  • If you ever feel stupid just remember that one time a praying mantis got inside my house and my sister and I freaked out because we didn't know if it bit so we started throwing items at it (shoes, ect.) And she grabbed my arm and yelled "Hey look! A can of bug spray!" And I was in the zone so I picked it up and hurled it as hard as i could at that damn bug. I missed. There was a huge hole in our wall. I forgot that you SPRAY bug spray. -.-

I got really excited out at the bar last night because one of my good friends called me to tell me about his meeting in New York to get his musical made. I was loud and excited for him and he was squealing and laughing over the phone as well. But every middle aged asshole in the bar started making snide comments like ‘omg!!!’ And 'lets go to the mall’ and i can guaran-damn-tee you they wouldn’t have pulled that shit if it hadn’t been just me and Jamie in there. It really pissed me off. Especially considering not once did i use 'like’ as a colloquial quotative and half of those drunks wouldn’t know…ugh.