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Unpopular opinion: Maybe? I also hate the popular Marauders fancasts so much! I've got to the point where I block any post with Ben Barnes's face in it on sight. I don't hate him as an actor or anything (I've only seen him in one thing afaik), I just ... no. Not Sirius at all.

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It’s weird because I used to love Ben Barnes as Sirius…Ben Barnes is super pretty and aristocraty looking (and he’s a pretty good actor) but for some reason now I just can’t see him as Sirius at all. Like his face just makes me go “no” when it’s paired with Sirius’s name (same with Andrew Garfield as Remus or James - that never made sense to me). 

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I Go To The Barn Because I Like The
  • I Go To The Barn Because I Like The
  • Band Of Horses
  • Everything All The Time

I Go To The Barn Because I Like The - Band of Horses

“You were right
Outside by your doorstep
In a worn out suit and tie
I’ll wait
For you to come down
Where you’ll find me
Where we’ll shine." 

One of my favorite Band of Horses’ songs, absolutely. And I think Everything All The Time might be my favorite of their albums.

I Go To The Barn Because I Like The
  • I Go To The Barn Because I Like The
  • Band Of Horses
  • Everything All The Time

One of my favorite bands. Must see them on tour this summer with KOL!

outside by your doorstep
in a worn out suit and tie
i’ll wait 
for you to come down
where you’ll find me
where we’ll shine

Fun fact: this is also my most played song on itunes. YUP!

thegollux replied to your post:Working on Exclusive Pt II: The Buckying

I confused “exclusive” with “exquisite” because both of them feature Peters. I really wasn’t sure where you were gonna go with a Peter Burke / Bucky Barnes story but I was HERE FOR ITTTT

HAHAHA oh god can you imagine, Peter and Neal are assigned to track down Bucky Barnes as part of an FBI counterterrorism unit.

Neal finds Bucky in like, ten minutes, moves him into the loft, doesn’t tell Peter.

Neal and Bucky have EPIC ADVENTURES trying to find a way to clear Bucky’s name, Mozzie JOYOUSLY FREAKS OUT at all the conspiracy stuff, Neal cop-blocks Peter at every turn, Bucky is just like “the fuck is my life” and it all culminates in a showdown in a warehouse full of Hydra records that everyone gets to at the same time and just when Neal thinks Peter is FOR SURE going to find Bucky, Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson show up and are like AGENT BURKE, A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME allowing Bucky to get away until the FBI can go through the Hydra records and declare Bucky Not A Terrorist.

It would be glorious. Neal and Bucky arguing about guns alone would be worth the price of admission.