For a brief stretch in London, I talked only to a phrenology bust I kept in my study. I named him Angus. Wasn’t the same.


deep down… you long to have your perfect feathers ruffled


Faking It - 1x05 - Karma trying to soothe Amy (and sometimes failing)

So pick up lines are trending so this is my moment

Me:You…*looks into your eyes*…damn… I- I mean…uh…I don’t need a vaccine for your cooties because I don’t want to be immune to you yea…shit

You see her? That’s Tohru fucking Honda, and I’m going to explain why she deserves the praise she doesn’t get.

  1. When she sees Kyo turn into a cat, her FIRST instinct is to bring him to the hospital, yeah she was gonna go up to those doctors and say “Excuse me, I don’t know this boy but he turned into a cat, help him!”
  2. Shigure tells her that they’re cursed to turn into animals and she’s like “Ok cool, gotta go to school.”
  3. When Uo is a part of her gang and she’s running away and is about to get seriously injured by gang members, Tohru grabs her hand and runs and brings her to the safety of her house. When’s the last time you brought a yankee to your house for safety?
  4. Hana has dangerous powers that she didn’t have control over and Tohru STILL went up to her and told her she wanted to be her friend.
  5. Tohru sees the fear in Yuki’s eyes as Akito is at the high school so she PUSHES AKITO. Ok, can we really understand that NONE OF THE SOHMAS COULD STAND UP TO HIM AND TOHRU…TOHRU PUSHED HIM. You go girl, 4 for you.
  6. As Akito is hitting Momiji, Tohru runs in between them, knowing full well that she could get hurt in his place but screw those consequences, she’s TOHRU HONDA she’s got this.
  7. Then she realizes that the curse sucks so she’s like, no big deal, I’ll just break it. She KNOWS this curse is something she shouldn’t meddle with, but again, she’s Tohru Honda, she’ll save everyone’s zodiac ass and won’t want any praise afterward.
  8. She then sneaks into the Sohma property for Uo, because there’s a SLIM chance that Uo met and fell in love with a Sohma, so Tohru takes matters into her own hands and is gonna play matchmaker on the side of school, cleaning, AND BREAKING AN ANCIENT CURSE, OK?
  9. When Rin tells her to butt out of the curse business, she fucking says NO…NO. TO RIN! She’s so stubborn you guys, and she uses her stubborn nature for others. UGH TOHRU.
  10. Tohru then realizes she fell in love with Kyo, and shit, she doesn’t have time for romance! But Tohru MAKES THAT TIME BY LETTING GO OF WHAT WAS MOST IMPORTANT TO HER, HER MOM, BECAUSE SHE WAS LIVING IN THE PAST. So she realizes she was a coward and FACED HER FEAR AND LET GO. Tohru is so strong, ok?
  11. Tohru confesses her love to Kyo. I repeat, SHE CONFESSES HER LOVE TO KYO. Kyo who’s fate is to be locked up, she decides, hey, I love him, I’m going to tell him and I’m going to SAVE HIM. 
  12. And when Kyo tells her what he knows about her mother’s death, that he could have stopped it, she gets sassy saying “To forgive you or not to forgive you, are those my only choices?” And she is PISSED and she SCREAMS “I JUST LOVE YOU, WHY CAN’T YOU ACCEPT THAT?” I just have a lot of Tohru feelings, you guys.
  13. Then, Akito fucking shows up and when AKITO GOES TO STAB TOHRU, SHE LUNGES FORWARD TO SHOW THAT SHE UNDERSTANDS HER. You ever lunge yourself toward someone who is holding a knife toward you? Tohru has.
  15. THROUGHOUT ALL THE PAIN KYO CAUSED HER, SHE DECIDES SHE’LL LET HIM GO BUT WHEN SHE SEES HIM “ONE LAST TIME”  SHE’LL SMILE.You know all that courage and strength you need to cover your pain with a smile? Tohru is a fucking expert. 

In conclusion, Tohru is a BAMF, and she deserves more love. This has been a rant.

A Four/Tris fanmix

finally awake my first instinct is too push you until you break, just to see how hard I have to press fear doesn’t shut you down, it wakes you up, I’ve seen it, its fascinating, sometimes I just want to see it again, want to see you awake (listen)

nothing can make me root for john and mary as a couple when every scene they share is about sherlock. every single one of them. there’s not a single scene where sherlock is not at least mentioned. heck even the second proposal, john basically proposes to mary because she makes fun of the way he shaves his moustache off for sherlock (how romantic)

even in hlv when john goes to the crack den he’s snappy and aggressive because he misses sherlock.

at this point i just laugh when people say ‘john and mary are so happy and will stay married in s4’ because really???

Once again they are making Harry out to be the bad guy in the break up. I don’t think this guy could be “mean” to anyone


or how about when he thought he was helping a woman through labor (although the poor bb was being pranked)

and maybe some of

and how about when he defended his ex on twitter

what about when he did this

and also this

And lastly, that one time a fan was trampled in a mob and Harry stopped to help her up, make sure she was alright, then took a photo with her

Harry Styles, the boy who sold wristbands for his birthday to donate money to charity. The boy who, when asked “So Harry, what would you do if a fat fan asked you to give her a piggy back ride,” replied without hesitation “give her a piggy back ride.” The one who asked the paps if they were hungry and gave them his left overs from the restaurant. The boy who said one of his two favorite places in the world is Ghana (and he gave his necklace to a kid while there). I highly doubt Harry Styles was “mean” to Kendal Jenner. 

Dear Media, you can keep trying to make Harry seem like the bad guy, but you will lose every single time.