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your text thing about how atl helped u made me so happy omg i'm so glad they could be there for u and i'm so glad that u are getting to see them and you're happy and it's great and on a side note I really fucking love your hair u look so good omg

Thank you gosh ur so sweet

so first of all a big FUCK YOU to all you hoes today that said “you look like a chonga” “youre ugly” “your hair…it’s…ehhhh ew” “you look so weird” “ew i wanna cry” “you look like a hispanic prostitute” or “you look like a fucked up version of JLo”, I didnt ask for your worthless opinion on how I looked today, nor did I need to hear that or your snickering like fuck off, I didnt say shit when your hair looked like a fucking cotton ball, or when u shaved parts of your head, I didnt say shit when dandruff was literally braided into your hair, i didnt say a fucking word when u got corn rolls because i knew people probably called you out on it and i didnt want you to feel bad. I wear hooped earrings and leave two parts of my hair out in a ponytail and you’re really gonna call me a hispanic prostitute? FUCK YOU. And calling me ugly? Honestly? Like people get depressed over that shit, you dont know what i fucking deal with, you dont know what ive been through, how dare you have the fucking audacity to say that to me, and trust me you’re no better looking either, like a fucking llama and fish combined. That’s the thing, you dont think about anyone else’s feelings, you dont stop to think “what if shes really insecure?” “what if she’s suicdal?” or fuck “what if there having a bad day?”, im not telling u to be fucking buddah, just put yourself in that persons shoes for 2 seconds. Second, JLo is fucking hot as fuck even when she looks fucked up so FUCK YOU again. On top of that some of you are my friends, like you see that im pissed off about everyone commenting on how “bad” i look, why dont you stand up for me? You know damn well I’d be ready to pop someone in the mouth if they talked shit or hurt you. So now, Imma wear whatever the fuck I want, look how i want and act how I want so dont fucking play, and tomorrow imma look even more like a fucking chonga fucked up ugly ass JLo prostitute so u cant fuck off.

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Ngl I actually fucking love your new hair omg

thank u!! its rly messy today though but hey h o