School-Edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "Did you finish the homework?"
  • "Need some help with studying?"
  • "Your grades are falling."
  • "Think he/she would go to the dance with me?"
  • "What do you mean 'detention'?!"
  • "How many classes are you taking?"
  • "This is child prison. Child prison!"
  • "If the teacher's late, we can leave, right?"
  • "I didn't do a single problem right."
  • "Would you go to prom with me?"
  • "I forgot my homework!"
  • "Can I just get sent home early?"
  • "We didn't cover this in class!"
  • "Um, the dog ate my homework?"
  • "If I fake a fever, think they'll let me skip school?"
  • "What clubs are you gonna join this semester?"
  • "Can you help me with this math stuff?"
  • "Graduation is coming up."
  • "Why do we even have to learn this?"
  • "We have a substitute today."
  • "Look out, it's the Queen Bee."
  • "Have you asked anyone to prom, yet?"
  • "I got stuffed into a locker, again, today."
  • "So, you're the new kid?"
  • "Oh joy. More cafeteria Mystery Meat."
  • "Let's ditch class today!"
  • "Isn't the teacher weird?"

Picarto.tv Channel | Eren’s Campaign Details

I’m trying to help raising money and spreading the word for birthdaycakejaeger‘s medical expenses!

How you can help:

  • Share Eren’s Fundly Page!
  • Donate $10 or more, and you’ll get either an Icon or a Chibi sketch from me! Want more than one? Make multiple donations!
  • Share this post with anyone and everyone you know on any account that you have!

EDIT: I forgot about Fundly’s minimum donation amount and I’m terribly sorry! (I’m going to spot the difference for the customers that have paid thus far, but after that, its this price)

"As cheesy as it may sound, you really need to just stick to what it is you love and believe in."

Ciao everyone! So alot of you have been asking how you can look like me, so I thought I’d make a makeup tutorial using the mun! Hope you enjoy and hope this helps!


I have been in a MAJOR art funk and just could not produce anything for a long ass time. Nothing was turning out the way I wanted it. So then I heard about the demo for Final Fantasy XV (I’ve been following this game since 2006 jfc) and looked it up on youtube. OMG the character designs are lush <3 I was suddenly hit with an urge to draw these characters, but I still didn’t feel all too confident in drawing them out. So I decided to do another screenshot redraw to help me out a bit. FINALLY something that turned out in my favor. I took a couple of screenshots and I’m thinking of doing those too. Dat Prompto what a cute <3


I like how I forgot to add Gladio’s beard OTL

does anyone work in food service—anything from being a barista to working at a place like mcdonalds or being a line cook or managing the distribution of food—and would be willing to do a short online interview with me? this is for a paper i have to do for my “politics and gender of food” class about how food production and making the labor that goes into food visible.

you will be totally anonymous and no one will see the paper except my professor!

please message me if you can help me out!

EDIT: A lot of you have offered to help me out and I’m so grateful! That being said, I think I have more than enough people for now. <3

Anyone willing to help me test some Skyrim textures? I feel like my base diffuse textures are pretty much done by this point, so all I should need to do now is settle on normalmaps and spiff up the seams. I’d kinda like to see how everything looks on other setups first, though, so I’ll have a better idea if I’m going in the right direction or not. If you’re interested, just send me an off-anon ask or fanmail and I’ll send you the link. :)

EDIT: bleh, I forgot you can’t send mail unless you’ve been following that blog a while, and asks won’t accept links! I get it’s to cut spam, but when you’re as bad about following blogs as I am, it makes things like this a bit of a pain. I’ll have to just post the link here for now, and ask that you drop me a message or link if you use them. Be aware these are fairly high-res, so if you don’t run the game very well like me or intend to use these as an overall replacer, you may want to consider waiting for a less-demanding version later on.

check out that gemsona wow! EMERALD i did not just pick it because it’s my birthstone, i really love emerald and everything it’s about uvu, design is still a wip??? i was just really bored and wanted to draw and so i ended up doing a scrap job of my gemsona, i’m mainly unsure about the pallette???? [shrugs] maybe expect more???

lmao the canvas is way to big because i forgot to switch it from when i was helping my sister edit some pictures so idk how this will actually look when i post it???

Angsty one-shot recs bc why not ayyy

Watch Over You by borderfame-sabrestar (oh, the angst sO MUcH ANGST HELP)

Other Side of Midnight by zarah joyce (it has a hopeful open ending, though, I’m totally imagining a happily-ever-after. I FORGOT HOW MUCH I ENJOYED THIS ONE it needs more love)

Artificial Identity by Londra (I can’t even with this I did NOT expect the ending at all!!!)


Edit: WOO RECS! Thanks!