I’m reviewing my footage and I think I forgot to mention that for Little Black Dress for the Jakarta’s show, Louis’ microphone was amped to the loudest that it seemed like he was the only person singing during the entire song. My camera isn’t able to capture the best audio capabilities but trust me when I say the entire stadium was filled into every single crack and space with his voice and passion. It was amazing.

This is the same guy that second guessed his contribution to the band and thought that he had little to give. Very heart warming. It’s like watching a young 2012 Louis singing his heart out in Valerie.

A couple of minutes after the finale finished, I couldn’t tell what feelings I had about this series: was I happy that it ended like that, was I sad that Chiyuki didn’t stay and was separated from Decim. What about Ginti, Mayu and Memine? What about the relationship between Clavis and Ginti. Was Oculus really THAT bad??
Maybe at some point I’ll understand every detail, but right now I’ll tell you what I feel.
Aside from the roleplay blogs, what I felt when I saw Decim maturing and smiling at the end to the guests, that he never forgot Chiyuki, the different relationships in the death parade.
It’s all over.
And, I thought about it. I know that a year from now, (and I doubt there’ll be a second season) I will remember this show and feel nostalgia.
At the end of the show, while we listened to the OP and saw the new guests, I felt like this is a goodbye.
To all of the times I cried, to those I laughed in and to those I squealed in.
Death parade is like an old friend that’s leaving to another country.
I won’t forget it.
Like your favorite character that died in the middle of the movie series.
You will never forget it.
Because you felt like it was a part of you.
Goodbye Death parade.
It was a pleasure to watch you :)

Resurfaced (Ashton Imagine)

a/n: I wrote this a few weeks back and forgot about it until today and I really wanted to get it up. I hope you guys like it! 

After Ashton and I broke up I was numb. When he told me he was going on tour I knew it was over. It was once he said those exact words that I felt everything crumble around me.

He refused to meet my eyes, it was like he was afraid of my reaction.

“The lease you could do is look at me while you break my heart, Ashton.” I snapped, tears pooling in my eyes.

“We both knew this wasn’t going to last forever.”

“That’s not what I said, Ashton. Just be a man and look me in the eyes. Tell me to my face, not your feet.”

He didn’t. Instead he walked away. I wanted to hate him but there was no point. It was going to get me nowhere and just hurt more.

Six months go by and I was content again. I knew that Ashton was living out his dream and I was still discovering my own.

“Y/N, what are you doing tonight?” My roommate asked as I walked through the door, returning from my morning shift at work.

“I was just going to catch up on some reading. Why?”

“I got backstage passes for a concert I’m reviewing tonight. Come with me.”

“What concert?”

“5 Seconds of Summer.”

“Oh, um, sure I guess.”

There was no reason to let the break up with Ashton stop me from living life and helping a friend out.

“I know that you and Ashton used to—” She started.

“No, hey, it’s fine. We’re both adults. Besides, friends first.”

“You’re seriously the best.” She hugged me.

To be honest, I was a little excited to see the show. I did always enjoy watching him and the others perform. It had always brought a smile to my face seeing their faces all light up with happiness as they lost themselves in their music.

Pushing our way through the large group of screaming girls was almost impossible. They were so desperate to get even a glance at their favorite band. Showing security at the door our passes, they quickly pushed us in while trying to keep the screaming girls out.

“So when does the show start?” I asked as we began to wonder around.

“I think in about an hour.”

“I need to use the restroom, I’ll be right back. Text me if you leave this general area.”

It was a struggle to find where the bathroom was. It felt like at every turn I was just going in circles. Finding my way back to Y/F/N was even harder. I was just about to give up when I heard her laughing. There was a large part of me that wasn’t surprised to see her standing there with none other than Ashton Irwin.

“Y/N, finally, there you are. What took so long?” She smiled, turning toward me.

“Sorry, I got a little lost,” I smiled softly. “Hi, Ashton.” I added politely.

“Hi, Y/N.”

“How are you?”

“Uh, I’m fine. You know, tired.” He scratched the back of his neck with his drumstick.

“I bet. I can’t imagine being on the road like that.”

It was clear as day that Ashton was uncomfortable.

“Well, we should let you get ready for the show. It was good to see you. Good luck.”

I gently took hold of Y/F/N arm and brought her closer to the stage.

“You okay?” She asked once we were out of ear shot.

“I’m fine. I think it’s safe to say that he was more uncomfortable that I was.” I laughed lightly.

The other members of 5 Seconds of Summer walked past us as they walked onto the stage. We exchanged quick hellos and that was it.

Half way through the show the boys stopped for a break.

“This next song is called ‘Amnesia’,” Ashton started. “Even though this song was given to us, it’s still personal. I’d like to dedicate this song to someone who is actually here tonight. This one’s for you.”

I could feel the tears beginning to pool into my eyes as the song went on.

“I’m sorry, Y/F/N, but I need to go.”

Hearing the words Ashton said as well as the lyrics proved to be more than I could handle. Even though it felt like an eternity since the break-up I still missed him more than I realized.

Y/F/N nodded, understanding and hugged me before I left toward the exit.

Getting back to the apartment I quickly stripped my clothes, removed my make-up and stepped into the shower. I stood under the water, letting it wash over my skin, washing the day away. I wanted nothing more than to forget everything that had taken place over the last few hours and the feelings that came along with it.


Well our over jumps was okay. First round we did a great course and then at the end i gave him his head and he bucked and i came off. Second i forgot the course and third was good. I fell on a box filler last night and almost came off while warming up. Also we went down a division because last night schooling was a hot mess.

Im happy with how we did im just really sore there is also the fact that every time we go to a show i feel like we go three steps back.

Also my leg went to lalla land bc im not use to tall boots

Imagine your first, second, and third favorite characters dressing up as superheroes to try and cheer you up.

This picture literally looks like you were waiting at the bus station or something for your boyfriend to come off the bus because he had to go back home for a few months but he’s finally back and you couldn’t be happier to see him so you decided to take a picture of him and just remember this moment.


Pacific Rim more like Raleigh stop running after Mako like a lost puppy

I love them. UwU

So I draw something and upload it at a time where nobody can see it.

Logic. Wake up America. I mean it. Wake up.


Miloe Family (feat. Jason) | 2.18

"Kid’s paying off already."