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Tucutes saying dysphoria is unnecessary make being trans look like a choice, which I would obviously want to distance…

Really what the fuck does it matter holy fuck why can’t you guys just fucking accept that not all fucking trans people have dysphoria this is the most fucking shitty thing 

  • Yuu:*is alone thinking*
  • Shinoa:what're you doing? Reading porn/looking at girls? *smirks*
  • Yuu:what? Of course not
  • Shinoa:hmm so what are you doing then?
  • Yuu:I'm thinking about Mika
  • Shinoa:...
  • Yuu:...
  • Shinoa:of course you are

John Watson | Sherlock BBC

John: “Y/N! What the hell is this?!

Y/N: “That? That’s obviously Sherlock Fanart.

John: “and why is it on you’re computer?!

Y/N: “Because I wanted you to find it and finally accept you undying attraction towards him.

John: “… What…?”  

Y/N: “Oh come on dad, it’s so obvious.

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sometimes i become repulsed by you and sometimes i adore you. at first i thought it was a flaw on your behalf (that you fluctuate between being obscene and wonderful) but the more i think about it the more i realize that its a fault of my own - that i find it hard to accept the truth. you are unfailingly honest and when i dislike what you say it's not bc you're being offensive its bc to reject your opinion is to protect myself from something i don't want to admit is true. you help me be honest.

as long as it works for you it’s okay, it’s very nice to hear that you’re trying to be honest with yourself cause at the end of the day who freaking cares I mean you don’t know me I don’t know you I’m quite possibly just another person on the internet for you – the thing is that something somehow might be working as a stimulant for you in order to consider and sometimes reconsider (irrespective of it being valid in terms of accuracy and so on) & that’s about completely right with me. enjoy the contradiction which is a part of what in my mind is “truth” and I’ll tell you what: it’s even more valuable/vital to be in this with all your heart, to allow yourself to feel your own convictions/opinions but also freely wander and sustain your oppeness as well as realize where’s your head at and where’s your heart at. personal growth, that’s what’s important. and to be in touch with yourself so as to find meaning in futility and grasp what’s for you to grasp. all that is bigger than the truth, it’s even bigger than my ‘honesty’ or anyone else’s honesty and it’s far more complex than a person being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when simply elaborating on their individual perspective upon sth/anything. it was great of you to let me know so thank you. have a great day x

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find better friends i stg if she cant accept you as a lesbian or any other gender than she can fck off

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hi, there, i am new to the fandom (i might've chosen the worst time to join the fandom tbh), but do you think that Melissa is also another stunt? could you please elaborate more? i find there are blogs that just accept everything in media and there are others (like yours) that analyze them, and i must say if only i found your blog way earlier during this whole ordeal, i'd save many stressful sleepless nights! thank you :)

I’m glad you found people with similar ideas and feelings even if it took you a bit.  It’s important to have support during times like these.  XD



My own post about Niallissa is in those tags somewhere, so you can see what I think specifically.  The tags aren’t too hefty, but I think I reblogged most of the good stuff and masterposts about it, so take a look.

I do think it’s a stunt.  Anyone who doesn’t think Niall stunts in general needs to look at the Ed/Ellie/Niall situation as well.  I don’t agree on the conclusions of the post I linked, but it’s got how the whole thing played out.  I unfortunately don’t seem to have any other stuff saved for them, so a few points:

  • all three got promo out of it
  • Ed never fully confirmed that Niall or even Ellie was involved in the story from Don’t I’m pretty sure, he implied it and of course people took that as gospel
  • the idea of Niall being the other man is the same in both Ed/Ellie/Niall and Niallissa which is pretty interesting considering their team should be trying to cover this stuff up if it’s true
  • keeping in mind their team often use their social media for business purposes, most of the interactions between Niall and Ellie beforehand could definitely have been planned for a stunt
  • they wanted drama to blow up otherwise Ellie wouldn’t have been draped over Ed and then Niall publicly in quick succession, it’s not hard to tell who the song is supposed to be about since there’s such public evidence to point to

There could have been something real in that whole mess, but it was definitely used for headlines and promo.

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Could you please put links in your bio to the tags page and submit thing? I probably sound dumb but I haven't been on tumblr for very long and I'm finding it difficult to navigate. Also, do you accept imagines as asks? Thank you so much!

You don´t sound dumb, no worries! I had a hard time figuring out tumblr too.

Our Page is fairly enough to navigate with the following:

See the thing in the right circle? It usually shows up on top of the mobile-page, also follows you arround when you scroll down as shown in the screenshot. Click it and it´ll lead you here

BAM; links to wherever you want to go!

putting it in the description looks often weird or messes the mobile app up, so this makes things simpler c:

Also; yes we accept Imagines via ask ^^

-Admin Micia <3

Hoped that helped, if not feel free to drop another ask!

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i dont know how long ago that you came out to your mother but i am so sorry that she reacted badly. i hope you can find peace and safety somewhere else. people who dont accept you dont deserve you

Thank you friend ❤️

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if i wanna become a faux queen is there any way to find a drag mother? / Do you think i won't be accepted by real drag queens? sorry for tha questions but you're my lord and savior sooo

who needs a drag mama?!?! gurL call me UR motha and go to youtube for makeup tutorials! I did just that, always experiment, and be yourself- you will be accepted no matter what; and if you aren’t come down to NYC and I’ll take care of Ü ♡