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Do you think you can write like, a VERY short dabble on Justice dealing with catcallers? Either in Awakening or DA2, which ever you like.

(Okay ngl I kinda jumped at the opportunity to write this instead of working on my currently piling up WIPs because I LOVE WRITING JUSTICE SO MUCH OMG, he’s actually my favourite to write, and I never bloody well get to. So thank you nonny, for giving me the opportunity to write about the precious angry spirit bae beating up assholes. This is a good day. Ahaha whoops this isn’t short at all oh well)

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Anders was on his way back to his clinic from the Hanged Man, where he’d somehow been convinced to play a few rounds of Wicked Grace this afternoon, when he heard some sort of commotion ahead on the street. He could hear several male voices, but couldn’t yet discern what they were saying. He stopped for a moment, readying himself for trouble, before moving forward to see what was happening.

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I changed the notification tone on my phone to Tron saying “I fight for the Users” and the other day it went off right before class started and some guy stood up and pointed to me and said “NO! I WILL CREATE THE PERFECT SYSTEM!” And now whenever we pass each other at school he hisses “User" at me. 

I have a feeling he is a Clu 2 fan. 

There was a recommended post in my dash/feed/whatever.

It’s six in the morning and I haven’t slept; it’s time for a rant.

You know when facebook really started going to shit? When it started putting advertisements and recommended posts and garbage like that all over the place, including in the newsfeed instead of just in the ad sections.

I don’t want to see shit in my dashboard from people I’m not following. I didn’t like when the ads started showing up there but I get that tumblr needs to make money. But why they would ever need to put recommended posts IN MY FUCKING DASHBOARD I do not understand.

Put it in the tumblr radar section. Put it in the recommended blog section. BUT KEEP IT OUT OF THE MAIN DASHBOARD AREA. That’s where I want to see content from people THAT I HAVE CHOSEN TO FOLLOW.

You look at the life cycles of social networking sites, and they start out with these great ideas that people love, and they blow up. But then time goes by and they make stupid changes and the site falls apart. Myspace went to shit, facebook has been and is continuing to go to shit. I don’t want to see that happen to tumblr. I like tumblr.

I guess I understand why it’s there. They think it’s a good way to show me more stuff that I might like. But like I said, there are already established ways for tumblr to promote new content to me. Putting more in the dash is redundant and aggravating. It’s like how facebook has like four links to the homepage and like seven to your profile on each page and I just want to slap the designers.

But more importantly, the dashboard is already designated as the area where posts from the people you follow appear. By promoting other content within the dashboard, you are taking control away from the user.

Tumblr, I want you to be successful. Please don’t make the same mistakes as all the social networking sites that have gone before you.

i know how some people are not very impressed by the scene in Tron: Legacy where Tron is “killed” by Clu, saying its not “convincing”. 

but i’m gonna remind you, we do get that scene expanded upon in Tron: Uprising, even adding dialogue between Clu, Dyson and Tron; not just a scream, and then…..silence. 

so while yeah, they could have done more for that scene in the movie, they made up for it in an awesome remake of it in the amazing tv series.

ok so that’s my eleven 20 p.m rant. just though i would put it out there. 

have some cute Tron for your dash

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Give me a chracter and I will answer: TRON. I might have asked this though haha

Why I like them: Tron fights for the things he believes in. I really apprechiate this. It´s something everyone should do.

Why I don´t: He doesn´t often show his emotions and he´s always to serious.

Favorite episode (Scene if movie): His last scenes in Legacy when he fights his repurposing and the whole “Identity” thing, because he proves that he actually cares for Beck. 

Favorite line: “I fight for the Users!” Pretty obivios, I know. :D

Favorite outfit: His Rinzler suit in Legacy.

OTP: Tron x Yori. Always and forever. Never gonna change. :D

Brotp: Tron and Beck. When they fight together nothing can stop them.

Head canon: He doesn´t die at the end of Legacy. He´ll come back,                                     haunted by the ghosts of all he has lost

Unpopular opinion: He cares pretty much about his hairstyle. It looks so      accurate and perfect all the time he must have a pretty good hairspray :D

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: Worst case: he really dies at the     end of Legacy.

My nickname for them: Tronnie-Bonnie :3

Thank you for asking! :)

Editor battles the database (FOR THE USERS)
  • Editor:I'm going to find a way to go inside the computer, Tron-style, and wage war on the database. I shall tear it bit-from-byte, and I shall enjoy it. FUCK.
  • Writer:Ooh! ooh! Bring me back a glowing frisbee!
  • Editor:I may not be coming back. But it will have been worth it. ("Will have been" is the best kind of construction. Makes me feel like you need a Tardis to get around my grammar.)
  • Writer:There are times when I'm writing time-travel and I get to say stuff like that and it makes me happy.
  • Editor:Grammar is going to be awesome once we finally get time travel. I can't wait.