Morning is definitely the hardest part of the day, especially if your extra clingy boyfriend insists you to just ditch work and spend the day in bed with him.

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Sasusaku 46 please c:

send me a ship and a number and i’ll write a short fic

Notes: this is a continuation to this prompt :)


46. nanny/single parent au



They sat side by side on the black leather couch of the Uchiha living room, arm-crossed, and pouting in the exact same way.

“I don’t like this,” Sarada grumbled, frowning at the cartoons on the TV that no one was watching.

“Me neither,” Sakura admitted.

“Do you not want Papa to get a girlfriend either, sensei?”

Of course I do, she thought with a defeated sigh, but I want that girlfriend to be me, not some ugly bimbo that just moved into the house across the street! Instead, she said, “It’s not that, Sarada-chan. I just want her to be a nice, pretty woman, not… well, that woman.”

“Me too. I’d be happy to have a new Mama. I barely knew mine, you know? She died when I was just a baby, so I’ve always wondered what having a Mama is like. I’m sure that woman would not be a good Mama to me. But you would be, sensei, I’m sure!”

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I always feel tears coming on, I can feel them burn the back of my eyes and clog my throat. I want it to end. I’m trying  to fix it, but when something breaks down it only gets harder to fix. When all I can think about is how relaxing it would feel to feel pain, I know I’ve gotten to far. I need to fix myself and my only hope is myself.
—  because my only hope is myself
You know what profoundly and fundamentally sucks?

Not having money.

alright let me start off by saying I realize he looks EXACTLY like the actor that inspired him, and since this guy, too, was made just a few hours ago he will be in the WIP stages for awhile as well. his name is Exter, he doesn’t speak, only an occasional blood curling scream which is similar to that of an owl. When he does his scream, it’s a sign of death to those who hear it, like a death omen basically.