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Reluctant!Bard because he had a bad experience when he was young with a man taking advantage of him but Thranduil shows him how it should be? Love your writing! If this isn't something you want to write, that's completely fine! :)

Warning for a past reference to non-con

“Bard, are you okay?” Thranduil asked, concern lacing his tone as he pulled back.

“Um– ” responded, desperately wishing that he was okay and kind of hating himself for the fact that he wasn’t.

Bard immediately forced himself to redirect that anger and the person who actually deserved it and settled for being highly frustrated with himself and his inability to just get on with it.

“I’m going to take that as a no. What’s wrong?” Thranduil enquired, sitting them both up on the sofa and running his long, elegant fingers through Bard’s hair comfortingly and Bard could literally feel the tension easing out of his muscles.  

But Bard was embarrassed, he had been with Thranduil for a few months now and he should have told him ages ago, right at the beginning really, but he hadn’t, which was making the current situation even worse.

“Nothing, it’s fine.” Bard tried, but Thranduil was apparently having none of it.

“Are you honestly expecting me to believe that?” Thranduil replied, fixing him with a worried look and honestly no Bard had not expected him to believe it, but a guy could hope.

Dammit he was never going to be able to resist that face, least of all when it was all soft and concerned. He sighed, knowing he was going to have to tell him.  

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You know you're in too deep if you get overexcited just walking through the bedding area in Ikea
223. Harry always regretted that he could never tell his children the stories of his family's past. He never told them his stories until their eleventh birthdays so they would not be surprised by their family's fame at school.

To those that have donated, thank you so much. I’ll be thanking each of you individually. I’m a sobbing mess, I’ve got more than enough to pay my rent now and I just now paid it. Last night I couldn’t see how I could possibly make it through these next two weeks and I was wondering where I would go if I got evicted.

I am amazed by your kindness. I can’t believe people I’ve never met would reach out to me and help me on my feet again. Your support means the world to me and I am so grateful for every single one of you. I don’t know how I’m supposed to go through today without bursting into tears every 5 minutes, I’m so thankful.

You’re all so wonderful and it feels so great to have that weight off my chest after weeks of feeling lost and terrified. I sincerely cannot thank you all enough.

okay no but like imagine a bellarke au where bellamy and clarke are both long-term patients in a hospital and they both hate the food there so they sneak out of their rooms to go to the vending machine and bellamy gets there first and takes the last bag of chips that clarke likes so everyday it just becomes a race to see who can get there first but bellamy always wins so eventually he feels bad and ends up saving the chips for clarke and it becomes a ritual for them to sneak out every night and share snacks and have deep conversations and arguments but still show up every night at the same time someone stab me in the face


➸ TL • Takuya & Joon Jae | I don’t know how to make this feeling stop.

credit to the youtuber who made it