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Who do you like more, Erwin or Levi?


I do like levi more because I find him easier to understand; he’s more emotionally open than erwin is and I enjoy his blunt honesty, terrible attempts at humour, how hard he tries to be encouraging to his comrades and friends with his own warped, indirect brand of affection, and how he’s so fucking quaint and fancy while being so coarse and foul-mouthed. I generally find levi to be a ridiculous disaster of a human being and its really endearing and funny to me for some reason. I think levi is the least cool and charming character in the entire series but I dig that. like I spend more time laughing at levi than is probably reasonable, and I like his character so much because I feel like I understand it so he’s easier to navigate. 

whereas erwin is much more closed off and his charm is, if not superficial, then should be fucking suspected for being superficial most of the time. that being said, one of the reasons he’s become one of my faves is because of him becoming a little more vulnerable and honest in the latest arc, and learning more about him. but for the most part, the appeal of erwin for me is trying to figure him out rather than liking him for his actual character which is still pretty unclear (not due to bad writing on isayama’s part but because he’s written to be more closed off and duplicitous).

so. yah. I like Levi more but the more I learn about Erwin the more I like him so who knows, this could change.

ATTENTION: my new favorite starbucks drink has zero calories, gives me energy and focus, and costs $0.86 🎉

Just order a venti ice water with two scoops of matcha powder! Be super polite and the baristas should have no issue making it for you ☺️ it’s not sweet at all, it tastes a lot like green tea obviously (since that’s what matcha is) but for some reason I find it a lot more refreshing!

Matcha is a super food and has a lot of really great benefits like improving focus, boosting your metabolism, and having five times as many antioxidants as any other food!

Clearly this one drink will not make you drop 20 pounds or become a genius or anything, but it’s delicious, CHEAP, and makes me feel amazing!! Let me know if you try it! 🍵

It says in my FAQ that I have no idea when I’ll update NRS again, and it says in the FAQ and in the description of the most recent set of pages that YES I WILL BE FINISHING IT.  If everyone’s both caught up and observant enough to see that I have an FAQ, then we should be set!  But somehow we are not and I still get these two questions between every.  Single.  Update.  Sometimes multiples of each.

When I was fifteen and my best friend tried to teach me how boys lie,
I should have listened.

When I was sixteen and my mother tried to tell me that boys like that don’t change,
I should have listened.

The point is -
you were always the one who listened to me.
You helped to heal my broken wrists
and you’ve been my sleeping pill more than once.

Like every other broken-record girl,
I thought you were different.
You told me how you couldn’t take her anymore,
and you called her crazy jealous,
like you hadn’t been promising me rain checks all summer.

You probably ignored her messages as well.

Do you know,
how naive it made me feel to believe you?
I defended you to my friends and my father
and you cancelled our plans without giving me reasons.

If you didn’t want me,
maybe you shouldn’t have taken me.

—  Josie, “Coming To Terms With It

Greetings everyone!

Another week has come and gone, and exams are still inching closer. No, never mind that. At this point, they are rushing closer. Next week will be my last week ever of classes in Norway. That is absolutely insane. It has also proven hard to wrap my head around. Apart from me coming to that realisation, let’s me tell you what happened this week. 

1. Doing Chem revision in bed. 2. Waking up is hard. 3. I’m babysitting plants. 4. I got a package! 5. Basically I’m living in my bed.

So I was off from two subject this week, which means that I only had 18 periods this week. However, with how little schoolwork I’m doing at home, I really feel like I should be doing more. Especially when I have that few periods. But you know, I’m out of ideas. How do I even study any more than this?

I also had my last ever Norwegian class this week. Not only will I never study Norwegian literature and language again, but I will never study in Norwegian again. It is going to be so weird, but so wonderful. 

On Friday I really felt that I was a russ for the first time. One of my friends are a part of a traditional russe-van and we went for a ride in it. We went “rolling”, as it is called. It was an interesting experience. We got egged, the door broke, we fixed the door, we were more than 10 people in the car at one point, several people ate a cheeseburger in two bites and I became deaf. Long story short: I have basically experienced the entire russe-tid now. 

When I get in a cleaning mood, I really clean. Therefore, on Saturday, I had a pre-exam clear out. I organised my drawers, stacked all books that need to be returned to school, threw out kilos of paper and just organised in general. This took about three hours. Feels really good now though, because my room is really tidy. 

And that, is everything noteworthy from this week. We’ll have to see if I get around to doing a weekly roundup next week, because I’m going to a confirmation on Sunday and my exams start on Monday. Oh well, we’ll see. Until then, 

//Okay. I’m going to take an official hiatus, which will last for two weeks. I’m sorry I’m doing this even if I haven’t been really active for the past… month? Well. Yeah. But taking an official hiatus eases my mind since I won’t be endlessly telling myself how much of a slacker I am for not doing anything (I hope anyway). I really do apologize to my rp partners, my followers, and my friends. To be honest, I have this very serious issue about losing interest in something/someone after a certain time period. Two years is my absolute max–I’ve reached that limit a year ago. I want to stay, keep going, and continue to enjoy what I do, but I’m struggling to do any of it. I don’t expect people to understand, and I really don’t want sympathizing messages. This is merely an explanation, a way for me to get this out of my head so I may gather my thoughts more peacefully. 

Anyway. I’ll see you all in two weeks with a more long-term decision.


i want everyone in one direction to feel secure and loved and like they can form meaningful and satisfying relationships with whoever they want to (as long as those people also want to form meaningful and satisfying relationships with them) (and meaningful and satisfying can mean SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS, like, post-clubbing one night stands can be meaningful and satisfying!! talking for hours and then never seeing someone again can be meaningful and satisfying!! dating for months and going to hang out at a construction site w/your parents can be meaningful and satisfying!! w/e, i do not need to define that beyond ‘meaningful and satisfying’) 

AND i want all the girls in the world to stop feeling like they’re in competition with each other for male attention and i want all the girls in the world to feel secure and loved and like they can form meaningful and satisfying relationships with whoever they want to (as long as those people also want to form satisfying and meaningful relationships with them) and i want all the girls in the world to be able to feel like those relationships will not expose them to harassment or abuse in any way

AND i am very very tired of/bored with one direction only dating very short very thin very normatively attractive ppl with long shiny brown hair 

All the things which make me love taylorswift as I do. I never thought I would love a celebrity that much. I mean, I like some celebrities, some actors, musicians and writers, but I don’t love a celebrity more than I love Taylor Swift. I’m feeling like writing why, explaining all the things which make me love Taylor Swift as I do. She’s a singer and musician who writes her own songs (or co-write) and that’s something I found amazing. She said that she had no interest in singing someone else’s words and I agree more than I should. I always admire people who make what they love and wanted to do, that’s a simple fact but not an easy thing to do. She loves what she does. I mean, it’s obvious. She loves singing, writing songs, playing guitar and the piano and all. Her pleasure is obvious and that touches me and makes me happy to see her so happy. Indisputably, she have a great career. She won Grammy’s, she’s the youngest who won the Album of the year, she won other different things. Her albums was successes and even when she moved from country to pop, it was an awesome success. She wrote songs and sang from a long time, that’s just what she loves and it takes her so far that’s admirable. Then there’re her songs. I’m so in love with every single one. I always enjoy country music, and I like how her songs are country. It’s right, and a pleasure to hear. But actually, I think she could do any kind of music, I’ll like that. There’s this thing in her songs that I just love, that’s

This pregnancy twist is more than a little hilarious, but at the same time, I feel so, so, so sorry for Robin. The man was raped, most likely repeatedly, but I have a feeling the show will not see it that way or pay proper due to the assault committed. (A small part of me is even more scared that the viewers of the show won’t see it that way.)

I mean, it’s incredibly campy, and in terms of throwing obstacles at Outlaw Queen, it makes me want to roll my eyes (just let them be happy, jfc). But then I think about what Robin’s been through and I feel a little sick about it. 

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My gsd is almost one years old. He weighs 75-80 pounds. But you can really feel his ribs and if he goes more than a few hours without food you can see them. He is constantly hungry. I give him just about double the amount recommended too. Our vet isn't concerned, but many people keep telling me he is too skinny. Should I feed him more? He eats 2 cups three times a day with snacks in between....

If he checks out at your vet, I wouldn’t worry. Shepherds are supposed to have a visible tuck at the waist, and you should be able to feel but not see ribs. People always tell us Kaiser is too skinny, but our vet, breeder, and trainers are all happy with him.

If people food is involved, Kaiser acts like he’s been starved for weeks. He’s a bottomless pit.

Six cups sounds like a lot to feed daily. Kaiser gets 3ish cups of food a day, but he’s on Acana. I think the general rule is the better the quality of food, the less you have to feed. Maybe read the bag next time and make sure you’re feeding the recommended amount. c:

(Disclaimer: am not vet or food expert, I am largely unqualified to answer this ask)

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what do you think about damon as a character , he did many many horrible things and although i want him to have relationship with stefan and bonnie because i have the same opinion of them as you did in your meta but he still he has so so much to make up for, even when he died for stefan it was not enough, stefan has done so much more for him, and the fact that he abused caroline should at least be adressed , i hope they tackle these issues in s7

My feelings for Damon are complicated. My liking him is totally dependent on the episode and the season because he is the most inconsistently written character on the show. And honestly, when I think Damon Salvatore I think wasted potential. By that I mean the writers could have taken Damon on an interesting path (explored his relationship with Stefan more, developed his friendship with Bonnie earlier, have him do something with that existential crisis he had in season 2, have him apologize to Caroline & explore their relationship). Instead the writers opted to give us Delena (a.k.a a boring love story about  a “toxic” and “consuming love” with Elena), which frankly has been detrimental to Damon’s character because it stunted his character development (how long did he keep the cure secret from Elena??).

I thought that Damon’s story in TVD was going to be about redemption. The writers have written the character so inconsistently that Damon’s redemption has been a story of one step forward, two steps back. There is one primary reason why this is: the writers write Damon to fit the plot rather than write the plot to fit Damon. As a result, Damon is a character whose beliefs and actions change according to the demands of the episode. They will have him act as a foil to Stefan just to act as a foil to Stefan.* They will have him be the resident dick, just to be the resident dick. They have him be the love interest, just to be the love interest. They treat Damon as a prop to other characters, relationships, and the storyline whether or not makes sense for his character. Consequently, Damon has suffered from spotty and at times an inexplicable characterization.

*By Stefan’s foil I mean that they got rid of Damon’s desire to be human in the during the cure storyline so when Elena encouraged Damon to be human with her Damon could say “That’s not me; that’s Stefan.” We didn’t see this character development at all. In season 2, Damon had an “existential crises” because he missed being human then out of nowhere he suddenly doesn’t want to anymore?? If Stefan is one thing then they define Damon as the opposite (E.g., if Stefan can resist compulsion for Elena than Damon can’t).

I hope that the writers will finally allow Damon to grow now that Elena will be gone. Honestly though, who knows what they will do with his character. In the last episode they had Damon wanting to take the cure with Elena, but I wonder: would this still be Damon’s desire in the 6th season if Nina wasn’t leaving? Or is this new “development” in Damon’s character just the door to get Elena to drink the cure and end her story?

I’ve spent hours in the old library trying to learn everything I can about everything and it still doesn’t feel like enough. It’s driving me insane. There’s got to be more to this than reading about the enemy, we should be putting together combat sessions and learning about weapons. With the attacks and people dying left and right, we should be prepping with more than old dusty books, right?

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“making it harder for real survivors” is also an anti survivor trope that isnt ok ever

yeah, like if I never hear anyone say “they’re making it harder for REAL survivors” again it would be too soon

it’s such a fucking gross insidious way of positioning yourself as the authority on whose rape/abuse is “real” and whose isn’t

I have a LOT of fucking feelings about this particular trope but I should probably write a more coherent thing about it when I have more time/energy.

I’m not going to say that the amount of pressure Big Bang is putting on themselves isn’t alarming but, I will say that they are grown men and that if this is what they feel like they have to do than there really isn’t anything anyone can do to stop them. Yes we’re going to worry about each member and yes they really are giving more then they should (I personally would’ve been happy with a single if that’s all they had) but all we can do is show them our gratitude. Ji said it himself, it’s a gift to VIPs so maybe instead of fretting over them we should repay them in our thanks. If any group can pull off what they’ve planned, it’s Big Bang.