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Adventures in the Big City

This is a pretty generic title, but whatever.

I feel as though I haven’t been blogging too much. My other blog has been ignored for weeks, and this one has really only gotten a few rebagles and one thing that I actually wrote.

Anyway – living up here on the mountain, we get everything we need, but going down to the big city is a whole lot like visiting a really big settlement like Stormwind or Orgrimmar in that while you can get all sorts of things here, there’s generally a muuuuch larger selection of things and you can find more specialized things in the big city, or metropolitan area, or whatever you want to think of it as.

That said, the things I did today (about which I’ll write later) were essentially:

  • Neurologist 
  • New Computer
  • New Footwear

I could have done them, or some version of them, here in town, but it’s nice to leave every once in a while and go see things away from home. (Also, there really isn’t a neurologist that I trust here in town, I met all three of the ones we have recently and the only thing I really trust them to do is to tell me to go to Phoenix.)

At any rate, I’ll be writing about the things.