If Connor somehow isn’t actually going to Australia I’m going to cry.

If Connor is going to Australia I’m going to cry.

Tronnor makes me cry is what I’m trying to say here.


Angela Montenegro Appreciation Week; Day 04 → OTP

“I’m nuts about Angela. Over the moon, stupid in love with her.”


still wondering where our love went wrong

(i won’t let myself get over you).

love taught me to lie / a m'gann m'orzz playlist (songs for a girl who made too many mistakes)

one more time with feeling - regina spektor / radioactive - pentatonix feat. lindsey sterling / re-do - modern baseball / sad song - christina perri / lady in spain - ingrid michaelson / teen idle - marina and the diamonds / cannonball - little mix / gods and monsters - lana del rey / shake it out (acoustic) - florence and the machine

[listen @ 8tracks]

kellenlove asked:

Have you read "hush, hush"? It's a really good book. If you haven't read it I highly recommend it.

No I have not.

And honestly I don’t really plan on reading it either?? I am not a fan of angels and when the book came out It was solo over hyped and now I just mostly see bad reviews for it. Also a couple of book bloggers/vloggers I love gave it like 2 stars and I tend to usuallly side with them so I decided a while back I wasn’t going to waste my time if I know I personally won’t like it. I’m sure angel lover love it though

here i am years later ready to ruin everything

Honestly this is my favorite of the doodles from earlier just because

No I haven’t fallen I am perfectly fine I can totally get up myself I’m just lying here because I feel like it yeah