kurowrites said: I knooow. There are so many reasons why you can like a character! I find it most interesting that I actually like a lot of characters that I don’t find really that attractive in terms of looks. It’s the inside that counts~ ;P

Hehe, yeah, right?  I mean, some of my favorites are very, very attractive to me, but I’m always sort of amused when people assume my fave is the person I find most attractive, because that’s so often not the case at all. XD

rendingrosencrantz said: I think I’m a sucker for sadness. Like, an air of melancholy about the character, possibly stemming from some sort of existential self-awareness…  Or… I dunno, cuz Gen wasn’t exactly sad or melancholy. But just… Yeah, that’s like a variation on it. There’s some sort of base commonality, I think? It might be more like a spectrum, and sometimes there’s overlap, but not always.

Well, maybe the character doesn’t have to be sad over it themselves, as long as that vibe still hangs around them in the narrative?  But yeah!  I think of it that way, too–people’s faves being on a spectrum, I’m noticed that with myself.  Like there’s some overlap in type, at least.