too short.. ~ Luke fan fic

im sorry i did you wrong with a cliff hanger like that on part one, i even hurt myself lol and thank you for even bothering to read it! seriously even one note means alot :) & millions of sorrys im late on posting this i got sick and wasnt able to post on tuesday.. but now i will be able to update this fic on time :) so.. 

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Smut finally

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I totally didn’t just bullshit my way through a test. Totally didn’t.

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someone pointed at these two little kids and she was like "aw they're like the jo twins except youngmin isnt as cute as them so they look like two kwangmins" aND I FELT SO BAD BUT I LAUGHED SO HARD

O MY GOD THATS AWFUL BUT IM STILL LAUGHING TOO, GOd the shade POOR YOUNgmin if it makes oyu feel better i find u to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing bUT….CONSIDERING IM ME…..MAYBE THAT DOESNT MAKE IT BETTER 

Now iM JUST IMAGINIGN WHAT…TWO KWANGMINS WOULD BE LIKE…TWO KWANGMINS INTERACTING WITH EACH OTHER….thats not good this is bad, only bad things could happen please never clone Kwangmin we will all regret it is def best we have a Youngmin and a Kwangmin

YOU KNOW WHO WE SHOULD CLONE…hyunseong…but we shouldnt because…we dont even deserve one hyunseong let alone two ALSO this a moral grey area we shouldnt clone angels LIKE if you cloned hyunseong im sure hyunseongs clone would be the antihyunseong 


so ye, this one is kind of a message to myself, really. 2014 was a year full of sadness and regrets. and only by the end of the year did I start to realize how dumb I was. Excuses will always be excuses. I’m not saying it was a complete blank, but I didn’t make any progress either. Now I feel a bit left behind. So yeah, am I proud of this? not really! but I’m proud of the fact that I finished it.

Found these rare/discontinued gems today. Happy to say I dont regret it one bit. Sad to say I couldnt trade-in Xenoverse that I owned for literally 5 mins because it wasnt in there system yet. *le sigh*

Awhile ago. What an unlucky day. I saw my online friend in person for the first time who used to be so close to me. And here’s what I wrote after I ran away and went to two different food places to calm my nerves. Great so great im dating myself and i feel so much like shit because i run away from an online friend and my money is gone because of buying a frappe and going to another fastfood chain for iced tea and a little bit of fries and im not gonna cry because i have to get used to this cuz i might be single my whole life and im gonna regret it because i have attitude problems but im still not crying because it would be a shame because im alone and have no one nor no reason to cry for.and i cant go home because i dont have money and i feel like shit like im waiting for someone and it feels so heavy to be so stupid and not have money to come home. Started with a bad dream.im gonna cry really gonna cry.this is such a quite bad day.


Not the best day exactly. i hate all of this and i really want to quit. i dont think i’ll even feel anything or regret anything because i cant think straight. i only try to think properly if it concerns school because im scared of doing worse cuz mums gonna kill me. showing her my report card tomorrow. :( i hate this so much. I DONT WANT TO BE HERE. No one could get this though, because they think that by being with people, i’ll feel better but i dont. it makes me feel worse sometimes. However today, one person actually made me feel a bit better. I’m glad i know that person. they are so bright and i wish them all the best. unlike me. Im going to have to eat something in school tomorrow because i’ll need energy for when i’ll get home. :(:( crap.  i dont know why im still alive. i also dont know why people think its okay to say that ‘suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem’ to someone who is very suicidal. its stupid. you clearly dont know what its like for me then. and when people say that 16 is too young an age to have problems and worries. keep that to yourself. yes, im glad that you think that you cant have problems when your 16 and that suicide is only a permanent solution to a temporary problem because you never came to a point to think that it is a permanent solution to a permanent problem. but to me it is and no one can change that.
Its funny how mind feels blank even when im writing this. i swear i think its gone way too far. i’ve never felt like this. but no one can help with this, i have to deal with how i am now.

i dont think il come online tomorrow, or maybe i will.
 ~wishing myself good luck for tomorrow~

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how old were you when you lost your virginity?

I waaas, okay I was 14, don’t judge. It was with a girl who I was madly in love with and we were both mature for our age and had been dating for ages so we did it. I dont regret it one bit. I still love her hahah

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Bravest moment? Probably finally speaking out to ry about my mental health. I kept putting it off because i didnt want to ‘scare him away’ or ruin what we had. But i told him and he was really supportive and understanding :) also, probably finally leaving my parents house and moving out. I was always so scared about growing up and moving out (probably alot due to my social anxiety) but i finally did it last year, not bing 100% if it was the right thing to do or not but i dont regret it not one bit