I actually never want Sousuke to be friends with the Iwatobi boys.. like ever ever. ahah I just REALLY like that opposing-ness thing going on there.. Like I dunno, I just REALLY like how Sousuke’s not friendly friendly with them while everyone is all rainbow throw up with each other. Like I need Sousuke to never be friends with any of them… lol…………… 

please disregard my previous posts. for anyone who was worried i’m… ok for now. i can’t at this time guarantee that this kind of stuff won’t happen again in the near future though, sadly. my mood has been very unstable.  

i guess i owe a LITTLE bit of an explanation to my followers… (feel free to keep reading if you are interested)

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i honestly love when the sides of my hair are super short like. buzzcut short bc then they feel really really great to mess w + run my fingers through and its so great

do ppl on tumblr realize that not everything is black and white

i have this problem where i hold grudges for like ever and it annoys me so much bc i can feel myself holding on to something and i tell myself to get over it but i can still feel myself holding on to it and it sucks so much bc i dont know how to move on

Being a Baekhyun stan, I of course follow a lot of Baekhyun stans as well, but I’ve realized that an insane amount of people in the EXO-L fandom doesn’t dare to speak up about the fact that they stan Baekhyun. Why is that? When did stanning this adorable ball of joy become something you thought you’d have to keep a secret for most EXO-Ls? I know Baekhyun’s personality can throw people off sometimes, I can relate to that hah, but who gives a crap if someone judge you for stanning him. You can be biased with whoever you want, don’t let a “scandal” (taeyeon is a babe stop calling their relationship a scandal bruh) and a bunch of immature haters be the reason you don’t want to say you’re stanning a person. MAKE IT THE REASON YOU WANT TO STAN BAEKHYUN MORE. 

we have room inspections this week which means i have to keep my room not disgusting for an entire WEEK 

anonymous asked:

MLT to date someone who's almost their height and also MLT to date some one who has self harmed

mlt to date someone same height

ok so it’s hard to make an accurate conclusion based on like the limited public info about the type of girls they’re all into, but through my past research (what else could i have done at 4 am when i was 14 right) i’d say either ashton or michael. ashton is honestly just very open to all types of girls, i feel like he met someone he was interested in and they were his height, it wouldn’t throw him off at all, he’d probably enjoy it. as for michael, i feel like his interest in taylor swift & several models pretty much sums up that if she was hot & tall he’d go for it lol

mlt to date someone who used to self-harm

im 100% certain all of the boys would date an ex self-harmer. they’re all pretty open about how they kinda felt like rejects in school, and obviously every 13 year old out there knows to some extent that feelings of rejection or not fitting in can really mess with your head. im gonna avoid talking about ashton, simply bc there are rumors that haven’t been confirmed & i don’t want to add fuel to the fire so to speak, but i think we all know he’s so passionate about the world and humans and life. the man ashton has become would empathize with self-hatred, but he’d focus on self-love and a mutually beneficial love-filled relationship. luke has struggled a lot with self-confidence. as someone who has self-harmed in the past (me not luke), i know for sure that it can stem from feelings like that. luke was/has/is concerned with his appearance (less nowadays of course) & if someone he was into/dating revealed to him about their self-harm, he’d be so caring and reassuring that you’re loved and beautiful. he’s the type to forget about himself and focus on you, so an ex self-harmer would feel v safe in his arms. calum is also a sweetheart, but has probably faced less internal issues in his life just going off things his parents, sister & friends have said about him when he was younger. he’d still be supportive, but he’d try to downplay the issue’s seriousness (which isn’t too serious considering it was a thing of the past) in a joking & casual way to get you less stressed about it. he’d compliment you like crazy too. i rlly can see him just being the distracting type of lover, like pulling up a dumb tv show to lift the mood. as for michael, his chances of connecting w someone who has self-harmed are higher imo bc of his self-deprecating attitude. yeah, it’s been popularized by social media (ex. textposts like “why hate chris brown when you can hate yourself” or “kinda ready to cry kinda ready to get hit by a truck” or w/e) but there’s always a bit of truth to that. + he’s been open about feelings of sadness before [in tweets specifically, like the most recent i can remember is like nov?  of last year and he was talking about how sad he was & then he watched a movie w his mum]. those all indicate his ability to both empathize and sympathize (bc he’s a caring little fuck) with an ex self-harmer. he probably would fuck up multiple times though and say/do something borderline offensive & then turn to you w wide eyes like “oh fuck im so sorry” just bc he’s that kinda person (aka dork). 

sorry this was so long!!!! 

all those girls on 9gag (who pose all cutesy while holding a sign saying “i don’t need feminism” accompanied with a list of bullshit reasons undermining feminists by using logical fallacies) need to pipe the fuck down because your non-belief in the movement to give you equal pay to men and to not be perceived and treated as an “other” or inferior is the direct equivalent of a firefighter picking up your dead ass weight to carry you out of the fire, then you hitting, kicking and scratching at the firefighter as they try to defend you from the flames

but the thing is that the firefighter would never drop you and leave you to the flames or even just hit you back

so why the fuck are you attacking us

if there is never a moment ever where Nat walks in to see Clint in her own apartment at 2am in his pjs mouthing along to every word of Miss Congeniality on her tv after a mission then no i will cry maybe

i just slept for an hour and in  that dream all i rememeber is i came home and brought my mom milk from the store and she started measuring my leg for something but she was fucking up like she did nt know actually how to work a tape measure and and when i asked what this measurement was for she said simply “the turtles” and i was so fCUKING PISSED like now this bitch wants me to go back to the store to buy turtles. i was jUST there. shit had me heated.