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Do you have any tips on drawing? I saw your post about how everyone should keep drawing but idk where to start :// your 2015 dan drawing from that post is literally goals af

hello there!! i don’t think these are really “tips” but i think you should never forget these:

  • there is no “start”. you don’t just sit down and say “im gonna start drawing today!”. all those “”unimportant”” doodles and things you made before are your drawings. you have already started, you’re only focusing more now.
  • be relaxed. this is a hobby, not a job. you’re supposed to have fun.
  • draw whatever the fuck you want. this is what is important. you wanna draw a pokemon? draw it. you wanna draw anime? draw it. you wanna give it a go on realism? go for it. the only limit is your imagination.
  • at start, you won’t be able to draw a few things. big backgrounds, super detailed things, etc etc. a lot of us still can’t do some things. but try. try everything. it will not look as you wish at the start, but it will in time. practice.
  • know what practice makes perfect.
  • talent is %1 of your art. %99 is practice.
  • "im not getting better" you are. keep drawing.
  • you’re not a bad artist. there is no such thing as a bad artist. you will draw for 100 days, and your art will be better. then an another 100 days and it will be even better. there is no limit on your art, you will always be better.
  • now you wanna know how to “start”?
  • get a paper and a pencil.
  • draw.
  • and know that every artist you admired and wanted to be like started this way.

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Your muse is not funny, I don't see why so many people like him so much,

ooc; Each to their own, everyone is entitled to their opinions, even though they’re wrong. My muse is the gemmiest gem in the world, and if you can’t appreciate him in all his greatness you are more than welcome to unfollow him in a flash.

Bye, and happy roleplaying!


I have been laughing at this for last 20 minutes

what even?

earthprxnce earthprxnce!!!!!!!!! u need to see this (skip to like 0:41)

all those girls on 9gag (who pose all cutesy while holding a sign saying “i don’t need feminism” accompanied with a list of bullshit reasons undermining feminists by using logical fallacies) need to pipe the fuck down because your non-belief in the movement to give you equal pay to men and to not be perceived and treated as an “other” or inferior is the direct equivalent of a firefighter picking up your dead ass weight to carry you out of the fire, then you hitting, kicking and scratching at the firefighter as they try to defend you from the flames

but the thing is that the firefighter would never drop you and leave you to the flames or even just hit you back

so why the fuck are you attacking us

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I am literally lying in my bed bawling and hugging my laptop because I can't handle this. I know I'm overreacting, but I feel like a part of my life has ended. This is worse than getting broken up with, I am more upset about this than I was about my last relationship.

This is (literally) exactly how i feel. I spent the whole night crying ??? This is difficult. But we’ll get over it, eventually.

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honest opinion? I think there should only be 2 genders, you say you are a christian , I dont think god misgenders people , other than that , you are v cool and nerdy and pretty and cute and I have a small crush on you and you are lovely and ily

i dont think god misgenders people either, so im not misgendered, i am they/them. God made me just the way i am supposed to be. A beautiful nonbinary baby. =u=

thank you for the kind words, but my gender is not male or female, and honestly, other religions have believed in nonbinary people before. I say im Christian, because its easy, but that doesnt mean our all powerful god is the one depicted christian side.

anyways, god was kind of really spiteful for a while. They just destroyed most of the human race, burnt a few people alive because the people sent them offerings and god was like, dont do that, but only after these people did it, like they didnt know??

so look, god doesnt make mistakes sure. and i am a good, god fearing christian. I do my duty, i help people in need, i go to church on sundays, i pray, and i also know i am perfect, just as I am.

A beautiful, nonbinary babe.

so thank you, but this is where i stand.


"From the Perspective of God" by Bo Burnham

I adore this man endlessly

  • just click it