Why do other people laugh after they hear me say “Music saved me” or “[this band] saved me” like cmon let’s be honest, they really did. They were there when no one was. Telling us that we’re not alone. Inspiring us to live, to move on and to do the things we love. Telling us that we can be our own heroes. Why don’t they know that sometimes, we need music not just for relaxing but to purposely heal wounds that can’t be seen by our naked eye

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Hey so I was wondering what you thought of the religions in westeros? Idk if u care much about this topic, but I'm pretty curious. Cause the god of light that melisandre worships seems to be real, since that one guy rose to life 6 times. But the old gods also seem real, since bran and the weirwood trees or whatever. There just seems to be a lot of magical stuff that is also religious

Oh, this is gonna be a boring answer, cause i’m not religious at all and i have the same beliefs about religion in westeros: i don’t believe any of the gods in westeros are real, so i don’t believe they are responsible for the magic.

I believe whenever something ‘magical’ (aka unexplainable) happens the people in westeros like to assume it’s caused by the gods (whether it’s the old gods, the seven or the god of light). They are eager to explain it in a way that makes sense to the way they view their world, to give meaning to and affirm their faith, their lives, their actions, the current events they are dealing with, etc. 

There isn’t anything wrong with that, in my opinion it’s a powerful way of storytelling to create unity and identity, but that doesn’t make any of the gods real. (well yes, for those who believe in them maybe, but at least not real enough to be objectively responsible for things that can be witnessed by everyone)

maybe there’s just magic in westeros that can’t be explained.

maybe there’s also magic that’s not random but which laws haven’t been discovered yet.

maybe it all has the same source, maybe it has a thousand. i don’t know.

but the way i see it, the gods in westeros have nothing to do with the magical stuff cause they don’t exist, it’s the people that assigned religious meaning to it. 

my mum called me a racist because of the way i treat white people. im white. my mum and i are both white. my mu m thinks IM racist against white people i literally do not know what to do how to i. what. what

Common personality traits in the signs based on real life observations
  • Aries:a socialite, a people person, and usually hot. hang out in packs of party animals
  • Taurus:intense, memorable people. either an amazing precious angel or a literal satan
  • Gemini:so pop punk even if they don't kno it
  • Cancer:a fucking insane fluff ball that gives the best hugs and moral support. the true best friend material.
  • Leo:quality conversation carriers. will chill over tea and talk about the meaning of life, bruh
  • Virgo:they are like all canadian even if they aren't canadian. nice and warm but possibly passive aggressive. will make you maple syrup poutine regardless
  • Libra:total perfectionists. chill people, but in a pristine, too-perfect-to-be-true way
  • Scorpio:awesome, kind, amazing people with hearts of gold until you piss them off. they will let you have it and you deserve it tbh
  • Sagittarius:the derpiest bruhs on the planet. hahahahah bruuuh ily but dafuq u craayy
  • Capricorn:in complete control of how many fucks they give. usually they give approx. zero fucks.
  • Aquarius:the popular one that everybody likes bc they just have that charm
  • Pisces:they know they're too good for you but they're very quiet and subtle about it
When I look at her, I see everything I love, I see my world. I see the one person I wouldn’t hesitate to die for. And I see the only person I’ve ever loved love me back and that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever felt, to have not just anyone but her love me back is incredible.
—  Oko ninjah

MCR 22 Day Photoshop Challenge

✿ Day 1 - Gerard + Music Videos ✿


“So my mom, all she wanted to do was to help people and inspire people, you know? And she did. You should’ve seen the funeral, there were like, there were so many people there. I didn’t expect it and it was beautiful. It was perfect and sweet, ya know, and…but all my mom wanted to do was to make people happy and just inspire people and it’s all I wanna do. And I think I can.” (x)


One Year of The 100

Day Four: Favorite Relationship → Marcus Kane & Clarke Griffin [nonromantic]

“The Grounders trust Clarke. Maybe we should too.”