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Name: Samantha  

Date and Location: May 23, 6:42pm London 

Last thing I googled: You’re Beautiful James Blunt for reasons (Blunterz 4 eva) 

Nicknames: Sam, Sammy, Sam Sam ETC I have a nicknameable personality 

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual as fuck 

One place that makes me happy: the forest I am a mystical tree elf 

Favorite Film: Stuck In Love 

What are you wearing: Mini skirt, top, cardigan 

Last book you read: Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi 

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 you know it’s bad when you’re actually happy your
 character wasn’t featured in an episode bc it meant one week less
 “i’m not angry i’m just disappointed”.

I was tagged by the equal parts Sweet-Strong-and-Lives-Too-Far-Away-From-Chicago Beth aka atomicharmonybanana​ to list five of my quirks. Thanks, B!

1. I don’t hold conversations when going up flights of stairs because I’m too busy looking down counting, and the only reason I do that is so I make it to the top without incident. History has shown that I will trip going UP stairs—guaranteed—if I am not paying full attention to each step.

2. When eating, I make sure the last bite is of my favorite thing on the plate.

3. My dad’s entire career was in the hotel industry and we moved around a lot growing up, many times living in the hotels for a few months until my parents found a house. Because of that, the poolside smell of chlorine is one of the many varied scents that happens to remind me of home.

4. Related: I’ve lived in a good handful of cities and tend to pick up an old accent for awhile when visiting, or even if I hear it on TV/in a movie. Not to be obnoxious like Madonna’s accent. It just kind of happens without an intention to do it.

5. In stadium theater seating, I like sitting in the center of any row that has the bars in front of them so I have a place to put my feet up if I want. AND if the theater sells Icees, I always get half cherry/half coke. All other flavors are inferior and not worth the brain freeze. Fight me on this.

There’s probably a lot more where this comes from but it took me awhile to think of these because what someone may call quirky, I call doing my thing.

ETA: scholvin, you’ve been tagged! I didn’t want you to think I forgot.

biggest thing i have learned from that post tbh is just a confirmation that a majority of the people who ship that will do anything to defend their abusive attitude

Unpopular opinion time about Bechloe being called “canon”.

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srsly I have the feeling Kimizuki is just Tsukishima with pink hair


that was actually the reason when I started this series, but after a while I’ve grown on him so much and he’s pretty not the same as Tsukishima as in personality.

The thing is that Kimizuki has Kageyama’s voice actor, Ishikawa Kaito which is really funny.

But I can say that Kimizuki is way more mature than Tsukishima but they live different worlds, so I don’t really want to compare that because I don’t know what Tsukishima would do in such a broken world where Kimizuki lives.

And Kimizuki is a delinquent while Tsukishima just teases everyone. Both have their issues with their family and they share the same traits. Just for your information, Kimizuki wasn’t supposed to have glasses in the first place but Yamato Yamamoto (the author of Owari no seraph) insisted to give Kimizuki glasses and the editor, Takaya Kagami liked the idea and approved this.

But if you follow the manga and carefully analyze Kimizuki’s story, Kimizuki is way different than Tsukishima. Kimizuki wants to do anything to cure his younger sister while Tsukishima is more “it’s just a club” and not so motivated (which is slightly changing because character development.

They are both really interesting characters and I understand why people associate Kimizuki with Tsukishima because of their appearances and personality. Although I am getting tired of people calling Kimizuki “tsukki 2.0″ or “pink/punk tsukki”. Because I really love both and I’ve been following the manga for quite a while and I’m kind of sad when people do that :/



Once again, it’s time for obligatory “Michael feels somewhat cute today and wants to post selfies for no reason like the 15 year old teenage gay he never got to be”. I’m 20 now so what the fuck, I’m pretty in some lights and here I am!

Also featuring my beautiful wonderful talented mermaid friend Jay, aka chubkatvantas on their amazing 20th birthday. May they live till they’re an old enough to yell at people to get off their lawn. Which they already do probably.

And my beautiful friend Smily aka kuronumasadako who’s beautiful in any light.

And my new Dipper Hat. I got a Dipper hat. It’s a cool hat.

A note to my fellow POC feminists about the renewal of Agent Carter

I’ll start off with a disclaimer: I did not like Agent Carter. I liked certain aspects of the show, sure, but overall I didn’t enjoy it for various reasons, one of which was definitely the lack of diversity. I, personally, would not rewatch the first season.

But I will watch the second season, and I will plead that you give it a chance, too.

Let me tell you why.

You and me? We were told to wait. We were told “it’ll get better” and “yeah, season 1 didn’t have much diversity, but maybe in season 2…” Well, we waited. And now season 2 is here. So give them this second chance. Don’t write this show off just yet. Watch the show, and before that, tell everyone what you want. Tell the important people what you want. Talk about it. Get your white friends talking about it. Start writing to the network now, start tweeting at the writers now.

Think about it, my fellow POC feminists. We could have a show about a female superhero, about Agent Peggy Carter, in a world of Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Arrow, Daredevil. We could have a show about a female superhero that is diverse and inclusive and that succeeds against the competition from all the white male superhero shows taking over network television right now.

We could have it all. It’s possible.

We need to follow through on this possibility.

Remember: if this show fails, the mainstream media won’t say that it was because of the lack of diversity. No matter what we think, no matter what we know, if this show gets canceled, all that the mainstream media, directors, producers, showrunners, fucking ‘meninists’, all over the world, all these people will hear is this:

Agent Carter failed because the world isn’t ready for a TV show about a female superhero.

If Agent Carter fails, god only knows when how much further back they’ll push the Black Widow movie, the Captain Marvel movie, the Wonder Woman movie, hell, anything portraying strong women, superhero women, women of color. If Agent Carter fails, it will hurt all of us, not just white feminists. It sucks that we have to bow down to this logic, that we only get all or nothing. But we deserve better. Never forget that we deserve better.

We deserve more than one Buffy Summers. We deserve Peggy Carter, too. We deserve Natasha Romanoff. We deserve Diana of Themyscira.

We deserve Kamala Khan.

WOC were never given anything we wanted. We’ve had to fight longer and harder every step of the way, and that’s not going to change, guys. We’re not going to be given this, either, unless we push for what we want.

Show them that we want Agent Carter, and maybe one day we’ll get Amanda Waller.

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Tag your Tony wank please. I like you and don't want to have to unfollow. I swear he gets so much shit in this fandom. People on tumblr are so bitter and look for any possible way to complain and find fault with everything. Do none of you realize he's the most popular Avenger in the real world outside Tumblr, and that's for a reason?

whoa chill… you don’t even know what we’re talking about! you just got here.. you don’t even know the reason to that message… calm down… we were talking about that new bucky info saying that tony is probably looking for bucky to seek revenge for his father’s death…. and i said it’s bs because tony knows better than that… so cHILL


For some ungodly reason lol, I was tagged by the lovely papofglencoe and allhailthehutch to share pictures of my face. What in the world do y’all want from me; I cannot match up to your beauty okay haha! *Cowers away*

I’m not sure how many people have participated, or how many people have been tagged, but I tag catching-dandelions joshnjen myusernamehere youarebeingridiculous joshmopolitan que-sera-sera88 herlevings cazamtothemax capitolqueen peetasbunmyoven hutchhitched and anyone else who wants to randomly showcase their beautiful face lol! <3

Also, something else I don’t understand. 

The sex-positive movement created the name sex worker to attempt to counter the stigma that comes with words like prostitute. The word whore is a slur against women, that I have never heard a sex positive person use to describe sex workers. The whole reason the word sex worker exists is to counter those words. 


Do people keep using whorephobia??? Why are you calling women whores??? Doesn’t that conflict with your entire ideology?? 


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Why the fuck is there SebaCiel shit in the Alois Trancy tag

Alois as nothing to do with that ship

Get it out of the tag

And stop tagging your ship in tags that have nothing to do with it

I don’t follow the tag “Kuroshitsuji” or “Ciel Phantomhive” or anything that could relate to SebaCiel to avoid SebaCiel and the reason why I don’t black list it is because one: none of you tag it properly to begin with, and two, sometimes it erases posts I don’t want to erase

So come on

Keep that shit out of the tags it doesn’t belong in