So I’ve come to a realization, Maybe I’m crazy idk but I’m pretty sure taylor is doing all of this kind stuff, meeting fans, inviting them to her houses, releasing the best album to ever exist because this is it for a while. She did say that she wanted to do it while she was “still relevant” and while her “name still mattered” (even though it will always matter to us). But I really believe after this tour she’ll be taking a break. A really long break. Like gone from the spotlight to try and have a bit of a normal life for a while. So she wants to meet as many fans as she can before she “disappears” for a little. This being said I think we need to move past all this drama. (Literally I can’t even go on my blog anymore without seeing y’all fighting about something) we need to cherish every minute and make the best out of every day. Before you start saying “no I’m gonna cry don’t say that” , just remember. Taylor has been here for us for 8 years. She missed out on some important years of her life for us so we could have what we wanted, tours, new music, meet and greets, appearances, etc. it would be selfish of us to tell her she can’t leave us. She deserves a break. However long it may be for. Taylor, we will never forget you as long as we live. We love you so much and you deserve nothing but the best. ❤️

so i met this girl recently who is adamant that a) bears don’t exist, they are make-believe fairy tale creatures and b) Beyonce isn’t black 

and I just

I can’t believe she’s even real. every time she opens her mouth and speaks I just want to turn around and walk until I find a cliff to throw myself off of, if this is what the human race is composed of