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Name: Sarah

Nickname: idk kate calls me nerd and crow sometimes

Birthday: march 6

Star Sign: pisces

Gender: F

Height: 5′3″

Sexual Orientation: idk might be ace who knows

Romantic Orientation: bi or pan not sure which

Favorite Color: pink

Time and Date at the moment: 7:18 PM 3/31/2015

Average hours of sleep per night: normally around 8 hours sometimes 3

Lucky Number: 6 (long story)

The Last Thing I Googled: do u liek mudkipz

First Word that comes to mind: wolf

One Place that makes you happy: i like my bed

How many blankets do I sleep under: Two 

Favorite Fictional Character: crow did you even have to ask

Favorite TV Show: i don’t watch tv usually….

Favorite Musician/Band: Lindsey Stirling

Last Movie I Saw in Theaters: Cinderella (we were gonna go see home today but that didn’t work out)

Dream Holiday: Anywhere i’d love to travel

Dream Job: i’ve wanted to be a teacher for a while but today i started thinking about maybe something with coding if i could learn how

Wearing right now: madoka t-shirt and pink shorts

Last Book I Read: i think it was slaughterhouse five but idk at this point

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Safu’s only advice for Shion’s first date with the sexy Nezumi was Don’t let him know how illogically infatuated you are with him, which, at the time, seemed pretty sensible, but now it just seems impossible, as Shion walks up to the coffee shop where they agreed to meet at their lockers a few hours before.

           A quick sweep of the shop reveals that Nezumi isn’t there when Shion walks in, so he hovers by one of the empty tables, wondering if he is supposed to sit down or stand up or maybe take a quick run around the shop, just to release the energy crawling under his skin.

           He has settled on running when Nezumi thankfully walks into the shop, and Shion is saved from fully embarrassing himself.

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Name: Julia
Nickname: I don’t think I have one. Except sometimes my friends pronounce my name English instead of pronouncing it German, which I actually think sounds a lot better.
Birthday: January 29th
Gender: female
Height: 1.68m
Sexual orientation: asexual (look at me actually knowing that for sure now, yay)
Favorite color: pastel pink, beige
Time and date at the moment: 21.03.2015, 19:37 (I clearly didn’t finish this yesterday. It’s the 22nd now, 20:45)
Average amount of sleep: I’d say 6 to 8 hours
Lucky numbers: I don’t think I have one
Last thing googled: blue ivy (I wanted to send my friend a picture of beyoncé’s daughter ok)
First word that comes to mind: chirping
One place which makes me happy: anywhere quiet
How many blankets do I sleep under: one
Favourite fictional character: Harry Potter, Kieren Walker, Rick Macy (I shall never stop crying about that one)
Favourite books: definitely the Harry Potter series, but other than that I really do love The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and I loved Catching Fire (even more so than the other two THG books).
Favourite anime: I literally have never watched Anime (or at least not intentionally?) and I’m a bit embarrassed?!
Last movie seen in cinema: that must’ve been The Fault In Our Stars (it’s almost been a year, I KNOW)
Dream holiday: I don’t know someone take me back to Dublin or London or any cool city basically
Dream wedding: very few people, preferably not in 35 degree heat, I want peonies, hyacinths and tulips in pink, purple, orange and white and loads of green stuff but the rest of the decorations are white and NO PATTERS or LACE or some other shit that’s disgusting. Also, no red roses like maybe pink ones that’d be cool.
Dream job: I wanna be an editor for a magazine or something. That’d be cool. Lifestyle and feminism and stuff
What you’re wearing now: black/grey leopard pyjama pants and a grey hoodie
Last book read: Veronika Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho (I haven’t finished a book in months okay)

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Name: Emily
Time/date atm:  2:22pm, March 22
Hours slept: 8! From 4am til noon (better than from 6am til noon, which was yesterday)

Last Google: “April 2012 fatal stabbing Winnipeg”
Nick names: Em, Emma, Princess, Cariña
Birthday: March 31st, so it’s coming up!
Sexuality: Pan (with a preference for female-identified individuals)
Height: Just over 5′6″
Favorite color: Blue?

How many blankets do I use: I use a sheet and a down duvet right now, but during the winter I usually throw on an extra blanket
Last book: Currently reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, but last book I actually finished was Ash by Malinda Lo
Dream job: Right now it’s between radiation technician, marine biologist specializing in whale conservation, and lawyer

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  • Name: Michaela
  • Time and Date: 27th of August
  • Average hours of sleep: LMAO IDK 7?
  • Last thing I googled: Deaths on PLL
  • Nickname: wow um ‘mickey’ (pls don’t call me that)
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5′2″
  • Favourite Colour: Lavender/Maroon/Gold/Plum
  • One place that makes you happy: QLD
  • What are you wearing: My pajamas (which is long flannel pants and my old high school sports polo)
  • Last book you read: Finished? Divergent. wowww oops

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Time and Date of Exact Moment:
21:51 22nd March 2015

Average hours of sleep:
About 7

Last thing I googled:
Lauren Cohan
Most people just call me Han, but my best friend always calls me Hannah Bae (which isn’t really a nickname because it’s longer… but she always calls me it as opposed to my actual name). She also calls me Hannuh (like makes a really elongated ugh sound at the end of my name) when she’s either “mad” at me or when she feels sorry for me 


Sexual Orientation:


Favourite Colour:
Probably grey. 

One place that makes you happy:
The beach. But during the times I can’t get to it, Waterstones and museums/galleries are just as good.

What are you wearing:

Last book you read:
The last book I finished was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon, but the book I last actually read a passage of was The Doll’s House by M.J. Arlidge 


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sorry guys I gotta complain real quick
ok so I was dating this guy, right? and he was real cute, real nice, treated me well. made it seem like we were gonna be a long-term thing. then he says “hey I really just wanna be friends,” which was totally fine bc he just moved here and didn’t have anyone to be his friend, you know? so I was like “yeah, that’s fine, I can dig.” AND THEN two weeks later (very awkward weeks I may add bc he wouldn’t answer my texts and was just being weird) I see on FACEBOOK that he’s in a RELATIONSHIP ?!!!! like?!!?? what the fuuuuck
anyway I’m pissed as hell, and was all catty to him on Friday. we talked about it for maaaybe two minutes and he said “it happened really fast but I’m really happy. I haven’t felt this good this my last relationship, which lasted two years.” i would like to add that he said EXACTLY THE SAME THING TO ME BEFORE WE STARTED DATING
now I hate being lied to and being used/lead on more than almost anything. so yeah, bitch better say his prayers.