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name: madison

nicknames: madie or mads (depending on the person)

birthday: april 10th

gender: female

sexual orientation: everyone is cute but i like girls better lol

favorite color: blue

time and date at the current moment: 11:00 4/26/2015

average hours of sleep: i have absolutely no clue

lucky number: 6

last thing i googled: 8tracks

favorite books/anime/tv show: book - ?????? anime - nge because shinji ikari is probably me, tv show - steven universe!!!!

favorite food: sweet potato fries.. tbh

last movie i’ve seen in cinema: home (which was super cute by the way)

dream vacation: greece

dream wedding: lol

dream job: animator!!!

first word that comes to mind: space

one place that makes me happy: barnes and nobles

how many blankets i sleep under: two

favorite fictional character: shizuo heiwajima :’))

umm shit????? i don’t really know who to tag so if you see this go for it

The BBC headquarters (Broadcasting House)

London day 5 13/03/15

The BBC is the British Broadcasting Corporation. It’s the UK’s public-service broadcaster. It’s the oldest national broadcasting organisation.
It is divided in nine services, which are respectively:
BBC radio, which was the start of the Corporation in 1922.
BBC television, started its production in 1932.
BBC News, which comes in all medias form and hence doesn’t really have a creation date.
BBC Online, officially created in 1997.
BBC Interactive television, launched in 1999.
BBC Music, which came with the BBC radio service in 1922.

The radio was and still is used for annual events such as the Christmas broadcast, where the current Queen or King comes and participates to the special event. The BBC was an important element during the WWII as it kept people informed of the current events. It also is the radio that allowed Charles de Gaulle’s call the 18th of June 1940. Let’s not forget that it brought hope to those who were hiding from the Nazis; as long as the British radio remained, they still had a chance to see things get better.
We can agree that the BBC is an emblematic figure and a symbol of England’s cultural power  as it is the first ever national broadcasting organisation. National could mean that it is limited to the United Kingdom but it spread worldwide over the time.