A normal life? huh - what even is a normal life? W-huh-ell if I’m expected to live normally here’s to hanging up the webs!, Cheers!.

May raised up her glass high into the air - alone, as everyone around seemed to of ignored her little speech, then bringing the glass to her lips she downed the rest of the drink slamming the empty glass next to her many others, there was no doubt about it that being drunk would of been an understatement - May was absolutely 100% gone.

Swinging off the stool May swaggered away from the bar without paying yet no one was stirring they were all more enthralled by the bottom of empty bottles trying to find a spec of hope for their dejected lives. It was the kind of dark and damn bar that if you found Wolverine here you wouldn’t be surprised.

Eventually finding her way out of the bar she stumbled out of the door and found herself greeting the pavement face first,“Oh mother-hubbard!!...-sigh- well..I’ve had worse. she groaned before pulling herself up from the ground but this moment could of been timed anymore better, when an all too familiar Spider-Sense alerted her of some danger behind her, finally brought to her feet still facing away from the stranger, only next to utter some words that will haunt her for the rest of her life

 Well you gonna keep staring handsome                                                                                    —— or you gonna buy me a drink?.

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Hello tumblr.

I am here to claim my independence from constant reblogging and having my original stuff left behind. TODAY I AM A NEW PERSON! I will be trying my best to only post my own stuff on here. Whether that be plushies, outfits, projects, drawings, cosplay, or whatever. If you manage to totally blow my socks off I will break that rule. 


Hello!! I am opening commissions to tumblr!! I know I don’t really post art here so you all don’t know what it looks like so here are some examples~

Head/Bust: $2

Half body: $3

Full body: $6 

+color (color pencil): additional $1

+inking: additional $1 

+extra characters: $1 per character 


Things I cannot draw:


Anything else is pretty much fine (oc’s included, just send me a reference picture.)

The pictures WILL BE TAKEN IN HIGHER QUALITY THAN THE EXAMPLES ABOVE!!! Don’t worry ovo All commissions will be drawn traditionally (not digital art) I would send it to you if I could but I don’t really have any way of doing that right now.

For any specific requests (something I haven’t mentioned) please tell me beforehand and we can work it out!

if you are interested please contact me via tumblr message (I know typically this is done through email but my current email isn’t working so well) and if i don’t respond within 24 hours please send the message again. I will give you all the paypal info when you message me.

Thank you!!

Traverse 4

People say words all the time, and we think we know what they mean. One of my points, here in this reversal, is to show that what Helena heard Myka say in the original Travel was not always, or even usually, what Myka thought she was saying, and vice versa. Anyway, whatever. Part 1, part 2, and part 3 preceded this. I was wrong about there being only four parts. Christina’s hyperverbal, as you may recall… I shoudn’t blame her, though; it’s my fault.

Traverse 4

Flowers. Christina is holding flowers, but not just any flowers. The flowers. Did Helena drive to San Bernardino and ask Ed to recreate the bouquet? If Helena had been holding them, looking at Myka through them, Myka would have had to kiss her; she would have had no choice at all. And that must be why Christina has them, why she is the one saying “these are for you.”

They are in her apartment. They are both in her apartment. The last time anyone stood in this apartment with Myka was… two years ago? Yes, when Claudia brought paperwork that Pete had accidentally scooped up off the printer along with several copies of his “top ten taco trucks” list. (His clients always ask him for an updated list, and he always obliges.) Myka had fully expected to resent, at least for the first little while of this unfamiliar invasion, the simple fact of it; she had expected to need time to process the presence of other people, to think her way around in it until she calmed down.

She was wrong. Her shoulders, which had been tense and square as a coat hanger, relaxed in the time it took her to carry the flowers from foyer to kitchen. Her socks are orange and dinner might be a failure anyway, but Helena is now standing in Myka’s kitchen, holding a wineglass, and Myka cannot cast her mind back to a time when that did not already mean that the world was in balance.

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He still wasn’t aware how it had ended up like this. It was a miracle. But he wouldn’t questiong much of it. Better just enjoy what he was having right now.

Carefully he flipped the page of his book, still laying on the couch, quietly enjoying the peace they had right now. The hand holding the book was supported by his leg that he had put up, since his upper arm was kept well busy with supporting his friend who had curled in on top of him in order to not have him roll over and eventually fall down the couch. A while ago he had already noticed that the other was drifting into sleep. It made him smile - even if he wondered how this could possibly be comfortable for the other. Probably the fabric of his rather thick clothes made it more cushioned than it usually would be…

He flipped another page with his free arm, before he had to adjust his glasses a little since they kept moving down while reading in the position he was. It was the moment that he noticed a twitch against his chest. For a moment he looked at Raih’to but as there was nothing else, he tended back to his book.

Moments later he heard a quiet whimper, followed by another quick move. Again he looked at the other. Silence. Right before there was another of those quiet noises. He closed his book, marking the page with the thumb of the hand he was holding it with. The other hand gently brushed over Raih’to’s head, gently stroking him.

“It’s alright.”, he whispered, “You’re save. I’ll not leave you alone, Raih’to. It’s alright. I’m here.”


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I have a problem

a vampire shaped problem

I like vampires way too much.

someone send help