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River and the Doctor Appreciation Day - April 22nd

Who else was I going to fall in love with? a study in boops and looks


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★ swords & broken shields || part 3

Pairing: Cullen Rutherford / Alistair Theirin
Summary: After Adamant aka Here Lies My Fucking Feels
Warnings: Angst, Italics, No smut I kid you not, Sap, Conflicted feels

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 2 ½

Where is Alistair?

…Warden Alistair…

If not for him, you’d be dead—or slaves to a servant of the Blight.

Warden Alistair.

He alone stood against Clarel’s madness.

Where is Alistair?

We have no one left of any  significant rank.

Where is Alistair…?


…A l i s t a i r…

The wind’s blown crisp and sharp all morning, frozen flakes crystallized in the stubble of his jaw, and Cullen marches, steady, along with the forces of the Inquisition. Skyhold looms large before them, Adamant a memory far behind, and he hears the cacophony around him, his men, echoes of relief and muffled notes of laughter as they walk the last of their journey home, and it doesn’t feel like it should. They’re alive. Some badly injured and others barely breathing, but they are breathing, enough to feel the cold air on their skin, and it’s so much more than they could have hoped for. They’re alive, Cullen reminds himself, and he marches forward, a backward leap in his chest.

They are alive.

But where is Alistair?

They march forward because of him, unfaltering steps in the snow. They march forward because he was left behind, for the Wardens, for the Inquisition, and the larger Skyhold grows before them, the farther Cullen feels, limbs numb and heart as well, slightly hunched under the pressure straining his back. It doesn’t feel real. Every now and then he halts and turns, furtive glances over his shoulder, hopeful, and the breeze washes his frown away and it hurts, leaving his face creased in foreign pain. There’s a longing in his eyes that doesn’t go away and it ripples from his chest, gut churned and coiled in dread, the sort of fear he can’t explain, and it grips his blood and it wells in his throat and he wonders, why, after all this, why has he come back to him, memories stirred alive, only to leave again?

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fic: ziam kink series [complete]

ziam kink series 


one direction | 3234 words | ziam kink series | zayn malik / liam payne

“Wouldn’t cut my hair all off mate,” Zayn mumbles some time later when they’ve made it to the bed, Liam propped up against the headboard and Zayn curled up in a ball, his head resting on Liam’s thigh so he can play with Zayn’s hair. “Know how much you like it, don’t I?”

“I wouldn’t mind,” Liam insists. He likes everything about Zayn. He’s always liked everything about Zayn.

“You can brush it if you want,” Zayn says nonchalantly, his eyes still closed and Liam doesn’t know if he hears the hitch in Liam’s breath or pays attention to the way Liam’s hands still.

or the one where Liam wears lipstick and mascara and Zayn promises that next time, there’ll be lace panties.

@ ao3


part one: yeah, you really got me now

Zayn can see Liam’s wired, a restless energy racing through his body as his gaze darts around the room. Curious, Zayn reaches out and slots his hand over Liam’s hip, deliberately brushing over the faint curve of Liam’s arse. Liam calms immediately, sinking into Zayn’s side as he stops his frenetic movements.

part two: you were only waiting

The first time Zayn realises that there might actually be something a bit wrong with him is when he’s half-asleep, watching Niall and Liam wrestle half-heartedly on the tour bus floor and he’s half-hard.

Or Zayn learns that he likes being pinned down, and he maybe wants to call Liam daddy.

I literally don’t understand at all when people go ‘You don’t defend Snape, but I bet you like the Marauders!” Because the Marauders, from the one snapshot we saw of them, were not exactly nice teenagers. They probably were bullies, and I’m not defending their actions. But Snape was literally involved in an organisation that systematically killed people that they deemed inferior to them. 

Bullying is awful, but I think condoning and being actively involved in mass murder is just a little bit worse.

Strive for five challenge — [4/5] Friendships: Barry Allen & Felicity Smoak (The Flash/Arrow)

“If you ever need anything, I will race over in a heartbeat.”
“Same. Well, as fast as I can run. Which might take me awhile, but I will still come. ”