You are the sweetest!!! ♥

What do you mean it’s rare? Isn’t everyone loves Wells? How is that possible? Okay, you know what, I think we need Harrison Wells appreciation week. I can make one, if anyone interested..? But right now I’m a little busy with writing my diploma thesis, so I don’t think I will come up with anything soon… Or maybe someone else wants to make that happen?? That will be awesome!

Yeah, Wally would be great! Also, I’d like to see Mirror Master.


>> before and after of my editing process?? i just brighten it up, slap in some saturation, smoothen the textures, blur some shit, then sharpen it all up..honestly it takes like a minute to do but i get a pretty shitty result i dunno u guys seem to like it so yah idk

you guys should read the captions i think they’re funny maybe

Different Seers responding to Homestuck upd8s

Seer of Time: There’s no way that’s actually a subplot that’s going to be explored. We only have 400 pages left. The pacing would be all off.

Seer of Doom: Literally everyone is going to die. Hussie’s playing on our emotions. I just know he’s going kill off the characters I care about the most in the worst possible way. Who even cares any more.

Seer of Light: There’s no way this can be that simple. Hussie is telling a story here, and he’s bringing characters into and out of prominence for a reason. A lot of these details are going to be super meaningful. These arcs are going somewhere.

Seer of Blood: Never mind that stuff, look at the interaction between these two nerds. Wow. Look at how their dynamic is shifting. I can’t wait to see more of this shit.

Seer of Rage: This webcomic is going to hell in a handbasket and I’m going to be stapled to my computer enjoying the ride until the very moment we explode in a cacophany of trash wailing.

Seer of Mind: Hussie is trying to make us think ___ so that we won’t notice ___. He’s lulling us into a false sense of security with ____ so that everyone is more emotionally devastated when _____ happens.

Seer of Heart: Okay, but look at my fave. Look at the way that they’re reacting to current events. Look at how what they’ve been through has affected them. Look at them, damnit.

Seer of Hope: It can still turn out okay though, right? I’m rooting for everyone to be happy. I mean, ____ character can still come back and save the day, ___ object could still come into play, and ___ mechanic means not everything is horrible, you know?