Since I was the driver, Ted drank a good deal during the evening, and he was quite intoxicated when we left at 2 A.M. He was a friendly, relaxed drunk, and he settled into the passenger seat and rambled on and on about the woman at the party who had impressed him so much.
“She’s just what I’ve always wanted. She’s perfect- but she didn’t even notice me…”
And then he fell sound asleep.
When I delivered Ted back to the Rogers’s that night, he was almost comatose, and it took me ten minutes of shaking him and shouting to wake him up. I walked him to the door and said goodnight, smiling as he bumbled in the door and disappeared.

- The Stranger Beside Me, Ann Rule


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Lol tell me more about WHY you disliked them??? I’m very curious child

lol.. i don’t even know.. i guess they wanted to make me a hypocrite :P

nah but really.. i guess their songs didn’t really appeal to me as much and also when they first debuted everyone made a big deal about how they were ‘copying’ big bang  .. which looking back now.. i just don’t see it. lol

I think also cause I didn’t really give them a good enough chance to impress me hahah (i blame other groups for distracting me.. honestly - which is okay I guess, cause I’ve dropped a lot of groups since I first got into KPOP and i’ve become really picky about what groups I stan now - and block b make the cut XD)

this performance was when kyung caught my eye (look at that happy child, how could i not XD). Honestly.. i regret taking so many years to FINALLY get into them .. not that i didn’t try previously (TWICE).. other groups kept preoccupying me hahah (ze:a, winner, b.a.p, bts, myname, cclown XD). Now I’m obsessed with them heh