Fuck you anxiety.

Alright so I am an aspiring art student and I really want to take it on as a career and make my living out of it, however, I am also the world’s worst at socialising.
Which y’know I’ve learned to deal with (and to be completely honest my socialising skills have definitely improved in the past few months- hell I even danced at our school Christmas social party on an actual dance floor AND actually talked to people I hadn’t ever talked to before, I even found that I enjoyed the night as it went on, go me!!)

But anyway, my art teachers basically found out that I want to follow an artistic career and go to art school and they feel I show a great deal of potential, so they offered me a place at a summer school that happens every year (it’s not that big a deal tbh), in which a group of kids come together for a week and partake in activities (in this case art, the idea is that we all work towards a final piece which is then presented later at an exhibition I think? idk I could be wrong about that part?), which sounds bloody brilliant! And to top it all off it really, really helps me get into art school…buuuuuut it means sharing a dorm…wiiiith people I don’t know who are probably miles better than me and know each other. Yeah. You can see the problem.

I’m going though. Its definite. Its so beneficial to me, and I’d hate myself if I missed out on such an amazing opportunity just because I suck at speaking to people, but I’m still scared you know?





Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life


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