I didn’t have a lot of time tonight for too many drawings but got one kinda big one for that Giant Tadashi AU of ours Zuka and I have been cooking up and just started… 

There’s quite a few things different in this in the line of events… If Tadashi managed to save Callaghan from that fire but he experienced strange changes after the event from whatever was inside the building. Though Callaghan received some damage and burns from the event, Tadashi healed shockingly quick but had things soon escalating in a figurative and literal sense.

We’re still developing on the details of the story but already have something laid out roughly for now. As for Tadashi’s new abilities it seems the growth can be triggered by intense heat and that he’s built some resistance to it as well as accelerated healing. So he’s very much alive in this AU.

He’s definitely fightin’ someone here tho.

I’m excited to do more with this and happy to share art for once too. :B

why do i watch a show that gives me heart palpitations and quick breathing why


“We are not people who t o u c h each other carelessly; every point of contact between us feels important, a rush of energy and relief” ― Veronica Roth (requested by felicitysmoak-theojames-addict)

Nom de Plume, Chapter Thirty-Two: flight risk

Chapter 32 of Nom de Plume, flight risk, is now up here on tumblr and here on 1DFF!

I was hugging my knees to my chest as I looked out at the deserted blue pool in front of me. The last place I wanted to be was a hotel room, with its weird noises and emptiness, reminding me how I barely noticed I was staying in a hotel when Harry was with me. 

Instead I was in a pool cabana and crying over the phone to my editor. 

“You didn’t wait for her to stop screaming at you—maybe she would have gotten to something productive and not, erm, scathing eventually?” I heard the squeak of a needle going through fabric in the background as she spoke. Sawyer was stress needlepointing, and I didn’t blame her.

After I turned in one of my midterms, my professor stopped me before I went back to get my stuff and leave and he really quietly says, “Look, I tried so hard to take off a point from your last essay and I just couldn’t find anything. Really good writing. Thank you.” and today has been such a shit, stressful day and that one little comment made it a little bit better and this is why he’s my favorite professor and I actually try in his classes.

AAA ARENA TOUR 2015 10th Anniversary -Attack All Around-

【2015/3/4】Additional news about the stage.

  • The stage for 「AAA ARENA TOUR 2015 10th Anniversary -Attack All Around-」 will be a 360 center stage!

*Also, a few more weeks until 「 AAA ASIA TOUR 2015 -ATTACK ALL AROUND-」starts!!*

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witchsonas are my favorite thing on tumblr right now and i really really want to draw mine. but i'm really not confident in my drawing ability. do you think it's okay if i write it out instead? has there been anyone else who's done that?

hmmm that’s something i wouldn’t know for sure, you can try asking the actual blog itself since they do answer asks!

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I don't know how long ago you posted the number AU thingy, or even if you're still doing it but if you are, usuk 2?

((i haven’t recently reblogged it, but any ask meme fill of mine you come across that says “Send me *insert meme requirements* for a fic!” is always available! i’m always happy to fill requests (as long as you let me know the meme (which you did)) :D))


Alfred set his plastic shovel aside, sand caked on his hands as he grinned triumphantly at the castle now sitting in front of him. It had four towers, and even a moat and drawbridge to protect it from invading thieves! He smoothed down a wall, patting the sand firmly into place. Matthew was carefully patting down the sand on the opposite side, building a wall around the castle for extra defense. 

"This is our kingdom, Mattie!" he exclaimed, standing and peering down at their work. "I’m Prince Alfred, protector! You can be Knight!" 

Matthew looked up at him with a small smile. “Okay!” He looked back at the castle, before asking, “Are there princesses?” 

Alfred scrunched his nose. “Ew. No. Girls aren’t allowed in our kingdom! Except for Mom, who’s the Queen!” He wasn’t about to tell the best cook in the world to stay out of his kingdom. 

"Are there wizards?" 

Alfred and Matthew both looked at the new voice that came from another little boy standing at the edge of the sandbox. He had blond hair like them, but green eyes and large, fuzzy-looking eyebrows. He was skinny and pale, twisting his hands together as he observed their creation. 

"Do you think we need wizards?" Matthew asked, standing from his crouch and brushing his knees off. 

The boy nodded. “Wizards control the magic in the kingdom,” he said, and Alfred thought he sounded funny, but a good funny. “They help knights fight dragons and evil sorcerers.” 

Alfred blinked, frowning. “What’s a sor-ser?” 

"Sorcerer," the boy pronounced. "They’re like wizards, but bad." He paused. "Well, I guess they could be good, if they used their magic properly. But usually they’re evil." 

Alfred hummed in thought before a wide smile spread on his face. “Okay! We could use a wizard, don’tcha think, Mattie?” Matthew nodded eagerly, and Alfred turned back to the boy. “I’m Alfred! This is my brother Mattie! What’s your name?” 


"Why do you sound so funny, Artie?" Alfred asked, pleased that he now had a name. Arthur scowled, crossing his arms. 

"I’m from England," he announced. "Everyone there sounds like I do. You two are the ones that sound strange." 

Alfred laughed. “Nice ta meetcha, Artie! Now c’mon!” He turned and picked his shovel up again, brandishing it in front of him. “We have dragons to fight and people to protect! Let’s go get those sor-sers, Mattie!” 

As it turned out, Arthur’s family had moved in just across the street from Alfred and Matthew. It was a common thing for the three to play together, whether at the park or in one another’s backyards. They were the Three Musketeers, always together, always having fun. 


The leaves on the trees were full of fire and gold, and the wind nipped at Alfred’s cheeks as he buried his face in his scarf. The bench he was sitting on was worn and creaky, squeaking loudly as another form sat down beside him. 

Smiling, Alfred wrapped an arm around the warm body, nuzzling into soft blond hair as he curled up into their shared heat. 

"I’m pretty sure I still have sand in some of my shoes," he commented, and he felt the chuckle of his boyfriend. 

"I’m sure you do," Arthur replied. He pressed more tightly against Alfred as the wind picked up. "We practically lived in the sandbox." 

"It was great times. Francis missed out." 

"Yes, he did, but Matthew was never as passionate about it as you, anyway." 

Us,” Alfred corrected. “Never as passionate as us.

Arthur leaned up, turning to press a light kiss to his chapped lips. “Us,” he agreed. 

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Can’t wait for handers's Sebastian cosplay… I expect it will be based off of this really cool hidden dialogue!  

honestly neuroscience conferences are so much fun! i attended a couple of talks on aging today and i was just sat there thinking wow i love that this is a random bunch of people who’ve decided to spend their life studying this really minuscule portion of the brain just because they want to it’s amazing..!!!

Everyone, let us all join hands and form a prayer circle for everyone who is alive to stay alive and to have the tea party ending together we all need.

Just a heads up if Natasha is in any way reduced to a romantic plot device in Bruce’s storyline I will fight the entire planet

My callback for the thing I auditioned for is tonight!! From 6-10 (wow that’s a long time). They have me listed both for the trans character and for his love-interest-type-thing. My guess is that if the other people auditioning for the trans character are trans and aren’t on hormones, there’s 95% chance they’d get it over me. Just ‘cause I don’t really fit the role. But at least I can hope for the other one!


too hot (hot damn)