Holy shit I just realized I’m back to the beginning like I am hanging out with the same group of people I used to hang out with when I first started high school and I’m wearing the same style of clothes and doing the same things we used to do and going to the same places and even hanging out and talking to people I haven’t talked to since g10 and I’ve like moved on from all the people I was friends with during the middle of high school

How lucky I am to have someone that makes saying goodbye so hard
- Winnie The Pooh

This Con is getting way too sexy to handle - RingCon 2013 (video)


once upon a time meme → Nine Scenes (5/9)

The Miller’s Daughter


spencer appreciation weekday two

favorite season/arc: season 4

It started last year

I saw Cranford and thought Tom Hiddleston was perfect

so I rewatched Thor and everything else he was in

And then I started watching Sherlock and I realized how great Benedict Cumberbatch is

And the British has continued to invade my life

I’ve started watching Doctor Who

I can’t stop drinking tea

My favourite Christmas present was the





I have forgotten how to America

u know its your otp when you have to lay down at just the thought of it

we were reading about latin american revolutions today and the teacher asked me to read and i fucking pronounced brazil and paraguay with an accent and i hate myself

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that josie cosplay you just reblogged is a white person using brownface :-(

hey nonnie do u happen to have a direct link to my reblog of it?? i didn’t reblog it that recently so i’ve been looking thru my da:i tag on my blog but i haven’t found it yet, and thus i can’t delete it :/// 

edit: never mind i found it i didn’t even tag it with da:i lmao, it’s gone now

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She thought about it for awhile, staying quiet as she hugged him. "You know-- I keep thinking that I should get out now, before things get too serious and I get hurt. Because that's what always happens to things like me. Except I can't find a reason. Maybe-- Maybe this was just your way out. Are you afraid that it's going to go badly and you're going to get hurt?"

Way out. That did not sound right. He thinks. Maybe it did.

"No. No, it’s not a way out. I mean-" Tucker frowned, really thinking about it. Maybe he was scared of getting hurt. Or losing Wash. He was definitely afraid of losing Wash. It almost happened before and he could barely sleep, let alone stop being afraid. And losing people hurt. It hurt a lot.


"Oh my god. Mic, I fucked up. I’m just- this has happened before. Because I lost someone before and after that every relationship I’ve had went downhill because I tried to find something wrong with it and- fuck. Fuck, I’m so fucking terrified of losing him like I lost her and- shit."