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I totally agree with what you said about bechloe, like there was a really great opportunity for mainstream representation, it would've been amazing if they did it and did it right. And I also understand that that was never the intention for those two characters, but I really didn't like the way Elizabeth and Brittany talked about it as though it's a ridiculous idea. Kinda hurts that people seem so afraid of going there, making that kind of commitment, you know?

I agree with all of this, it’s such a huge wasted opportunity. I think the inability for them to take it seriously is the part that hurts the most. Being respectful of the shippers, regardless of what happens in canon, is the least that they can do.

Okay I honestly don’t understand how people can still ship clexa after what she did to Clarke. Like yes I understand why she did it blah blah blah. Guys that shattered Clarke. That caused her to go in there and kill everyone in mount weather, because she didn’t have an army with her anymore. No matter what anyone says I could never ship clexa because what she did to Clarke literally pushed her over the edge. And NO healthy relationship would do that to each other.

(4; Oh boy… time for some of this.)

“Why did you come here?” Morgan asked. Anyone else who had come had been ignored as Morgan sang her maddening songs, but for some reason Severa had come to visit and now the other had her full attention. “Did you come to talk to me or is there something else? You know, Sevvy, it’s quite lonely down here. Father hates me, mother is scared of me, everyone else could scarcely be bothered, so I don’t understand… did you come to show mercy perhaps? I do see the sword at your side. You know I don’t even know why I wanted to hurt you anymore. Seems like such a stupid, hypocritical thing. I should’ve let you do as you pleased, should’ve trusted you more, but I was blind and dumb and everything more and… I just… don’t… understand why you’d even want to see me now.”

(Less lecture and more ramblings sure, but…)

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K like I was a little annoyed w u when I first started talking to u, bc I was still getting over my lil queer theory phase n was rlly frustrated w it all, but you've rlly helped me a lot n ily ❤️❤️ you're one of my favorite tumblr users now tbh. this is for the first impression thing btw

Thank you very much! I remember sending something about pansexuality and you got annoyed. I can understand that though, I did the EXACT same thing when I first got into radical feminism.

Love you c:

“Because without family, what is there? Family isn’t just the people we’re born with, it’s the people we choose for ourselves. I’m sure you of all people understand.”

She did understand, even if the witch didn’t let on. The true reason for attempting to bring the Nethers here in the first place was to create a family for herself. Needless to say that’s not what happened.

“Without a family…you end up like me.” 

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Ummm...white kids shopping at organic supermarkets are "terrifying"? Of all the scary things in the world this what you describe as terror? Not white kids being racist or actually doing anything wrong, literally just existing and freaking shopping.

what no i just went from a jewish school that closed down to a whole school of these people, who i completely did not understand. like. i was ten.

If you told me in late 2012 when I first watched AUJ in theaters that I’d be shipping Bilbo and Thorin in 2015 I would have laughed and got all my spit in your face. I’d be like “Thorin and Bilbo?! What is WRONG with you?” And did I expect after walking into BOTFA like “I don’t understand why people ship them” that I’d walk out like “…………….they were right. THEY WERE RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING!!!! *falls through hole in ground into Bagginshield hell*”


I know it shouldn’t, because these are legitimate fears that people have, but it always amuses me when people move from non-coastal areas and while looking for apartments they ask me if we get hurricanes and stuff in the summer. It amuses me because right now we’re at the probable-tail-end of a 60+MPH, 1+ inch hail severe thunderstorm that is more severe than the last three “tropical” systems to hit us. Combined, in the case of two of those tropical systems. And these storms are a moderately regular occurrence here, first in the spring like now and then late in the summer when severe heat meets moisture from the coast and builds equally violent storms.

But yes, worry about the hurricanes. You know, those things that haven’t come close to hitting us directly since David in 1979 (and technically that hit in Florida and rode up the coast, though from what I understand it did make a second landfall here). Not even Hugo, ten years later, hit us directly–it hit just south of Charleston–although Savannah did get the southwest portion of the storm, local readings at the time were sub-tropical-storm strength.

I’m not saying it’ll never happen–it has (a long, long time ago) and eventually will again. But hurricanes are not what transplants to the area need to worry about in the day-to-day here.

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Part(2) it was very heartbreaking but he's sort of distance nowadays, I'm hoping to give it a few days so he and I can get it together but he deservs so much because like I said he isn't v.hapy person and neither am I - he knows this sort of cuz he's read my writing maybe that's why he felt he could tell me as he considers me his best friend - just looking for advice about how to handle this. I'm not a emotional person and I fear it may get awkward. I told him my deep fears and he did the same

I understand this so well. Sometimes when we open up to people it can be very frightening, especially when all we’ve known is to keep our secrets to ourselves.

Not too long ago I had a friend tell me some very intense things. Things she hadn’t told even people very close to her. And very soon after I felt her pull away.

I’m very much like you and didn’t know how to deal with it and so I gave her distance. With time though, that distance grew wider, until she closed all the way back up again. I never knew how to bridge that gap.

If I could have that time again, I would’ve reached out and reminded her that it was okay. And that her words and fears were safe with me. I don’t know exactly how you can do that. Or what words you should use. But let him know you are still there and that you will still be there, no matter what else comes to light.

Maybe he doesn’t know how to deal with someone finally knowing something about him that he has hidden for so long. I don’t think its about you judging him, but more him feeling like he’s lost his ground, control or balance.

Let him feel that you are there, without feeling like you are intruding. A friendly and light reminder that everything is still okay.

I hope this will work for you x

The night I slept over, you lent me your shirt.
When I wore it out of the bathroom, you laughed
and said, Oh, well. Now it’s yours.
I did not understand what you meant
but you insisted I keep it, so the first couple of nights
I wore it like a puddle, splashed through it, 
trying to remember how the rain had felt.

When that failed, I found a photograph
of oranges and punched in glass.
I stretched your shirt across the wood frame, made it a canvas.
I tried to paint swans, but I’m not a very good painter.
They look more like turtles on a bad hair day.
The next night I hung it on a flagpole and tried to signal the gods.
I don’t think the gods read flags. That would make sense.
I made a hammock and tried to rest inside it,
but I may have stretched it out with all my wiggling.
I tossed it in the laundry with all the other clothes
and the colors ran, it looks different than it did before.

The next time I saw you, I was embarrassed.
I had tried to make it into something beautiful,
I had done my best to find something new to show you.
You laughed again, your popcorn laugh,
and said, You don’t have to make it into anything.
And I didn’t understand, so you said,
Does it fit?
I said, Yes.

Then just wear it, silly.

—  The Shirt by Sarah Kay (via Quitefearless)

i just had the weirdest fucking dream of my life.

i was dating this guy i know and we had this extremely perfect relationship and so when i woke up i was basically like fuck now i want that.

also taylor swift was there and she gave me a dragon-shaped cupcake out of this large tub of oreos and how she did that i will never understand

I can excuse books/music snobbery when you’re a teenager because you don’t know any better and you want to be soo alternative and different (at least I did). But then you mature and you understand that liking an unknown band or reading exclusively Russian authors doesn’t make you better or smarter.

Adult books/music snobs? Oh boy. They’re doomed.

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Just to point out from the last Anon's idea, why would George have another account? Why not finish the stories, or just simply say he just felt too much pressure and couldn't deal with it and left it unfinished for our minds to wonder what happened? And what's gonna happen if there are other WW2 writers in Hetalia and they end up getting mixed up with GD? Will we end up criticizing him/her and hate them?

Mmm in all honesty, I’m not surprised at what he did. It’s understandable that he didn’t finish the stories, he must have lost interest or motivation or whatever. It’s also understandable that he just slowly drifted away without a word. Either he wanted to just cut it off and forget about it orrr not completely kill the hopes of whoever is still waiting. I can’t exactly explain it, it’s just not surprising anymore. He’s gotten his point across by now, though.

Also, anon, WW2 stories are definitely not uncommon. There are lots of writers like that. It’s Hetalia, it’s history. WW2 stories are expected. To criticize and hate a writer for writing such and claiming they’re trying to be like deValier is immature, inexcusable behavior.