Dinner for One 

The hardest part about eating healthy for me isn’t the cooking,..it’s the grocery shopping. Hence, I have made a dinner with 2 ingredients with lengthy shelf-lives. My pantry is stocked with canned, unsalted garbanzo beans, and my fridge is frequently filled with brussels sprouts. Once I learn how to conquer time-saving grocery shopping, I’ll post about it ;-). 

Gosh, I can’t remember the last meal in San Francisco I’ve had without my boyfriend, Ben. Honestly, we’ll go months eating dinner together everyday. It’s pretty wonderful now that I think about it–except in the moment it feels like…”ugh who’s going to decide what’s for dinner because I don’t care.” 

Roasted Brussels Sprouts (Does anyone still need a recipe for this?? I’m sure everyone and their mother knows how to eat these baby cabbages already.) Well briefly, these’s de-stemmed brussels sprouts tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper, that were roasted for 30 mins at 350 F. 

Panfried Chickpeas  


  • 1 can chickpeas, rinsed and dried  
  • Canola oil enough to coat bottom of skillet 
  • 1 teaspoon each of paprika, red pepper, sugar, black pepper, and salt 

Directions: Heat skillet on medium, then add oil. Gently, to avoid hurting yourself, place the chickpeas into the sizzling skillet. Panfry for 5 minutes until golden brown. Transfer to paper towels to soak up extra oil. Toss in a bowl with the remaining spices. 

Sometimes, you just need a no-fuss, no-frills dinner to place in your belly. Now for those vegan chocolate chip cookies the boyfriend made…



anonymous asked:

Don't forget to use the #TeenChoice hashtag on the tweets as well! GO KLAINERS!

Yes!  Add #TeenChoice.  Go forth and conquer, Klainers!

I NOMINATE KURT AND BLAINE FROM GLEE for #ChoiceTVChemistry and #ChoiceTVLiplock  #TeenChoice

You can just copy/paste that if ya like!  


Seem like yesterday, I was a baby on the street
I took a holiday, I was steppin’ to the beat
I had to pay my rent, on the lower East side
I threw my tag around, let b-boys take me for a ride
I started writing songs, I kinda got into the groove
They tried to criticize my every single move
But then I realized I had nothing left to lose
It took me by surprise when I became my muse

I was fearless like a renegade
I had a feeling that I can’t explain
I didn’t listen to what people said 
I came, I saw, I conquered

I was constant as the northern star
I had a fire burning in my heart
I never gave up fighting in the dark
I came, I saw, I conquered 

Madonna - Veni Vidi Vici 

That awesome moment when.. My boyfriend normally sets my weight when doing leg curls, but today I did it. I set it to 50lbs because I wasn’t sure what I normally do.. It was tough and it felt pretty good!
When he walked around to do his set he goes, “did you do ten reps?” I did..

It was awesome seeing how proud and impressed he was that I pushed myself because I normally don’t go that heavy! :D I conquered three whole sets at 50 after that!

A month in.. And I’m starting to get the hang of this!

I went to the slogan maker website and I decided to enter some Mortal Instruments stuff I have been laughing for twenty years.

You’re telling me.

“I came, I saw, I conquered (Alec Lightwood)”

I am 300% sure that Magnus wrote this.

Seems a bit counterproductive.

Ya damn straight, Magnus don’t play that shit.

My thoughts exactly.

I can’t even

Jace definitely wrote this one.

Maybe not a good thing??

Not for nothin but I am such a strong young woman, I’ve dealt w so much shit in my life, and maybe I don’t get the validation I’d like from people cus no one really knos about it (my own fault) but I know and I need to always remind myself that, I always conquer

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so I'm trying to think up a good saying or quote or even picture that describes me overcoming depression to put as a tattoo, have any ideas?

I have veni vidi vici which is I came, I saw, I conquered in Latin. It’s my personal favorite