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Name: katarzyna/kasia
Time: 11:48am
Average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours during weekdays and 10-12 on weekends im a heavy sleeper omg
Last thing I googled: hawaiian mythical creatures
Nicknames: mar/maru and some wild variations of my surname haha
Birthday: august  4th
Gender: haha lmao
Fave Movie: my fave ever is kill bill no one ever wants to watch kill bill with me why also i really like pacific rim and godzilla movies hhhh just give me movies with big monsters please
What I’m wearing: my pjs shirt and track pants
Last Book I read: “wesele” by s.wyspiański
Fave Beverage: bubble tea
Fave Food: pierogi ruskie
Dream Vacation: omg its so hard to choose?? i guess sweden because everytime i visit is like super fun and i love sweden, japan, the us, china, nepal??? i want to see so many places omg i cant even list all of them
Dream Pet: i rlly want to have a hedgehog i would call it marian van sonic
Dream job: translator
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thatonevaleriegirl asked:

Hi I'm making a fanfic thing inspired by your latest teencast art and all these ideas you keep magically thinking off is killing me softly and causing me to write this more so thank ovo

omg thats actually rlly rad, u have fun w that friend! cant wait to see it when its done!

also thank u! couldnt do it w/out all the weird ass messages u guys send me tho :’^)


it just


here look i think this is my psd with the most fucking layers ever

EDIT i realized you cant actually see this shit so here

that ill never fucking finish

its got 118 layers so far


and its not even done

every single character there has their own group of layers

including a layer for sketch, lineart, and like

colors separated into skin and hair and clothes

and highlights

and shadows

like holy shit what the fuck was i doing

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm bored too.. Can you give me some ideas on what to draw? (But pls not people i suck at drawing ppl) also fun fact young volcanoes was the second (i think) fob song i ever heard and after i heard it i was looking up the lyrics and memorizing them and singing it everywhere because i loved the song so much (i still do)

what about lyric art?? its rlly fun idk and i cant think of anything thats not ppl other than lyric art….and omg i love young volcanoes sososoososos much

send me asks about anything u want!!

anonymous asked:

miss ur short films

ahhhh thank u for this !!!! its beyond me how any1 would miss watching them ?? thank u for being so nice omg , they r so bad , i watch them back and feel kinda dissatisfied bc they just aint good enough (i kno im new to film so i shouldnt be so harsh on myself) but i would be making them a lot more & posting then regularly its just that atm i have so much school stuff to do and i hate it so much. as soon as the summer holidays come along and my exams r over then i will be creating A LOT of videos n stuff !!!! i cant wait to be able do fun stuff like this again. i will be able to soon !! thank u for sending this, i cant believe any1 would even want to watch them

I Need U has this awesome electronic interludes in between that’d would look nice with a dance break.

But that doesnt matter now. I dont need a dance break.

The MV blew me away. It was beyond what I ever imagined Id watch. THAT WAS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED. This aint your usual “OMG they’re so hot!” MV. Nor was this tough or school centric.

This was what was going on inside our minds. The battle we fight alone. Teens and adults. Were all merely humans.

The fun. The party. The anxiety. The uncertainties. The friends. The lights. The abuse and depression. The high and low.

Its fucking real. This wasnt about needing a girl. Its about the pain that keeps you alive and the despair that comes along with it. Cant live with or without it.

just-a-funny-little-brain replied to your post “21 HOURS LEFT”


yesssssssssss i am so excited because omg i have been waiting for this movie for so long, like i made a countdown in the countdown app when it was announced (back when i used an ipod touch lol) and it was 986 days and now its down to hours!!!

and i have a pass to an early press screening tomorrow which i still cant believe is happening???

im also having fun scheduling posts lol


Im somewhere down in the front #VIP which is why I stole her video BUT OMG THIS IS #CRAZY!!! 13,500 #PositivePeople fill the 11th biggest arena in the #USA. This is only #Training I cant wait for my next #Dreamtrip in #Australia its WAY more #Fun than this. I don’t know why most of you arent here but #YouShouldBeHere. You can’t possibly be sad when tour surrounded by this much #PositiveEnergy. We are raised in a depressing world but that doesn’t mean you need to accept it or stay that way. It feels so good to get away sometimes but it feels better to get away all the time 😁. #TeamNoSleep #LivingLifeToTheFullest #MakingALivingLIVING!!! #Motivation #Happiness #KansasCity #Missouri #SprintCenter #Travel #Business (at sprint center)