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Because it's cool and all but I also really like the portrayal of very close friendships since thats the kind of friendship /I/ want myself. Also, unrelated but Dean slut shaming got me angry like nothing else omg

I love the portrayal of close platonic relationships too. In fact, I’ve been watching Sleepy Hollow and I honestly love Ichabod and Abbie as totally platonic best friends, even with a ‘profound bond’. I find it refreshing when characters can just be super close without it being romantic or sexual. But I just can’t for the life of me see that when Dean has literally checked Cas out while unbuttoning his shirt and gotten a boner over him shiny and fresh. 

Man, I feel you. That was so random and unnecessary.


Please, forgive me for what I did to you. It wasn’t fair to you. It wasn’t fair to our story. I don’t understand what led me to break up with you. I guess it was only fear of where we were going, of how serious our relationship was becoming.

I can’t understand what you’re doing to you life. I see you at the hall and I think you are not my P-, the one that was my best friend and my lover. You are throwing four years of your life away. You are forgetting everything you went through to get this. To get what you’re giving up now. I was with you then. I saw how hard it was.

I keep asking myself if it would be different if we were still together. I wish I could explain to you what a stupid decision you’re making, because it looks like no one close to you notices it.

I’m happy that you found someone that likes you as much as you’re able to like her, but I didn’t think our friendship would be forgotten so quickly.

I didn’t want us to become strangers to each other, saying nothing more than “hi” when we meet. No one that didn’t see us two years ago would believe that we could talk for hour on end.

I want my best friend back. I want you back to my life.


I’m really scared I won’t be good enough for anyone, that I won’t be skinny enough or pretty enough or nice enough or just not enough, and this haunts me. I’m haunted by these thoughts that I never was and never will be. I’m haunted that I will never get my bpd under control, that I will develop a full blown eating disorder and that I will die from this, I can see how my life will end and it is not from living it the way I should. It will end in suicide or something e.d related and it’s like I’m going to counseling and I’m taking the medications the prescribe but I’m still holding so much in. I don’t know what to do anymore.

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hey bae, just curious on why you like madison and jack together?? and why you like madison so much?? i mean, i don't hate them, but i don't really get the big deal about them either. so yeah, i'm not trying to start something, im just curious.

First YouTube cover that I have ever seen was of Madison, Bruno Mars mashup and I that was the day that I like started listening to her, than Justin discovered her and I am big fan and that’s how I started following her, I mean, I was her supporter way before Jack was on social media. There isn’t exact reason for why I ship them, that’s their life, I can see that both of them are happy, so who am I not to like it? :)

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do u know where i can see the museum date snaps??? i need this in my life

I have them all on my phone, so I’ll post a photoset right above this ask. ☺

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Hello! I'm curious -- am I a good witch or a bad witch, or even a witch at all? Thank you for taking the time to do this, Tho!

Only you can say if you are a witch. That is not for anyone else to decide.

You have a nice softness about you, but it is burned by an abundance of fire. Seek out water to help rebalance yourself, passions can burn out a life too quickly. Neither can I see your foundations, which could also be manifestations. You are not easy to see.

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Hah yeah andie probably did suck your dick twice last night, gotta do something to make sure your gonna stay because he cant ever just be by himself.

Except for the fact that it was my idea, and how can you be so knowledgeable of Andies love life? It’s astounding how much you know, please, all enlightened one, tell me, will I ever find the treasure of one eyed Willie? And you made 2 mistakes, 1 assuming that I would leave Andie if he didn’t suck my dick, and 2 assuming that him sucking my dick was all for MY fun. You should really fact check yourself before making wild accusations on the internet. It may help you not get told off by a random stranger and called out in front of tumblr for being a malicious leech who just wants to make everyone else as sad as you are; probably from some terrible relationship the made you loose all sense one oneness and self worth, see I can make wild accusations about your love life too :)
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“And there was this one moment, in a behind the scenes making of Galavant, they show a blooper where Josh fell, and his sword got caught on my dress and I literally fell on him. And I sat on his face, basically!” (x)