there should be more AU fics where the inquisitor’s friends try to get them with their respective LI while dorian (if not said LI) rolls his eyes in the background and complains that they have no lives if they’re so obsessed with their friend getting laid (or generally paired off)

I may have to edit my regional stereotypes headcanon a bit

Nobody finds Sapph’s tiger-ness to be unusual except Ruby, who came from another culture

Maybe Unova isn’t the only region to be stereotyped as barbarians, pre-Queens’ War, at least

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for the otp meme: VinceAda, VinceLeo and LacieRevis/Levi <3

Let’s see… (VinceLeo is going to be kinda hard because I view them as this angsty, sensual/sex only type of OTP…I don’t really imagine domestic stuff for them…)


OTP Parent(ing) Meme…Who:

  • packs the lunches - Ada. Vincent seems like he would be disastrous at any form of cooking, even if it is just preparing or packing lunches.
  • blows raspberries while cuddling - Vincent. Ada reminds their kids not to mention it to Uncle Gil or Uncle Oz though. 
  • is the tickle monster - Vincent and Ada. They gang up, they have to. If they don’t, Vincent can sometimes go overboard and upset their kids.
  • gives life lesson speeches - Ada, I guess. I can see Vincent giving his kids advice and stuff, but not like…90s sitcom style life lesson speeches. That’s all Ada.
  • kisses the boo-boos - Ada, though Vincent will sometimes. But I can see him only doing it when no one else is around (like Oz or Gil or Echo).
  • breaks the bad news - Vincent. Ada is not very good at breaking bad news. She stutters and says “um” and “well” a lot and kinda tries to circumnavigate, while Vincent is blunt and gets to the point. 
  • joins the PTA - Ada. There’s no way Vincent would be able to handle dealing with the bullshit the other parents try to pull.
  • crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories - Ada. I could never image Vincent doing that. 
  • gives the crazy nicknames - Vincent. 

I honestly don’t have any headcanons like these for Vince/Leo, and I just can’t see their relationship dynamic working for any of these. I’m going to move onto Levi/Lacie now.

Levi and Lacie:

OTP Parent(ing) Meme…Who:

packs the lunches - Neither. Oswald. They always get Uncle Oswald to cook.

blows raspberries while cuddling - Lacie. I imagine she would have been very cuddly with Alice and Alyss.

is the tickle monster - LEVI.

gives life lesson speeches - LEVI. Then he goes off and uses his own amazing speeches for some part of a story he is writing. But then Lacie is like “Ignore whatever nonsense your dad just spouted. Here’s the deal…” and then she would give them actual good, sound advice.

kisses the boo-boos - I can see Levi and Lacie both doing this, without a second a thought really.

breaks the bad news - Both Lacie and Levi are good at breaking bad news, but Levi can be a bit too callous and/or careless at times, so Lacie does it more often.

joins the PTA - Neither one. They can’t be bothered with that. They usually send Oswald or Jack to check in on PTA meetings.

crashes sleepovers with embarrassing stories - LEVI. 

gives the crazy nicknames - Also Levi. He literally named one of his kids “The Will/Intention of the Abyss” like…that’s up there with those WTF were they thinking names. He would definitely have weird nicknames for Alice and Alyss.

Caffeine Cold


1, 2!

I just wanna fill you all with such dread
Let you suck it out, let you suck it out ‘til I’m dry and dead
Now I’ve got love flowin’ in my nightmare girl
Caffeine cold, caffeine cold and I can’t see shit

Don’t breathe life into a monster then
Complain when he destroys it all again
Don’t breathe life into a monster then
Complain when he destroys it all again

Now I smell like cigarettes cause I love to breathe your smoke
I smell like alcohol cause I drink to believe in more
I have 3 drinks before I even start to count
I think I’m gonna move way down south

Don’t breathe life into a monster then
Complain when he destroys it all again
Don’t breathe life into a monster then
Complain when he destroys it all again

I’m not a monster
Just really fucked up
I’m tired
I’ll see you in hell
Are you judging me?
Don’t laugh at me
Don’t laugh at me
No seriously don’t laugh at me
It’s not funny
I’m not joking
It’s not funny
I’m not laughing

what the fuck is wrong with the world

So I just got this app called Fling, kinda like snapchat but with random people around the world. Anyway, I sent a picture of bubbles from the bath I was taking because I am a straight 22 year old male who loves bubble baths, but that’s not the point of the story. I had 4 replies within 2 minutes of guys saying “wish I was there with you” and “what’s under there 😏” like they didn’t ask how old I am or if I’m male/female or whatever, they just assumed that I was a girl who’d send them nudes because they sent a flirty emoji or a weird perverted message. I’ve only had this for 2 minutes of my life and I can see it’s fucked up, I can’t even imagine what you girls go through off creepy guys every single day. It’s fucked up, man

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I'm sorry if I hurt you. I had no intention to. You're totally right, I don't know your life, I can only see things here so yes, I can be wrong. But really, I'm sorry if my message was hurting. I'm really not a mean person and I wasn't insulting you at all. I sincerely apologize.

Dude don’t apologise, i just don’t want people to think those kind of things because it’s not me, but i’m aware that everyone has their own assumptions and their own opinions, and i can’t control what 113,000 people think x

See me Take my bows

And I’m heading for the exits

I can’t stick around

This life’s been hard

And I can’t see the sense in fighting it anymore

Can’t you let me go

Won’t you show me the door

Cause I’ve made mistakes

That have the ones I‘ve loved

And I’ve thrown them under the bus

One too many times

There can be no redemption for a sinner such as I

Won’t you wish me to the cornfield now

Won’t you help me stop living life

So here I am in the corner of the dark room

The same way I began

Alone with this mournful thoughts

And with a loaded gun in my hand

But a foolish part of me

Still holds out for a shred of humanity

For a queen in a robe, or a knight on a steed

Can’t you see that I’m just a child on his knees

Save me from fear and pain

And love will rain on me

Save me Today

Before tomorrow finds me at rest

Save me from fear and pain

And love come down and rain on me

Save me Today

For tomorrow will find me at rest

Now I’m standing alone in the moment of truth

As the judgement’s handed down

And my feet are scarred from the broken glass

Strewn across the ground

Then you come to my side

And only to you I confide

That I’ve been battered and shattered and bruised and abused

For the very, very last time

Won’t you help me

Just save me from fear and pain

and love reign o’er me

Save me, Save me Today

For tomorrow will find at me rest

Save me from fear and pain

and love will rain on me

Save me Today

For tomorrow, will find me at rest

Find me at rest

have you ever not liked someone in a romantic way and everything is cool and all then they do something small like touch your shoulder or say something funny and you just kind of freeze and think


oh no


"Number ten once regenerated and kept the same face. I had vanity issues at the time."


Tobias + beating up people who threaten Tris


"I’m just saying, we… I need you on the team."