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Did you read Alice Wheeler's review of MOH? I'm rather inclined to agree with her. I know his name & image are out of his hands these days, but I can't help feeling that Kurt would want to die of mortification over what was revealed about him (if he weren't already dead)


I know alice wheeler took pictures of the band, and knew kurt well. but he wasn’t a saint…no matter how much she paints him as such.  he just wasn’t.

I respect her opinion on “MOH”….but I also respectfully disagree.

hey, what happened , happened.   kurt wasn’t shy about taking movies of himself.  

the only part of MOH that I considered “cringe worthy” was kurt holding frances , and he was so wasted.    everyone knows kurt used heroin, I didn’t need it shoved in my face.

kurt made the decision to end his life.  fine…(well not FINE, but I can see that)

he’s not here,  and left all his “stuff”.    and nothing written, as a will, to say what his wishes actually were.   it’s easy to say, “oh kurt would think this, or that”….

but we don’t KNOW. 

and Alice still says that courtney got kurt on heroin…..oh please.    that’s not true.   he was using when he and courtney became a couple. even Mary lou Lord , when he met her in September…..he was in withdrawal.

and “MOH” is told from courtney’s standpoint? interesting , since she had nothing to do with it , other than granting her permision for morgen to get into the storage facility.   strictly hands off.

so is she blaming frances?   she should tread lightly, there.

so “kurt was blissfully happy” in Olympia?     so why did he leave and never go back?

and i note, alice got two plugs in for her book.   nice.   and insult other people for “making money off kurt”……….I mean, they are her photos.   but don’t

insult other people in the same breath.

and that “ his manipulation of Kurt’s family.“, crack ……..she makes kurt’s family sound like a bunch of hicks who were taken advantage of  by the big city director.   

not impressed, Alice.   Not impressed at ALL.

and since we are throwing around “what kurt would think”…….I don’t THINK he would think MUCH of your review…..or your insulting his family.

rant over.

Re: Men and Money ask.

I think its in poor taste to joke about it on here, but many teenagers (myself included) often have stability in mind when we consider marriage. I live in one of the poorest regions in my city; almost everyone is collecting government assistance (even my father), the power gets shut off so often that we have a designated neighbor to climb up the pole and jerry rig it when we can’t pay, the water runs white, there’s never enough food on the table, the grass is dead, ect. I don’t want to live like this anymore, and neither do many kids of both sexes that are stuck here too.

No, I wouldn’t be predominately superficial, and if I had to choose between someone I loved and someone who could take care of me, I would obviously go for someone I can see spending the rest of their life with me happily. But honestly the guys around here just don’t care about themselves or anyone else. The ones that do rarely get out anyway.

This sounds so much worse out loud, but I have to do what I have to do for myself and my future children. I want them to have beds that aren’t filthy mattresses with old sheets. I don’t want them to go hungry or sneak food home from school. I want to know that every time they leave the house, they are going to come back.

I am trying to get my education as well. I’m in advanced programs, get decent grades, and can probably afford community college by scraping together scholarships and a Pell Grant. I’m not going to bet all my money on one horse. Should I not find anyone who can actually support me, I won’t just lay down and die. But I have to keep my best interest in mind.

Yes, I am shallow. Yeah, probably a gold digger too, really. Call me whatever you want and then some. But when I look at some of the little kids around here with 3rd generation hand me downs and no meat on their bones, at the women whose drunkered husbands come home and slap them and their kids around, at my friends who either took to dealing or selling themselves to get by, at my own father who won’t even try to go out and look for a job or ANY source of income to try to support his children, I may feel shame, but I feel no remorse for wanting to run away from it.

I believe I found
a trace of life
beneath all my scars.

I believe I can see
the end of this me
and maybe there’s a beginning
after that ending scene.

I hope you’ll be here
stay with me
until we can touch the sky
be free.

I hope there’s a truth
deep down behind all the lies.

I can feel the change.
I can feel the spaces in-between.

I can feel the sky.

I can feel your simple touch.
Your hand against my hand.
Your fingers touching mine.

Baby it’s our time.
It’s time to be free.

—  celtic-poetry, Let Go

I can’t wait to go see Home! It’s supposed to be a good movie!

Is about 15 minutes I’m gonna go pick up my coat I left at a party at this girls house. I got her number a few days ago and we started talking and it turns out it’s her birthday today too! We’re both 16! I got her a present and a card but we’re pretty much strangers so I hope she likes it haha!

i’m going to do a mix of gold digger challenge / bachelor challenge / 100 baby challenge / multiple wives challenge / multiple girlfriends challenge / whatever other challenge i think i can mix in and make up

and I’m going to use this mature, salt and pepper haired hunk 

if you can’t tell, he’s an elder. 

can elders woohoo with young adults ? probably so. we’ll see

thank you nyloa ! .. i might set life to long orrrr see how much he can do in the little time he has. maybe one of the kids he has will carry on his playboy legacy haha

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If you've been asked this before then sorry, but how long do you think you'll make youtube videos? Until it stops being fun? Or would you continue anyway with it being an income?

It has its unfun moments as it is, but I think even if I move on in life I’ll still make videos. It’s my creative outlet. Even if it means only one video a year, I can’t imagine my life without YouTube. But we’ll see!

「Celica」”You should join us if you envy it. Shuri and Saria will be more than welcome to have you with us.”

「Roka」”That’s not a bad idea. Living together with you all, I can see it to be a happy life.”

Wow, it’s almost like anti-feminists and all-around jerk-offs are as cowardly on the internet as they are in real life.

lol I can see the miserable fuckboy typing this out as he thinks he’s hella courageous and rebellious when in reality he’s the same pathetic little boy who only knows how to say mean things when he knows he an get away with it.


I am so, so sorry. (x,x)