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Did you read Alice Wheeler's review of MOH? I'm rather inclined to agree with her. I know his name & image are out of his hands these days, but I can't help feeling that Kurt would want to die of mortification over what was revealed about him (if he weren't already dead)


I know alice wheeler took pictures of the band, and knew kurt well. but he wasn’t a saint…no matter how much she paints him as such.  he just wasn’t.

I respect her opinion on “MOH”….but I also respectfully disagree.

hey, what happened , happened.   kurt wasn’t shy about taking movies of himself.  

the only part of MOH that I considered “cringe worthy” was kurt holding frances , and he was so wasted.    everyone knows kurt used heroin, I didn’t need it shoved in my face.

kurt made the decision to end his life.  fine…(well not FINE, but I can see that)

he’s not here,  and left all his “stuff”.    and nothing written, as a will, to say what his wishes actually were.   it’s easy to say, “oh kurt would think this, or that”….

but we don’t KNOW. 

and Alice still says that courtney got kurt on heroin…..oh please.    that’s not true.   he was using when he and courtney became a couple. even Mary lou Lord , when he met her in September…..he was in withdrawal.

and “MOH” is told from courtney’s standpoint? interesting , since she had nothing to do with it , other than granting her permision for morgen to get into the storage facility.   strictly hands off.

so is she blaming frances?   she should tread lightly, there.

so “kurt was blissfully happy” in Olympia?     so why did he leave and never go back?

and i note, alice got two plugs in for her book.   nice.   and insult other people for “making money off kurt”……….I mean, they are her photos.   but don’t

insult other people in the same breath.

and that “ his manipulation of Kurt’s family.“, crack ……..she makes kurt’s family sound like a bunch of hicks who were taken advantage of  by the big city director.   

not impressed, Alice.   Not impressed at ALL.

and since we are throwing around “what kurt would think”…….I don’t THINK he would think MUCH of your review…..or your insulting his family.

rant over.

i’m going to do a mix of gold digger challenge / bachelor challenge / 100 baby challenge / multiple wives challenge / multiple girlfriends challenge / whatever other challenge i think i can mix in and make up

and I’m going to use this mature, salt and pepper haired hunk 

if you can’t tell, he’s an elder. 

can elders woohoo with young adults ? probably so. we’ll see

thank you nyloa ! .. i might set life to long orrrr see how much he can do in the little time he has. maybe one of the kids he has will carry on his playboy legacy haha

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is there anything even good about an infj??


I just want to ask, how could there not be?

I know a few and they are amazing people. Very dedicated, funny, people I can be a complete nerd with and debate about super interesting topics. They are dedicated to their studies and serious about it, I can see all of them going far in life and the way they go around doing it is at time something that to be honest makes me jealous because they have a way of being organized that I know I will not get to do.

All personalities, ALL PEOPLE, are amazing in their own way, it’s just a matter of finding what your strenghts are and work on them. 

A link to an infj description

The problem with society today, it’s that it tells people that only some characteristics are important or necessary to work well. Which is why we end up with questions like “ is there anything even good about an infj??”

As an INTP I always questioned myself why I couldn’t just be at times like the other people, I’m sure it would have been a hell of a lot easier to go through life. But the reality is that it didn’t happen, and I don’t dislike it, one just needs to learn to accept it and use the strengths one has, to make sure they are put to good use and where they can be appreciated. If as different personalities we follow what society tells us to do, we would be miserable, yes, maybe we would have a lot more things, but it’s like going into a career which you know you hate only for the money you know you will have later.

So, yes, there are a lot of good things that INFJs can be. Also, every person, every INFJ is different, so all of them will have  strengths on their own. 

「Celica」”You should join us if you envy it. Shuri and Saria will be more than welcome to have you with us.”

「Roka」”That’s not a bad idea. Living together with you all, I can see it to be a happy life.”

Wow, it’s almost like anti-feminists and all-around jerk-offs are as cowardly on the internet as they are in real life.

lol I can see the miserable fuckboy typing this out as he thinks he’s hella courageous and rebellious when in reality he’s the same pathetic little boy who only knows how to say mean things when he knows he an get away with it.


I am so, so sorry. (x,x)

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kind of part of this au that i have in my head that i might eventually write, but for right now there’s this.