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  5. End on May 12th 2015 5:00pm. I will probably start drawing on June.

Today it’s about 5 weeks since I stopped using shampoo. Since then I’ve used a shampoo every once in a while without sulfates/parabens/silicone and also lots of natural oil and stuff and my hair smells sooo good and it’s so soft! Honestly I don’t think my hair has ever been so soft, it’s like I can’t even feel it when I touch it eep
I also showered and washed my bedsheets and put body butter on my skin, and now everything around me including me smells amazing and it just gives my anxiety a rest
I love clean things

when ppl tell me I have to respect religion and not question beliefs… like, no.

you know what I have to respect? people. you know what I DONT have to respect? ideas.

when you tell me that it is inappropriate and taboo to openly discuss religion, you are making it IMPOSSIBLE for people to make their own decisions about what they believe. because if nobody can talk to a 5-year-old about God but their Christian parents and Christian priest, the kid is probably going to grow up to be (guess what?) CHRISTIAN.

if people were religious by pure free choice, we A) wouldn’t see “dominant” religions, B) wouldn’t see such strict rules of worship, and C) wouldn’t see geographical populations of the same religion.

if you were told every day from when you were born that “2,000 years ago, God had a kid, and then he died & now we have to pay. He came back but we still have to pay. Also because of this you can’t be gay sry i don’t make the rules God told me :/”… and it was forbidden for anyone to tell you different… then you’re probably going to believe it

Toe Bean Party Contest?!

Parties have games right?!

I was thinking of doing some kind of “contest” on this side blog. Like, “the cutest beanies!” and the “dirtiest beanies!” or other such categories. Or, some other idea?

I’m not normally into contests just because I feel bad for people who don’t win, but this would just be for fun so no real losers.

And not to win anything, it’d just be for the fame ;] I’d probably make a master post for each category with the top 5-10 entrants, and then people can comment to vote?

Category ideas?

Or any better ideas?

Or is this a dumb idea?

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Okay, you can stop making fun of anime. Some people like it and it's okay that you don't. But you making fun of it is getting annoying.

Have you got the right person I don’t remember making fun of it (I myself have watched small amounts of it so that would be ironic) I just looked at my last 5 hours of post and nothing mentions anime at all if you could let me know that would be appreciated it is probably from a queue and I can take it down :)

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Now that we're talking again about the boys voices (*hearteyes* I love when you do) can you explain to me how even though zayn is gone (rip) the songs dnt seem empty? Im probably not explaining it right but normally they do ridiculous harmonies (5 part, 4 part) and solos, and now that zayns gone theyve had to redistribute the solos. Did they do the same with the harmonies? Are they making new chords to compensate? I'm really curious bc to me it doesn't sound much diff but it has to be??

ah, you have unwittingly stumbled upon one of my guilty pleasure subjects and that is “how 1d sounds when they aren’t 100% 1d” 

honestly? I have to say that I’m surprised they sound as good as they do. because even though there have been some hiccups, they sound so good. and it’s less of “they sound so good without zayn” surprise and more of a “wow, they really got their shit together since november” surprise.

I mean, there was that one performance of smg they did in december without louis that sounded pretty good. but it still sounded pretty empty. but right now??? zayn not being there isn’t a detriment to the overall effect of the music. and that’s pretty shocking to me, considering that four months ago zayn not being there turned songs that they’ve been singing for ages  into a hot mess. 

I don’t know where they got the rehearsal time, but one thing is very clear to me. they have worked their fucking asses off to sound the way they do now.

there are still a lot of hiccups. they’ve performed as a five-piece for actual years and only had to perform with one less person a handful of time over those years. it’s going to take a while for them to find out how they fit with the music now. 

as for specifics - like, how they will fill out harmonies now that zayn is gone.  most of their songs have three vocal lines at most. the melody and two harmonies. some of their songs might get a bit more complex - it’s hard to tell what’s a bg vocal and what’s the boys’ actual parts on an album. I’m pretty sure dfwyb gets more complex than the lower harmony, melody, upper harmony structure, but I honestly haven’t figured it out yet. someday I will. maybe. hopefully.

honestly? the place they are going to hurt most without zayn are on songs like dfwyb. where they have three part harmony happening and then zayn harmonised over them. because liam is the one who takes the bulk of zayn’s harmonies and if he’s doing zayn’s harmony, he has to abandon the harmony he originally did. because liam hardly ever sings melody on choruses. which means instead of having four vocal lines, they have three. 

hopefully they’ll get to a place where they can have four part harmony with only four voices. I’m honestly not sure why they always seem to need two voices on melody - yeah, it probably helps with pitch and more even sound, but it’s not necessary. I’m hopeful that someday soon we’ll have each boy singing a different, distinct vocal line. 

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YAKUSHI KABUTO (honestly can you even imagine kabuto with an ipod, what an amazing mental image)

I feel like I should have expected this and yet…

  • 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod: classical music of the sinister kind!!! like beethoven’s symphony no.5 or chopin’s funeral march.
  • the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep — where they’re not supposed to: in the labs again probably?? on top of all of his super secret evil plans, ON TOP OF HIS CROTCH SNAKE!! (can he even sleep with that thing, does he even sleep with that thing?? actually scratch that I really don’t want to know)
  • the game they’d destroy everyone else at: DARK SOULS, it’s the hardest game ever and requires a fair amount of strategy, mindless hacking, and just plain dumb luck. 
  • the emoticon they’d use most often: :/
  • what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep: more moody and very passive aggressive. 
  • their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.  I feel like kabuto has the same attitude as those irritable, stuck up government workers who are all low key coffee addicts, SO COFFEE. 
  • how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump: he probably just drowns himself in research, or becomes very isolated and introspective, trying to figure out what the problem is.   
  • what they wanted to be when they grew up: he just wanted to find himself~ and his true identity. 
  • their favorite kind of weather: cloudy and cool? with no breeze. 
  • thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?): I want to say bad, but maybe decent?? he might’ve had a previous identity in which he was a good singer, SO MAYBE?
  • how/what they like to draw or doodle: probably more freaky science anatomy stuff, like fucking tentacles and scales and shit. 

So like I’m super bored and should probably be doing some homework or something but I haven’t done one of these in a while so here we go!


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Random song from my spotify:

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if this doesn’t get notes i’ll be sad

My Goals for 2015

So I wrote these in another post but thought I make a new post so I can cross the ones off as they go :)

  • To reach my goal weight of 155-165lbs
  • To accept what the cardiologist has to say about my heart and try work with them and determine what can be done - Heart results came back nothing to be concerned with :)
  • Go to a gym - lol probably wont happen as I just don’t feel like going if I can do it all at home but we will see
  • Ride a bike 5 miles - Need to first buy a bike 
  • Do 20 push ups - Did :) April 2015
  • Walk up 16 flights of stairs - Walked up 30 Flights April 2015
  • Visit usa - Happening May 2015 I’m so excited
  • Sky dive if I’m allowed too - Happening May 2015 I’m so excited
  • Get first tattoo - Maybe end of the year just a small one at first
  • Get another piercing 
  • Do 5 pull ups - Small amount but considering I can’t even do one this be a big achievement 
  • Buy some weights
  • Be happy with myself and my body :)

As I think of new things I will keep on adding to the list 

When you give up on your 1st/native language but have no other language to fall back on and you’re still trying to communicate with other people:

$5-10 painted commissions!!

hey! so i finished all the commissions i got last time i asked for some of these, and i enjoyed doing them, so i’m making another post for them!

i’m interested in doing some quick bust/waist-up commissions similar to these: xx! keeping them cheap because i mostly just want to practice some more, but i also need money and can’t just do them for free

price would be based on how complex their design is and if you want a headshot or waist-up! (and it would probably be something like $5 more for an extra character)

if you’re interested at all just throw me an ask or reply to this post!


yo we’re doing screenprinting shit in art this week so if any of y’alls is interested in a print or tshirt then holla because i’m already making like 6 shirts (im charging 3 or 5 bucks already but I’ll probably increase the price to pay for shipping)

im new to businessing can you tell

i cant guarantee i’ll be selling these shirts online because this post is just to see if ppl are interested

also: the quote on the shirt is from the song Human by The Killers

(and hey if this gets popular enough then I could maybe get the confidence to sell other prints. who knows. oh the possibilities.

To everyone that commented on this post.. OMG y’all don’t make it easy! Lol. It was 14 for gold, 13 for pink and 10 for nude.

I haven’t worn the gold ones since I bought them so I’m leaning towards that and it’s only 3.5 inches so I can go all night. I wore the nude ones for like, 6 hours last month and I’ve still got a scab from the cut it gave me. Hahaha. And the pink ones… pink is my favorite color so ughhh.

I’ll probably end up having my kid putting them in boxes and wearing whichever one I blindly pick hahahhaa.

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You should definitely post some ootd pics when it gets hot in your area because for most Muslimahs including myself, dressing in the summer to keep cool, dress modest, and remain fashionable is hard af. Everything is crop tops and booty shorts and all these maxi dresses and skirts got slits up to the thigh or knee so wearing tights makes it hot af like i can't with the stores.

I probably will!! Also for slits in skirts, just sew it or take it to a seamstress to do it for like $5 lol

apocalyptic-scenes replied to your post: second draft progress

Sorry to hear about your migraine. But I am happy that you are enjoying your writing. I can’t wait to see how this turns out! :D

Thank you! Your excitement and well wishes means a lot to me :3

I’ve set my deadline for late June, so I hope to have Draft 1.5/2.0 done by then (my ambitious goal is for my birthday [24th], while my realistic goal is like, 10 minutes to midnight on the 30th). I wouldn’t mind sharing it with anyone who’s interested; I’ll probably make a few posts asking for beta readers the closer I get to the end.

Have you read “Neverwhere” by Neil Gaiman, or Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series? I’m aiming for both in tone when it comes to Eat Our Hearts Alive’s rewrite. So instead of the setting being contemporary Britain and the seedier world of its politics, it’s now in a completely made up world that’s either gothic or straight up horror, with a lot of inspiration from heroic fantasy (Jacqueline Carey, Brandon Sanderson).

Rules: post and tag 10 people you’d like to get to know better

tagged by: sock-monkey-misha
•Nickname: Aut
•Star sign: Leo
•Gender: female
•Height: 5'2ish
•Sexual/romantic orientation: bi probably
•Time and date: 4/20 (😏) 1:38 AM oops
•Average hours of sleep: like 4-5
•Lucky numbers: idk
•The last thing I googled: why can’t i delete songs in itunes
•First word that comes to mind: fishboat
•One place that makes me happy: my bed
•How many blankets do I sleep on: 2
•Favorite fictional character: dean or cas idk don’t make me choose
•Favorite famous people: misha collins
•Favorite books: the book thief
•Favorite musicians: twenty øne piløts, Matt hires, Rhian Sheehan
•Last movie I saw in the cinema: Home
•Dream holiday: idk Hawaii maybe
•Dream job: idk probably some sort of animal caretaker
•Wearing right now: A grey aero shirt and my fav angry birds pyjama pants

I tag: divineclaire bc I know u will do it and love it

youre-not-really-here asked:

When you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself, post it publicly and then send the same to 10 of your favourite followers~♥

bwehdudjjsjsj thank u

- my hair is pretty neat
- I can write well
- I’m really good at making dinosaur noises tbh
- I’m funny probably
- I can play drums p well

Thank u small child ur so nice to me 😘

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gallesa headcanon 5: *post-tdc and going with the idea that gally and teresa were best friends* in paradise thomas and gally can actually find comfort in each other when grieving teresa's death. it may seem like they would never ever get along, but they were probably the two people she was closest with. talking to thomas and becoming his friend makes gally feel happy, mainly because he thinks teresa would be proud of him for opening up to other people!

Omg, that would be so amazing and its breaks my heart so bad I love it

(tagged by 1stop4minutes​) thank you for tagging me!!! ah i love filling these things out

Nicknames: Sam
Birthday: April 26
Gender: ????
Height: 5′6
Sexual orientation: Hetero
Favorite color/s: Red, Blue, Black
Time and date at current location: 7:05 AM Wed, April 15, 2015
Average hours of sleep: i don’t really keep track probably like 8
Last thing I Googled: sirius black
Places that make me happy: anywhere with pretty views or where i can see the stars
How many blankets I sleep under: it depends on the season but right now i have one                                              
Favorite anime: panty and stocking or kill la kill
Favorite TV show:  game of thrones probs
Last movie i watched in theaters: the theory of everything (i think)
Dream holiday: idk i wanna travel everywhere
Dream wedding: i don’t want to get married. (if i were to change my mind though i’d just want something simple or to just elope)
Dream job: owning a bakery
What are you wearing right now: batman pj bottoms and a black tank top
Last book you read: i think it was lolita by vladimir nabokov
Tags: i don’t really know who to tag but if any of my followers want to do this then i tag you!