Gotta love all girl teams

Nothing is motivational while doing sprints than hearing
“Don’t cheat ladies, don’t cheat. If you do, I will make you my bitch. I’m on my period and I can’t deal with that shit”


Meredith, i’m not sure how to do this. i’m not a psychic. apparently, i’m not much of a banshee either.  b u t   i ’ m   t r y i n g   t o  h e l p   m y   f r i e n d s […] but if i have this thing, it’s got to work some of time.  i t ’ s { g o t }  t o  h e l p  s o m e o n e. maybe what i really wanted to say was

                   i ’ m   s o r  r  y  . i wish i could’ve helped you . i’m sorry.

The fact that Supernatural continually thanks the fans and loves the fans and dedicates episodes to us despite how badly some of the fans have treated the show’s writers and production staff

The fact that-after everything-they still care about us

I need a moment


3x13 // 5x02

. castiel + hedonism

you full-on rebelled against heaven; iniquity is one of the perks.



it takes a lot to be always on form; it takes a lot. or maybe not, all the time, all I’ve got… maybe not. been one of those days: safety first, don’t push, what’s the hurry? one nerve remaining, waiting on one look, have you got it? have you got it in you? || what a pity, what a sham. what’s the matter with you, man? don’t you see it’s wrong, can’t you get it right? out of mind and out of sight

Isn’t it funny how, despite her being a telekinetic telepathic alien from an entirely different culture who has been alive since before the first manned moon landing, M’gann is the most relatable character on this show?

Humongous thank you to starinhercorner who gave lots of stupendous creative advice and put up with 30 hours of me ranting about this thing (and is also a big part of the reason I love M’gann as much as I do).

See also: stationary image with the original coloring (and a bonus original gif).


The hell if I care! I’ll save you right now.


Red vs Blue Things

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