I got a couple of lovelies over at DA that requested to open preorders for the Samezuka Piggy Day print! So, I’m also spreading the word over here for anyone that’s interested! (^▽^)

Preorders are now open over at my storenvy and open until  04/06/2015. If you preorder now, you’ll receive a set of Samezuka Piggy Day stickers! Prints will be printed on a glossy 11x14in card stock.

I will be placing the order for the prints on 04/07/2015.

If by any chance (though I doubt it) I’m sold out before the deadline, and you want a print, please send me an ask stating so and I will open a couple more slots!

This is the first time I’m doing this (kinda nervous), so let’s see how it goes! (*ノωノ)   

Changing Back || Open

As always, the sudden change was as unexpected and without any sort of warning. The dragon was resting on his back and sun bathing the day away when pain fired up in his gut and ran up through his entire body.

Writhing and screaming in agony, the change happened so quick that a flurry of scales and fur would clear and show a panting humanish figure left on the ramparts, sprawled out and left to recover.

The soldiers wouldn’t do much outside stare. Only then would they come out with a sheet, lay it over the drake’s naked body and wait until he came out of whatever panic mode that came from the sudden pain.

After 30 minutes, Whil came too. Eyes coming into focus and his frame slowly rolling to get off his back. “What….What happened?”