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Sam Pepper - Parts 2 & 3 Revealed ~ Response from YouTube Community

(Responses to his initial video


Cool estate sale find. PSI The Other World Catalogue. The Comprehensive Guide To The Dimensions Of Psychic Phenomena. By June and Nicholas Regush 1974. Filled with tons of great pictures, info, and ads…including two full page ads for Wilburn Burchette LP’s and another ad for Barbara The Gray Witch, The Satanic Mass, and Witchcraft And Magic!


The twins fighting is one of my favorite storylines in all the Ouran incarnations.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue
  • Something Borrowed, Something Blue
  • hummingjill

i feel like i’ve seen you somewhere before
i remember your eyes but i am not sure
i can see all our stories, my raggedy man, in my dreams

you took all my memories and left me with none
there’s a part of me missing but we are still one
i can still here your voice my raggedy man, in my dreams

and my tears they pour to the ground
and our time it is running out i can dream but i still don’t remember your face
i just know that you should be here
by my side, please come to me, dear, i can dream but i still don’t remember your face
no i still don’t remember your face

and you were the last one but never alone
were my best friend, my saviour when you took me along
i can still see us running my raggedy man, in my dreams

and you knew i was different but it didn’t make sense
so we never imagined what could happen next
and your last words are ringing my raggedy, man in my dreams

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Surprised Gaurds
  • Surprised Gaurds
  • Luc St-Pierre
  • Thief recordings

Recorded the music everyone has been searching for in Thief the one you get when you knock into a guard by accident putting them on yellow alert but they have not spotted you yet.

that music starts playing and its so epic yet its the one  track not on the soundtrack not even the directors cut but its just the best music in game.

I was doing a client job and one of the guards glitched and the song started playing but was stuck and kept going instead of fading once the alert was over thought I would share it.

Full credit to Luc St-Pierre for this fantastic piece of music the soundtrack may not have this track on it but I recommend buying it if you didn’t get it with the game pre order its a fantastic soundtrack, please support the original artist.

I only recorded this from the game this song is not mine

i am soooo happy i feel like my insides are made from stars