oh god, so we’ve just finished our short animation ( stevetommycunningham, lack-lustin, Fiona and I) and i am so tired that even scrolling down the page or lying down is an effort. But I am really proud of us, we did well!

Each of us had to key-frame 5 seconds of the main character (Bjorn, the witch-guy - my first properly developed character, design by stevetommycunningham :D), inbetween someone else’s 5 seconds and together we had to model the background in maya.
I am also very happy with how my cat animation turned out, partially inbetweened by stevetommycunningham - thanks so much, pal! Couldn’t have made it without you! <3

the marauders squad

i, allegra aka lurpin, am proud to present my first ever harry potter network..
its about time we gather those who share a love harry potter and the marauders so i have come up with the unoriginal idea of creating this network/squad where we can share our thoughts and discuss all things harry potter hehe

to do
  • must be following me 
  • reblog this post (likes will not count sorry loves)
  • must have harry potter as one of your main fandoms (multifandom is great as long as the majority of your blog is harry potter)
  • please fill out this form
  • and feel free to ask me any questions regarding this network
  • this ends on the 1st of june
  • happy, kind and active blogger
  • working tagging system
  • clean and pretty theme
  • general passion for harry potter

other qualities (for future reference - if selected)
  • comfortable with sharing personal chat accounts (e.g. skype. however it is perfectly fine if you are not- as this is just an option if the group wants)
if selected
  • i will send you a congratulatory message asking for a 120x120 icon for the network page and your email (unless you included that in your application then you would have already been added)
  • you can put a link to the network somewhere on your blog
  • you will be added to the chat sideblog here on tumblr
  • please feel free to go right ahead and introduce yourself to everyone on the chat
  • it would also be amazing if you guys could follow the other members (of course i would never force you) but that is entirely up to you
  • a lovely group of people you can get to know and a place you can talk about harry potter/the marauders (amongst other things of course)
  • wonderful advice givers (fellow squad members)
  • people to reblog your beautiful selfies and original content etc
  • inside jokes (probably)

other information
  • track the tag #maraudersquad for updates
  • i will be choosing around 10-15 bloggers, depending on the number of notes and my indecisiveness
  • this post must reach at least 50 notes 
  • i will most likely be adding new members in the future so please don’t be discouraged or hurt if you do not make it this time around, there is always another chance :)

Hi taylorswift! I don’t know if u are currently lurking but I just wanted to say thank you and remind you how much i appreciate everything you do and how incredibly HAPPY you make me. Also. I’m SO excited for tour and currently cannot stop thinking about it and CANT believe it starts in less than ten days. AND it’s insane that it’s been 6 months since I sat on my bed in a trance listening to 1989 (minus the first time I heard style-when I ran around my apartment freaking out). I am so proud at the success of this album and it deserves every bit of recognition it has received so far AND MORE. Anyways goodnight love u hope you had a really nice day wherever you are!

anonymous asked:

Hi Jackie! I read one of your posts and you mentioned you have boyfriend. Does he know about your poetry?

He actually does! He has been reading my poetry long before I started posting it on Tumblr. However, I did not tell him I was posting it until a couple of months ago …  I felt I needed to tell him because  it is such a big part of my life. He reads it here and occasionally he will compliment my response to questions and my writing. I mean it is nice that he knows now. Because I am pretty proud of this and I don’t shout it from the roof tops that I get on here and do the things I do. But he is important so I want him to know about things that are important to me.


It’s 5:30 am and I’m still trying to fall asleep but I realized that if Steven Universe was on when I was a kid then I would get to be the Garnet of my friends because I always got to be the tall one

I can see Little Isa wearing sunglasses and punching the other kids so vividly that I’m not entirely sure it didn’t actually happen

I would have made such a good play-pretend Square Mom

I hope some awkwardly tall little girl is out there right now doing me proud

My nephew has the biggest heart.

I’m am a proud aunt right now. Connor just celebrated his 4th birthday, but a few days before he did something that stunned me. Earlier in the week my sister in law Lauren was planning his birthday party when he walked up to her. I guess at preschool he heard about a little girl his age who was just diagnosed with cancer. Lauren explained to him that she was very sick and would be in the hospital for a long time. Connor said he wanted to help her feel better, and told Lauren that he wanted to give all his birthday presents to her. So, after opening his presents at his party he took all the money and some of the gifts he got (Lauren thought he should keep some), put them in a bag, and brought them to the little girl with Leukemia. He is four years old. A four year old is more giving than most adults. I am so incredibly proud of Connor, and feel honored to be his aunt.
Just thought I’d share :)

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Karlsson has proved he's a class act again and again. In the handshake line he smiled at everyone he shook hands with and even embraced Subban. That's how a proper captain acts. They're both superstars, but not only is Karlsson more electrifying and more exciting to watch, he's also way more mature. He leads by example and doesn't play dirty and I am so proud of him.

Same! He’s never done anything to make me wonder about his maturity or make me embarrassed for him to be on our team.

thefandomstrikesback asked:

I go to an all girls school and am ftm by the time i get home I'm so emotionally tired from having to wear a dress and misgendering even though i'm out that I'm struggling to finish all my homework do you have any tips?

You’re still a man even if other people don’t see you as being a man yet, and men can wear dresses! Anyone can wear dresses.

It takes a lot of energy and strength to deal with what you have to deal with every day, and you should be proud of that. If you have something that helps comfort you or helps you affirm your identity, I would do that.  You have every right to complain and seek support from the community if things get overwhelming. – Misfitreindeer

*half of the girls in class pick women’s rights as a theme for their research project*

colleague: *immediately turns to me* you must be so proud.

me: damn right i am.

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hello! i just wanted to say ive been following for a while and i admire you and you actually inspired me to get a pixie cut and more recently get a tattoo, 2 things i was terrified of, and i dont know if ive ever been more content with myself. thanks for that! c: