• me:triple checks the names of people on the internet i have known for years out of fear of calling them by the wrong name even though there is like a 0% chance i will get it wrong

With love, to Bruce. ♥
One day I was watching KUWTK, and Kris said that Bruce sometimes cries because people talked about his nose, he read newspapers saying “Bruce’s terrible face”, talking shit about Bruce…I was sad. How can the person who gave everything to American can be bullied like this? What kind of human are you? This incredible heart is suffering because you can’t accept different people. This incredible heart is 65 and the whole world is bullying him. Bruce has done and won amazing thins, remember this. I am so proud of him. You need to remember who much we’re hurting this woman because we can’t accept different people! We all should realize how talented and good person is Bruce.

Bruce Jenner - The Interview

I am a woman. I had the story. We’ve done 485 episodes over 8 years. And the entire run, i kept thinking to myself, “The one real, true story in the family was the one i was hiding. The one thing that could really make a difference in people’s lives was in my should and i couldn’t tell that story.” - Bruce Jenner (The Interview)

We love and support you Bruce; we, as a fan base, are so proud of you, watching you throughout the last few years of our lives, grow and finally let yourself be free and to be whom you truly are. 

To certain Hetalia fans

While the fandom has not always been the most inviting, and I say so with all honesty, it was what brought me to tumblr.
Tumblr can be a harsh place, but amongst the darkness it sometimes shrouds itself in, I was able to meet wonderful people.
I just want to tell all of the people I’m going to name that I appreciate them. I am very thankful for you.
You’ve made it a wonderful experience to have had time active in the fandom. You’ve made it easy to fit in. You’ve done priceless things that I’ll never have enough “thank you’s” to repay. You’ve stood by me in the dark, you’ve laughed with me in the light. You’ve made bad days better and good days amazing.
Little by little friendships are formed and some of you have become close friends to me.
Some I’ve barely met and already feel like a year or two from now, I’ll be saying “remember when we met, has it really been a year… two years…?”
I have messages for you.
For minors: Don’t rush. Take your time. Breathe. Stumbling and falling happens. Pay your taxes early, try to limit how late you stay up, the job market is bad don’t look down on yourself if you can’t get a job, if you go to college/uni don’t overload yourself, don’t let your roommates walk over you, get that haircut/tattoo/piercing, be you, be bold, breathe. No one knows what they’re doing. We’re all falling flat on our faces. It’s life. I’m here to help you dust off and try again.
To adults: ↑↑↑↑ and also. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like an adult. We’re all here as one giant mess of screwed over by the last generation. We’re going through the trash they left behind to find gold. (Gold here is symbolic of whatever brings you joy.) When You’re overwhelmed and need a breather, need to vent, I’m here. Just remember not all of us belong at a 9-5 and not all 9-5s stay there forever. Breathe. Live. Confuse me for a 12 year old. Adult is you. What you made of it. Not a cookie cutter image.

♥ Thank you for making my life more colorful. ♡

aph-preussen aph-prumano aph-russia romano-is-crying romano-aph rusxame ask-felivargas ichwerdenichterzittern vielgeprueftesoesterreich altradonnya haruka-hourou nordic-madness yosoyspanano regredisci


As far as I can remember, I don’t think I’ve done one of these for a good chunk on this blog, if at all! So what better way to get one done than for 1K. This is the first of the things I’ll be offering, because there will be some RPH giveaways. But thank you, thank you! I really don’t deserve all you lovely people putting up with me every day so I’m very grateful. Sorry for the essay, I’m just very emotional~


First of all, I have to give a shoutout to my other half and one true love, nickjonaswrites. Without you, I wouldn’t have started this blog, let alone be the happy person I am today. You’re my advice giver and my rock in life. I can’t wait to move to the US and marry the fuck out of you in the next year. Thank you for giving me the best time of my life and putting up with my everything. You’re my shitpot ♡


These people, either recently or over a period of time, have made me smile when I want to cry and cry because I’m laughing too much. They put up with me, humor me and are the sweetest bunch I can ask for. Thank you for being rad.

bethyhelps  ✘ billylewisjrrps  ✘ bpiercerps  ✘ bramrps  ✘ callaghansjhnv  ✘ carolinefabrayrps ✘  glaceonrps  ✘ kadamrps  ✘ lambertrps  ✘ lesbians-comics  ✘ lillycorvuspuckleberryhelper ✘ puckroleplays  ✘ sammiewarerps  ✘ separate-the-sorrow  ✘ supergirlsrps ✘  thepaigelauren  ✘


I’m lucky to say that I have the best writing partners there are, whether it be for groups or 1x1′s, I’m very blessed. Not only do they put up with my slow, awful, concentration-lacking ass, but they give me the most flawless experiences in this community. Thank you for both looking after my awful muses and giving me so much joy

The 1x1 peeps:

bpiercerps ✘ kadamrps ✘ melchigabor-rps ✘ nickjonaswritespuckbadassrpsthepaigelauren  ✘

The crews:

Of course, there has to be a special shout out to everyone within both statusquorpg and messagethegleeks. I’m so insanely proud of these groups and all the people in them. I couldn’t have asked for either better reception or better players in either. Stay rad and I hope we’ll all be writing together for a long time still! Also, I wanna give a huge thumbs up to the peeps in both anothergleefulhogwarts and dcprpg for putting up with both Brittany and Matthew. I rally appreciate being able to say I have the opportunity to rp with you guys. 


Lastly, I need to send some love to the people who make my dash, my inbox, skype and time in this community fantastic. You guys have helped me find my home, produce awesome content, allow me to literally stalk you and below is a major word vomit of all of the above but just - thank you  ♡

angeerpsannarpsandstuffantidivarpsartinarpsbeckyjacksonwritesbitchetterpsblainesrps  ✘ cheetaliciousrpscherryhelpsrphchordorpsclaringbitchrpsddlovatosrps ✘  diannasroleplayseizasantanasbabyenearpsevansyrpsfabrayswritesflareonrpsfrittersrpsgleekywolfrpharmonyroleplayshenleyrpshermionehelpsrphhunterrps  ✘ thelovelyfrittersrps  ✘ issys-shizzlejoehartsrpsjorirpskeerpskitsandbootskitsrpskittisonrpskittysrpkittywilderpslopiercerpsmadencerrpsmarleyroleplaysmayrpsminimottarpsmorristreetrpsmottabrayrpsnightbirdsrpspariroleplayspuckypuckrpsqfabraywritesquinzelharleensrachelblairyrachelbrodyrpsrivergronrphroderickroleplaysrp-puckermanrydisonrpssazzyroleplayssebkelliottrpssilverduckiesivahelps ✘   snixwritesstarksmaisiestraightuprpssugarbabyrpstanyarpstcchelpsteamrocketrpstinkerberryrpstroutyassiststroutyrpsuniquesrpursulasrphwildebrayrpsyuffierps


If I missed anyone, I’m sorry! Y’all change your URLs and it confuses me sometimes, or I just spaced out! Either way, I love you all, mutual or not. Thank you so much for everyone and I owe you guys a hell of a lot. From myself, my asshole muses and the kittens, stay awesome ✌

If you feel offended over this whole makeup issue, please leave the community. Because you are doing NOTHING by bitching and griping about it. I am so fed up with all of the drama. Its stupid. I don’t go into the tag anymore because I know I’m going to get pissed off.

Mark, if you ever read this, I’m sorry for all of this. Please don’t take anything to heart. You still have people here that love you and support you.

The Runt. Part 2

Hey guys, thanks for all the support on the first one, I am sorry it was so short! Tumblr accidentally posted it by accident before I was done, so this one will be a bit longer, hope you enjoy!!

PS: If you want to be tagged in the next parts just instant message me!

I walk up to the bar, order the usual ( a pint, of course ) and scout the place for a seat. One thing I always find interesting about this place is that there are always so many people. It’s not like it’s a great bar, it’s kind of a shit one. But hey, I guess it gets the job done! 

I make my way over to a set of tables and chairs, luckily their is one empty table with four chairs, but of course the table is connected to the rest of the tables, so it looks like I won’t be getting any privacy tonight!

I have seen most of the people in there before, but tonight there was an unfamiliar group. There was a group of about 5 people sitting across from me at a booth, and of course they were all laughing and having a right time , as you should with your friends. I just guess I got so lost in watching them all get lost in each others jokes and laughs, I forgot I was staring. I was staring at THE FITTEST one out of all of them. He was gorgeous, I wanted him to just lick me head to toe right there!! All of sudden I catch us staring at each other, but then something unexpected happens. He smiles at me. OH. MY. GOD. Did the fittest guy in here just smile at me?

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I hit my milestone and I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, I haven’t done one before so bare with me, I’m grateful for every single follower I have. You guys don’t know how much it means to me, I remember being at barely fifty and now here I am months later hitting a huge milestone. I love you all so much for that, I want to take this time to mention a few people that have help me get here and others I wish to rp with in the future

Important people:

mark0fdean crowley-is-speaking leah-nmimind-rp badassinbootsamywinchester sammooseywinchester eternal-winter-soldier cxpt learnedlucidity thesarcasticwitchlighter creatingxdragons  theemeraldeyedhunter nerdycelestial one-who-sees-god starkmademan ofsurgery samarariley remarkablesmoak nobodysguardian crowleys-daughter-ariya

People I wish to rp with in the future:

findacauseandserveit demonwithconscience marked-hunter theoneswithoutpacks rejectsontherun waywardxhalliwell txmeturner honorary-dog bad-assblonde samwessonsmith markedbysin captainangelofthelord

Sorry if I missed anyone. Just wanting to let you know I love you all. <3

anonymous asked:

"Honestly, Stop the Bullshit I am so fucking done with the fake outrage with Tidal, ESPECIALLY with black tumblr. It’s so disappointing. None of you guys have an issue with the white men who are constantly expanding their empire and controlling the entire fucking economy, but when Jay-Z attempts to do the same and invites several other black musicians to tag along, it’s a problem…. Just because these people aren’t celebrities doesn’t mean they are not in power. All these executives"

“most who are worth 10 times more then Jay-Z, control us ALL. From Wal-Mart, Exxon Mobil, Spotify and really all of the fucking music industry is ran by filthy rich white people who you don’t see often, but nonetheless have all the power. It’s time for black people to be a part of that top 4% of wealth that controls everything. And that is what Jay-Z and the other owners of Tidal are trying accomplish… be in control for once.

my socialist anti capitalist ass doesnt care about rich people white or black so uhm……. this is a reach

i dont want any few people to control anything so what the fuck makes you think im trying to get black people there. okay so what theyll control shit. are they gonna do anything for me????

Hi everyone! So as you know, next friday is the deadline for the musemon sprites to be sent in, and I see that a lot of people have concepts or basic sprites done, but they don’t have the skills to finish or do it. 

Every day this week I am going to try and stream each evening, creating sprites FOR YOU! The reason for the stream is so that i don’t get distracted and end up not doing it lmao

HOWEVER THERE IS SOMETHING I NEED YOU TO DO! I need a reference or the beginning of a sprite!!! I can’t go off just words alone. Best case scenario is that you give me something like this:

A simple beginning sprite. Then I’ll spruce it up for you! 


Also plz plz stick around during the stream so im not lonely ;w;


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Hey! If people choose to watch part of your livestream it isn't a waste of time. It is fun no matter how short it is or how much artwork gets done! Don't worry so much!

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The doctor is in!

This is @madameamiss‘s super cute oc Darlene the love doctor! Go check her stuff out ;D

Maddie I hope you don’t mind. I just couldn’t resist making fanart. She was so much fun to draw! Also, I can see why drawing pompadours are so much fun ; u ;

Oh and I am in the mood of drawing people’s oc. Anyone want one done? Just leave a message in my ask box (:


today, it feels like time is running out on me.

during times like these i feel like i haven’t been doing enough or i haven’t been trying my best. (it’s a bad mindset i think cause sometimes i think i need to pat myself on the back for a job done well)

i was invited to be a judge for a program called Young Enterprise, introduced to high school students by the American Chamber of Commerce, where I got to interact with many different people from the industry.

it’s intimidating but i’m very appreciative for the opportunity given.

that aside, i’m starting my flagship store opening soon. which I am so scared and nervous about.


Now, see,  from what I’ve heard,  you are only participating in this war
to help your people,  and I do so wish that you had come to me earlier,
for I am in a position to help you  –  but with your slaughtering my men
and aiding the enemy, I can’t say that I wish to do so.  You have made
something of a  name  for  yourself,  Mister  Kenway.  What am I to do
about that? I’ve all these resources that could be at your disposal, but
I simply cannot hand them over, given what you’ve done.”

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Just letting you know that I am a Turk that acknowledges the genocide and I just want to apologise for what my country has done. I know most people deny it, but there's proof for goodness sakes. I just think that everything will be much better when ErDOGan acknowledges the genocide.

I hope so! You are brave and I’m thankful for it. Bless you!

mortalacademy asked:

I don't like to get under people's toes, especially when they're busy! :) But if you have the time could you write a fic about Malec breaking up, but always finding their ways back to one another? :)

Aww bby I always have the time for you! I’m sorry this took me so long to write but here it is! :)  This is slightly AUish so…ye…

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It’s time to say goodbye.

I honestly don’t even know how to bring myself to write this, I’ve been putting this off for a while but today’s the last day and there isn’t much time left for me to put this off before I actually have to start writing this. To start it off, I just wanted to say thank you again for 9 months and 29 days of an amazing roleplay and supportive ohana. It’s been nearly a year of memories and inside jokes and I really don’t know how to explain in words how much this roleplay means to me and how much you’ve all done for this roleplay to have it last this long. You guys have been such amazing members of something special, and for this to end makes my heart sting and this weird pit in my stomach ache and as sad as I am for this to end after such a while, I’m also so happy and appreciative that we were fortunate enough to have known and roleplay with such talented and kind people. I’m sure that even after this, this won’t be the end of /us/, alright? We’ll all keep in touch and talk and still roleplay with each other, okay? If we don’t, I’ll track all of y’all down and I’ll bother you till you do because you’re stuck with this ohana for the rest of your life. I’m kidding. This truly has been a great 9 months and I’m so so glad and thankful that I got to spend it with you guys in a roleplay that I love with all my heart. Of course, like any other great roleplay, we had our ups and our downs. But in the end, we made it through all of those obstacles and came back stronger than ever. We’ve made so many memories together that I’ll never ever ever be able to forget. Like the fact that Aye wanted a Calum so badly (who am I kidding, she still wants one), how so many of you guys have decided to be Satan and kill us with feels, Gabby appreciating everyone for being her fans, Ellie’s love for dogs and her awesome confessions, Rej’s amazing photoshop and giffing skills, Roxanne’s writing and her graphics, finding out that Xan and Diana were sisters, the incredible characters that all of you have created, the legendary threesomes that have happened so many times, every character being low key gay for each other, and so much more. It’s been such a good run, and as cliche and cheesy as it is, none of it would’ve been possible without you guys being so ridiculously awesome and bringing together the ohana that we have. Thank you so much again for such a wonderful roleplay and such an amazing experience. I love you all so much, so so so so so so much.


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How do you write a goodbye? A novel by Ayesha, yeah ayesha not aye but never call me that because you guys are too cool for this. This is like my third roleplay, adminning and saying a goodbye is so hard – like it always is? I don’t know how to say goodbye? Because goodbyes are forever and I don’t like that so I’m not going to say goodbye, see you again. See you again because this community is small and we’ll find each other again. We have social media and all that mumbo jumbo stuff to talk and I expect everyone to talk to me. Because if you don’t talk to me you’re throwing nine months away, just kidding you don’t have to talk to me – it’s up to you. Uh so like, remember when we first opened? I was all like, OH MY GOD TIEN WHAT IF THEY DON’T LIKE US!! OR OH MY GOD WE DIE AGAIN. And like, that didn’t happen? Because what the actual fuck, how the fuck did we get the best group of roleplayers to ever exist in the history of best roleplayers? Lmao, who was it that said we were weeding out the fakes, was it Paris? Either her or Scout. I don’t remember but it reassured me, that we would keep going because it was that moment I was like – yeah. Yeah, we’re gonna last a while. I know I promised that I would keep this going forever but it’s just it gets tiring when you’re an admin and the effort that goes into a roleplay is so much mental work, and I just wanna say I’m sorry I broke my promise. But hey, maybe somewhere down the road we’ll meet again! We’ll find each other because lol KENNY HEY SHOUTOUT BAE, she found me three times. This is our fourth roleplay. So never say never, keep looking. I just wanna also say, that the amazing graphics is something that will always stick with me you know? From Ellie’s blog for christmas to Rej’s amazing gif sets, to the time and effort Scout took to make her own set, to even Madie’s stuff and tHEN THE CONFESSIONS BLOG NEVEr FORGET. i still don’t know what a horny simpleton is, cody may be one but what the poop is it man, someone explain. Okay but in all seriousness, guys please please please please promise me you’ll find happiness, you won’t let anything bring you down, you’ll pay attention in school, you’ll kick any mental thing that’s bothering you because you guys are strong, beautiful and worth it. I love you all so damn much. Stay classy. 

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