have some da:i carolina! she’s been around ferelden and kirkwall, and is actually fairly sympathetic to the mages ( she doesnt question the templars & their methods, but she doesn’t necessarily always agree w/ them ) but she’s still p bitter and prejudiced against them

rlly hates mage york, but ended up turning a blind eye when she caught him running away from the circle bc shit he has a point when it comes to the templars

turns out all traces of his escape pointed towards her ( missing phylactery, she volunteered for the watch the night he escaped etc ) and so she defected

shadowhunterkid asked:

Can you draw? If not, what would you draw a ton of if you could? (Love your blog btw).

i CAN draw, but i’m pretty shit at it tbh.. however, i am trying to improve a lot and when i think i’m good enough i’m going to get a graphics tab so hopefully i can post my art to tumblr for the world to see :D

Not feeling like I am good enough for anyone or anything is my biggest struggle but at the same time I know I am worth it. I deserve the world.


i catch myself sometimes
thinking about power
only in the context of men
and how easily i contort myself
to be beautiful for them

there are years between me
and the shedding of this thought
painted on my skin
carved into my bone
that i am simply not good enough

where does all the anger go
when you finally release the pain
will i still be curled up,
strung out,
on bitter, hopeless rage

we have been waiting for freedom
to appear in the hands of our captors
why aren’t we fighting
why aren’t we fighting
we may not call ourselves slaves
but we are still bowing to our masters

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Salam. Please can you make dua that God eases my depression and anxiety and that he finally rewards me for all my hardships. I can't hold on much longer and if I am I'm losing any semebleance of humanity towards my family. I'm past breaking point but somehow he won't grant me refuge in death or make it better. Maybe I am not good enough to have my Duas answered so please could you all pray for me instead. Thank you x


May Allah swt ease your struggles and grant you sabr and strength. Ameen. Allah swt hears us all, it may be just a matter of time. He knows what is best for us. 

That’s it. I am done with hating on myself. I hate seeing other people boiling in self hatred and it’s time to stop doing it myself. I’m not a horrible person. I’m not a hideous person. I’m pretty average honesty. I’m not the worst person I know. There’s no good reason for me to hate myself as much as I do. I might never love who I am, but I sure as hell don’t have a good enough reason to hate it either.

@lullylace, my Lully, I tried several times with the color palette but I am not good enough for that yet so please accept a normal colored Ren! ;o;


Based off of this post
god bless

there e  is nevre enough of hthese nerds
(bt there is more below the readmore) 

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I can see why viewers like the idea of Klaus showing his softer side and I think it ties back into Caroline in the first season.