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AU where Kevin actually makes all that food porn on his blog and he has Lauren test it. And most of the time it's alright. Except the one time he spilt it over the table. And the time he burnt the food. But Lauren doesn't care because she gets a laugh out of watching Kevin get all flustered, stammering apologies. - Puma, you bet your cute butt we're doing this right now. I refuse to have those I consider companions be sad, regardless of cause, love. So buckle up and prepare for cutesy things.

That’s soo cuutteee

So I finally watched Expiration Date...

…as you all can probably tell from the gifsets I’ve been making tonight.

And I actually don’t have lots to say. I’d kind of spoiled myself by peeking around on tumblr all week, so I was aware of a lot of the best bits going in…and I feel behind the flailing curve since everyone else already really got to do that when it aired.

But, simply put, I loved it.

The case portion of things was exciting and well-paced, and everything tied up in a satisfying if sad (sorry, Thapa!!) conclusion.

And as for the Densi…I swear, that was like watching all the fix-it fanfics at once. They talked about their problems like adults, they were clearly irritated with each other but didn’t let it distract from being competent (actually, being kickass) in the field, and they ended the night by taking some independent time for themselves but not stepping back from the relationship at all.

Heck, Kensi actually used the word “dating” in reference to Deeks without batting an eye.

And, there are just no words for the amazingness of that first scene.

It was so good I can hardly believe it was real.

I’ve barely watched Star Trek in the last 15 years, and most of my rewatches in that time have consisted of The Trouble with Tribbles cause it’s just so darn cute.
I can’t explain this level of sadness I feel for the loss of someone’s whose work was barely part of my life for more than half of it. Today I lost a piece of my childhood, and I guess it’s making me realize now more than ever before how much it all actually meant to me.

Billy had been seizing and flatlining way too many times for Sammy’s liking. The girl never left her bedside now, not even to eat. An intern had been bringing her food so she wouldn’t wither away, but she never felt any better; she was sure she’d probably die in this chair if they weren’t able to revive her next time. She’d cried out what felt like every tear in her body, and she was absolutely exhausted. She wasn’t just sad anymore. She was so tired. She rubbed her eyes and leaned against the bed, resting her chin on it and watching the girl who could be sleeping if she pretended that she was.

"The doctors say you might wake up soon," she said, not even sure if she could hear her. "I think they’re just saying that to make me feel better. I don’t think that they actually know." She looked at her sadly. "I hope you do. We’ve got a lot to do." She sighed. It was the most she’d spoken in days, and it was to someone who couldn’t respond back. "I like holding your hand. I like it better when you hold it back, though. It’s the same thing when I kiss you." She shut her eyes for a second before she opened them again, taking a bit of time to remember it. It’d felt like forever since Billy had said something to her. "You should wake up now."

She leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “I love you,” she whispered before leaning back in her chair.  She could feel tears in her eyes but the last thing she would do is try to hold them down. She’d learned that there was no stopping them now, she was better off just letting them happen. They weren’t going to stop anyway. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

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OH GOSH I love that you mentioned Scrubs bc I do the exact same thing, an Scrubs is actually one of my go-to comfort shows (U_U) whenever my anxiety spikes I'll pull up that or like? A ghibli flick or old SU eps haha, it's cool to see that it's not an uncommon thing

Ah, same here! I mean, I originally started watching Scrubs back when it first aired but I lost track of it for a while. When I started college it was very stressful and I had a lot of downtime between classes where I had to wait around the school (and like I have issues being around a lot of people for an extended period of time) and I found a place online that had all the episodes so I would just focus on watching and rewatching those and it did wonders making my anxiety a lot more manageable. I have a lot of love for it for how helpful it was to me during that time

I have a bunch of other shows that comfort me too. Pretty much anytime I’ve been under a LOT of stress I’ve latched onto a show and then it kind of becomes endeared to me forever because I associate it with being very calming, which is nice because it’ll make me feel good even if I’m not stressed when I rewatch.

So yea, I totally feel you.

"i hate maka!! the show shouldn’t even be about her because she’s so boring and whiny. not only that, but she’s useless without soul and the others to help her! soul eater would be better off without her!"


Imagine #44 Perfect lines

Request: Could you please do a NewtxReader about newt finding cuts/scars on the reader, this causing him to get overprotective of the reader etc…

Hello I have a request where the reader has been in the Glade for a few months already but becomes really depressed but nobody notices. She starts cutting and then Newt finds her and helps her to stop. Fluff please. Thank you

Note: I combined this two request, because they were pretty similiar. I hope you don’t mind. This one was hard to do actually. Writing this made me feel sad and I hope that you don’t ever have to feel like this. You all deserve to be happy.

Newt x reader
Words: 1220
Warnings: Selfharm

[y/n] pov:

The panicking feelings were gone when you watched around the Glade now. It was placed by something else, something deeper inside you, something darker. You stood behind the trees, where no one could see you. The cool metal was pressed against your skin. Then you moved it. The razor made perfect lines on your skin and you looked up,  closing your eyes. This was the part where you felt the vulnerability of your skin. The tingling feeling that went through your wrist. The pain always came later. Now the droplets of blood followed. You looked down to see small drops of blood on your skin. The skin that was once blank was now filled with perfect lines. Scars. Sometimes there were small scratches. You traced your fingers along it, touching the new wound. Your fingers smeared with blood when you dropped down your hand. A small smile appeared on your face. You couldn’t describe it, but somehow, it made you feel better.

Newt pov:

I wasn’t sure, but I had to find out. I knew it could be dirt, but sometimes I swore I could see small lines on her wrists. Like she did that to herself. A part of me knew it wasn’t possible. She couldn’t feel like that, she always managed to have a smile on her face, to look happy. Another part could understand it. I had been depressed myself but learnt how to deal with it. I knew it was possible that she felt like this. That’s why I had to find her. To find out. I had to help her. I didn’t want her to feel the way I did. I couldn’t approach [y/n] just like that, without prove. I had to find out the truth first.
The last rays of sun felt warm on my skin. It was covered in sweat and dirt, it had been a hard day. The day started with Thomas and Minho, Thomas’ first day in the Maze. I gave him some advice before I walked off to do something for Alby. Then I could do my usual job in the gardens and then it was lunch time. All the time I wasn’t really paying attention to [y/n]. But at lunch I saw her.
We sat at the same table, we always did. She had been in the Glade for a few months now and we were friends since the first day she was here. Nothing ever happened. We just talked, laughed, like normal friends do. But sometimes I could feel this feeling inside of me, that I locked up, but it was eager to get out. The feeling that I loved her. The feeling that I wanted to be more than just her friend. I also ignored it at lunch, but this time the feeling was strong. The urge to touch her was strong and I couldn’t resist it.
She was laughing about something Gally had said and I looked at her. Wondering how she could be so beautiful and if she would ever have thoughts like that about me. Then she looked down and I could see the happiness disappearing from her eyes. Like she had just realized that something bad was happening and she couldn’t enjoy this moment. But then she looked up again, a smile on her face. It was just a split second, but I had seen her sadness. I watched her carefully, but the sadness didn’t return. It was only that moment and then everything was okay again.
‘’What do you think Newt?’’ She asked me. I realized I wasn’t paying attention, I had no clue what they were talking about. ‘’About what?’’ I said, making her laugh. ‘’About dinner tonight. Do you want the usual stuff or something new?’’ No wonder I wasn’t paying attention. Looking at her was way more interesting than talking about food. ‘’First, I don’t think we have to get Frypan out of his comfort zone. I’m bloody happy I don’t choke on this.’’ I pointed at the almost empty plate in front of me. ‘’Second, there’s no other shank who can cook so I guess were stuck with the good old stuff.’’ I placed my hand in hers, squeezing it and smiled at her. She smiled back at me and I looked at my hand, she didn’t move her hand. Relief went through me. Then I saw it. Her arms was slightly turned into my direction and I could glance at her wrist where I saw the lines. In a perfect order, with an almost perfect distance. She saw me looking and pulled away her hand. She placed her arm carefully on the table, so no one could see the lines.

I still felt the shock when I thought about lunch. Now it was past dinner and I hadn’t seen her. It was like she had disappeared. Normally we would eat dinner together, and now she wasn’t there. A part of me felt betrayed. Why wasn’t she there? Did I do something wrong? Or was she doing something different, something better than eating with me? But another part of me was wondering what was going on. She almost never skipped dinner, only when she felt sick. She definitely wasn’t sick today, so something was wrong. I walked around the Glade, looking for her, but I didn’t see her. My only option was to walk into the Deadheads. She came there sometimes to relax.  Then I heard the muffled sounds. Sobs. I could make them out now and I could make out her. She was sitting against a tree, one arm wrapped around her knee, the other laying on the ground. Something was wrong. I hurried up to her and sat in front of her.
‘’[y/n]?’’ I almost got overwhelmed by worry.
‘’Leave me alone.’’ It felt like she had slapped me in the face. But something was wrong and I wasn’t going to leave without her being okay. That’s when I saw it. The perfect lines on her wrist. My prove. The fresh blood on it, new lines. A razor blade lay on the ground beside her and the blood was still visible. It was true. She looked up at me, her eyes puffy and red, and seemed to realize that it didn’t matter anymore. That I knew. She sighed and gave me a sad smile. ‘’I’m sorry.’’ She spoke, I could hear the sadness in her voice. ‘’It’s okay. We’ll get you out of this.’’ I moved closer to her, wrapping my arms around her and pressing her closer to me. I could feel her head against my shoulder. I pushed a hair out her face and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed and her lips trembled. ‘’I couldn’t.. I.. I’m sorry.’’ She said again. She tried to find the right words, but she ended up with those. ‘’You can be better. You will be better. We’ll get through this okay. We’ll get you happy again.’’ I spoke the words, soft. Trying to comfort her with only my voice. Trying to sound calm, which was the opposite of how I felt. She looked up to me. ‘’Thanks.’’ She whispered. I could barely hear her next words but I knew she had said it, those last words before she took my hand. ‘’You can get me through this.’’


This is actually just making me more sad, because they were so happy and they loved each other so much I can’t, I can’t, I can’t deal with all these emotions, there are too many Star Wars emotions, how am I supposed to deal with terrible OT feels and TCW feels in the same day? *collapses*

Keep Calm & Carry On

Hey SoGo

Thanks as always for feeding us our dish. I had to choose between Kimmel & Live and I have to catch up on your blog. But I chose to watch the Live stream. It made me sad because I really feel that Pissybatch is here to stay. Actually, I’ll call him Bitterbatch.

Some of the things he was saying & doing… He is clearly much more aware of social media than he claims.  The flashing the ring stuff, the bitter comments about people being ridiculous for thinking they should know about (or have the right to know about) the private lives of celebs, the snotty remarks about not really caring about whether or not he maintains a fandom because “he’s in it for the long haul,” not the fame….

It really seemed at some moments that he was trying to bait the interviewer into congratulating him or asking him about his marriage, while spewing about the nuisance of people being up in his business. Some of the questions she asked almost seemed designed to prompt his little angry soliloquies. She actually looked frightened when she finally did congratulate him and the look on his face… He smiled, but the look in his eyes was nasty. Like he was proud & triumphant that he made a journalist feel so uncomfortable while she was trying to be as polite & professional as she could be. I’m glad she tried to stand her ground a little during that conversation about accuracy in film. He looked really annoyed that she didn’t ultimately say that he was right. She deserves an apology & he should absolutely deliver one to her. He actually came off like a rebellious adolescent. And brah does not suffer nearly the type of pap harassment that Keira did. So, he needs to take an anti-drama queen pill or 20.

He genuinely seems to be an insufferable person now. We get it: You’re married to the woman you want to be married to. Whatever she seems to represent, you affirmatively chose her. You need to learn how to navigate & balance your fame in a positive way, stat. You’re right. People don’t have a right to all the private life of a celeb. But that pitfall/attitude has been there since the beginning of time for celebs. Way before his bratty ass showed up and long after he leaves the scene.

Speaking of which, talent & longevity don’t necessarily go hand in hand in the entertainment biz. Popularity does. I mean, I guess a person can think & feel whatever they want towards their fans. But you can’t treat a person with such bitter contempt and expect them to stay around. Anyone who does is not a true fan. They’re someone with really low self esteem who needs treatment. If he can’t humble himself enough to figure out what to show, what not to show, how to answer/decline to answer questions politely or show some grace to the public who made Hollywood sit up & take notice of his immense talent? His longevity is not going to be anywhere near the big leagues, if it exists at all. 

He and his pretty-pretty-princess attitude need to calm the fuck down.


SoGo:  He definitely does seem angrier, and like he has become aware of some of the online backlash.  I didn’t think he was nasty towards the interviewer at all although it was kinda weird the way he ended things.  

Reign 2x14 - Initial Thoughts

It’s been a crazy few weeks and I was sad that I couldn’t do my Reign recaps for the past few episodes but I thought I get back into it since my work load has lessened a bit. Whoo hoo! :)

So despite the negativity circling around the #reign tags. I actually enjoyed this episode and it didn’t feel as “shippy” as I’ve heard. At least not in my eyes. (Note to self, stop inducing myself to premature anxiety before actually watching the damn episode) 

Some interesting things:

1) Lola/ Kenna/ Greer BFF scene - Thank you! I was wondering why Lola and Kenna hasn’t show much of a reaction to Greer’s exile. I really love that they haven’t forgotten about her and even trudged through a peasant slop tavern to visit her and give her money. BTW Poor Greer is funny Greer! (or rather drunk Greer) You would think her exile would result in some sad, tear inducing scene but they’ve actually spun it into something a bit light-hearted without having it be distasteful. And with all the other heavy hitters in this episode we can do with a bit of humor to lighten the mood.

And I do like seeing a high born like Greer adapting to the life of peasantry. It already brought a bit of perspective outside the character’s scope of large estates and pretty dresses. Just the look on Kenna’s face distinguishes the lifestyle the girls are use to living in vs reality of the common folk.

2) Mary and Conde vs Mary and Francis - I’m personally not a big fan of the whole dynamic between these three, especially the Monde mash up. But I do have to put out one thing. That despite whatever sort of romance the writers try to put between them, it doesn’t feel as “shippy” as others made it to be. We already know Mary and Francis are the be-all-end-all-couple. But understandably problems that have stemmed partially from external forces and themselves have driven a wedge between them for the time being. Mary sees Conde as a loyal friend, and having to lure him into an interrogation session at the request of Francis based on a stupid old feud has compounded her into immense guilt. I don’t blame Mary or Francis, because they both have legit reasons for doing what they’re doing. As for seeking someone else for comfort, well I don’t really blame one or the other either. They’re human and one can only take so much if you feel stuck and trapped and alone. 

As for this so called Monde explosion, I can’t see it going anywhere that would utterly destroy Frary. Mary has already stated she can’t do anything that would betray her marriage. And as much as I liked Conde’s passion about his love for Mary. (Conde’s teary eyed scene was some damn good acting) I also find Conde terribly naive and loving Mary more of because of adoration and idolization then actual love. And Mary poor girl in vulnerable isolated state is feeding into it. *I have to just shake my head at that and sigh* I do hope there is some resolution to knock some sense into everyone and get them out of this slump.

3) Lola and Francis - Their interaction was nice with their baby. I really like how they lean into each other for support without making it about romance. (As if you didn’t get the hint by their insistence on being “friends” in every sentence. “As friends”, “Just friends,” Nothing going on between us besides friendship! Yep we got the memo!)

4) Duke of Guise/ Catherine/ Narcisse dynamic -  I’ll admit I was a tad worried based on the synopsis that the writer’s were gonna shove another convoluted triangle romance between these three but that wasn’t the case at least not seriously. Seeing these “veterans” play against each other was a sight for sore eyes. Catherine’s bored drawl “You say that like I just won a prize.” when the Duke declared he was going to “court” her. And oh the hilarity! Especially the one liners coming out of Narcisse’s mouth. 

5) Which brings me to my next point. The political scheming between everyone is DELICIOUS. It’s basically like this:

I feel like I’m the only one who seems intrigued by the push and pull and power play between all the characters. And yes they are using each others relationship for bribe, blackmail and backstabbing. It’s the nature of court intrigue in just about every period drama out there. And I really like that they’ve linked the old feud between the Bourbons and Valois all the way back to the cause of Henry’s poisoning and decent into madness. Yes! A point for the writers for coming up with a reasonable explanation for Mad King Henry in season 1. 

6) The Duke of Guise’s assassination and plot - So it turns out Narcisse helped Antoine cover his poisoning crime by pinning it on the Duke of Guise instead. Well I don’t really see anyone crying over the Duke’s death. He was a greedy power hungry guy himself. Though I do have to take a step back at seeing Narcisse’s ruthlessness coming into play again. Whoa! On one hand I’m a little dismayed that this is an obvious step back in the seemingly “good” and “moral” progress he was sorta building before. On the other hand, I’m actually loving it and I’m glad the writers didn’t reduce him to Francis’s little puppet forever. If I had to choose I would take badass Narcisse any day. And if he turns around and double backstabs Antoine before Antoine betrays him (which I’m betting will happen) then I will be laughing all the way. You’ve rid yourself of a rival for Catherine’s “hand”, one less douche to compete with in this chess game. Kudos for being the survivor that you are Narcisse.

I mean, that look of determination on Narcisse’s face sends a mix of chills and glee for me. Will he use his alliance with Antoine as just a means to get his power back? Is his ultimate goal to destroy Francis in the process? Or is he just using whatever he has in his arsenal to build himself back up again? You never know with this guy.

It’s such a mess right now. LOL And I say this with delight because I want to see the journey to resolution. And if you want my honest opinion. I find all the characters are pretty terrible in their own way. No one is wholly innocent in the grand scheme of things  (Yes even the “good guys”) But that’s human nature isn’t it? We all have cravings, selfishness, greed, dark secrets, nasty habits, etc. But we can feel love, admiration, kindness, respect as well. As long as we see two sides to the character and action and reaction, I’m all ears. 

GIFs are not mine. Images are mine.


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Now do you understand why Zayn's fans need to hype him somewhat? It is to counter every racist, vicious hatred thrown at him for doing the smallest of mistakes. Zayn has not become popular. Zayn has become an even bigger target. Do you really think the fandom likes him? Lol no. They wait for moment like these to tear him apart. Don't believe me? Just keep watching.

When something skyrockets this fast it falls even faster. I feel the same way tbh it’s gonna crash and burn because nobody actually gives a fuck. they’re all fake and just jump on the chance to say something bad about him even when it’s a blatant lie lmao. it’s sad because i dont want to see him go out this way but that’s what happens with hype, it’s so precarious because it’s not substantial or ‘real’ it’s just ppl being extra for da notes… zayn hasn’t become popular just more vulnerable imo

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I actually have moments where I forget Bellarke isn't really canon. Like I'll get done reading some really awesome fic where they live happily ever after and then watch an ep and like "OH MY GOD BELLAMY WHY DON'T YOU KISS HER YOU'RE ALREADY TOGETHER JESUS YOUR GIRL IS ABOUT TO RISK HER LIFE SHOW SOME LOVE" and then I sadly remember that they aren't actually together and it's a moment of sadness for me


I’m proud of myself I actually got both this bustle skirt almost done and my physics homework that’s not due till Thursday finished even with this headache.