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Butterfly Wings and The Real World album art

i think i saw somewhere saying that eremin fans were aggressive and nah son we’re just really passionate of their deep and canon friendship bond that should never be ignored nor placed aside because it is very important for the both of them and just a friendly reminder that if there was no armin, there would be no eren — no wish to see the outside world that so many of you thought to be so beautiful, and only hatred towards the titans for the death of his mother, and he would not have a dream to remember about and so, in trost, he would have completly gone berserk or killed when he went titan in there

hell, he wouldn’t even have gone titan — after he was eaten to save armin’s life, one of the things that made him want to keep on fighting and keep on with the want to destroy the titans was the memory of armin showing him a book of the outside world — their dream. if there was no dream to be remembered of, no desire to see the world beyond the walls, i doubt only the desire of killing all of the titans would’ve sufficed, but even if it were, look at the paragraph above.

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do u not understand how important eren’s friendship with armin is