Eggsy Unwin Imagine

Walking into the bathroom after a really, really long night with Eggsy you go to look in the mirror. Taking one look you gasp at the sight before you. Your whole neck was absolutely covered in love bites. You’ve spent about 40 minutes in that bathroom trying to cover them up with your hair or makeup but of course nothing works. They were so far up your neck that the scarf you had couldn’t cover them up. And of course you had no turtle necks because come on who wears those anymore.
“Eggsy Unwin! Look at what you’ve done!”
“What have I done this time…” He chuckles walking into the bathroom where you stand.
“My while neck is covered! How am I supposed to explain this to Merlin?!” Without saying anything, he wraps his arms around you giving your neck small soft kisses trying not to hurt the little bruises that cover it.
“I can’t stay mad at you Eggsy…” You turn around facing him as he stops kissing you, he wraps his arms back around your waist and pushes your hair back.
“God you’re beautiful, in every way and position.” He says being cheeky as usual.
“I love you Eggsy.”
“I love you too babe.”
“Now how in the hell am I supposed to hide these Mr. Unwin?” You ask in a demanding way.
“Well we could just take a day off, I mean we did save the world. We could use a break you know… together?” He suggests eyes moving towards the bedroom a little.
“You know what?,” you wrap your arms around his neck swaying softly. “I think you deserve some marks too.”
“Think so hm?”

dominic always mentions super vague things abt a girl whenever i serve him and i think its supposed to be the first games protag and my little gay heart cant take it

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What am I supposed to do when my best friend hates one of my other friends? She got mad when she found out that me and that friend were back in each other's lives. She wouldn't talk to me for a week. Then me and that other friend had a falling out and now we're trying to work through things again. I'm just afraid my best friend is going to freak out again.

she has no right to. she can’t control who you hangout with she has no right

5 Things That Make Me Happy

apunninglinguist tagged me in a thing where you have to post 5 things that make you happy and then tag five other people. So,

1. Cats (also other cute animals, but also cats).
2. Lovely people who are lovely (pretty much all the people I think of as my friends).
3. Crafting stuffs.
4. Boardgames.
5. Pretty/exciting clothing

.I think I am supposed to tag 5 people, but please don’t feel obliged to do it if you don’t want to, I don’t want anyone to do things they don’t want to: theredkite autistic-romana illustratedjai thegentlemananachronism lithulf

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I've chased her out! She doesn't listen. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Chase her more so I can get yelled at?

No. You need to make things right. Or else she really will go back to Kian this time. - Harry

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Hey, love your page! I was just wondering if there were some spells for no longer having feelings for someone. I have been basically in love with someone for nearly 2 years and all its done is cause me pain. No matter how many times I've tried to stop feeling this way, I've failed :( so hopefully you can help! Thank you so much!!

Hey, thanks!

Oh man okay I’m sorry this took so long. I actually have a spell that I did more or less on accident but oh wow it worked really well so I figured I’d share. Because it just kind of happened I don’t have a source but that’s alright.

I made a gift for this guy (it was a bottle charm but I suppose it could really be anything). But the point of it was it was specifically tailored for the person. I carved his name into a taper candle and lit it with the intention of letting it burn like I would to finish any bottle charm.

I used some of the wax to seal the bottle, and then after a bit I blew out the candle, broke it in half and threw it away. I gave him the charm (which I’m not sure if that’s necessary but I think as long as you get rid of your item somehow that’ll be fine), but we had a falling out a few days after that and I haven’t spoken to him since.

I’ll probably clean this up into a more precise spell another time but this worked really well for me so hopefully it helps you. Good luck friend.


R u n n i n g

Spring is pretty much over. This week went by a lot faster than i anticipated. I had a whole schedule planned out for myself so that I could get all my work done before getting back to school…but none of that fell through. Nothing went according to my plans and now I am really behind on stuff. I was supposed to finish reading this book a while ago and start writing the essay..but I am just starting the essay today and I go back to school tomorrow. I’m actually excited to go back to school. I think I am always looking forward to going back to campus. I know this sounds bad…but I don’t really like being home anymore. 

It’s crazy to think that I spent so much of my life at home and now I prefer to be somewhere else other than where I used to find ‘comfort’. I know like being on campus away from home. I think I realized this when I first came home for Thanksgiving break first semester and when I came home…it wasn’t the same. The things that once never bothered me, now bothered me so much. I couldn’t stand it. I feel like being away from home spoiled me. I became too complacent with things just being there and given to me. Being at school made it easy to run away from the reality that was presented to me when I was home. 

When I’m at home…problems become real. Things other than myself matter. I know that this is selfish, but when I’m at school, all that matters is my studies and my friends. Life is easier. I’m surrounded by things that are easy for me to do. When I’m at school it’s so much easier to do my work; studying is actually somewhat enjoyable because that is all I have to do. But when I’m home…there are so many things that need to be done. So many more responsibilities emerge when back home. So overall, this is why I’m looking forward to going back to school. I have about a month and a half left of this semester and my freshman year of college will be over. Then I’ll be back home for 3 months. 3 long months of.. i don’t know what it’ll be filled with..but to be honest, I don’t look forward to it. I don’t know what to expect.

But. I know that this is pointing to areas of my life that I need to work on. It is showing that I only live for myself. I’ve been continually running away from my problems and my excuse is that I’m away at school and when I return home all these problem..i guess not problems but burdens are waiting for me. In turn, my emotions are negative and my attitude is rotten. I snap at people and do things while complaining. I know that when I get back home I should be more than happy to serve and put others before myself but I’ve been so well fed at school that I don’t want to be outside my comfort zone. It’s funny because I lived like this before going to college. I lived this life at home for a good 4 years before going to college…and now I’m totally different. My attitude has changed greatly and now all that I know how to do is live for myself and not put others before myself. As much as I was excited to leave home near the end of my senior year…I need to have that attitude back. I need to stop running away from my problems and face reality. I need to stop being a baby and need to face reality.  

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it is possible that some of their actions have been influenced by the fact that they know that 'phan' will receive a positive reaction, but all of their interactions as a result of those actions are still real. it's impossible to fake that kind of chemistry, so you shouldn't feel like you've been lied to, because you haven't. their friendship and relationship, whatever the nature of it is still very real.

possible i suppose, idk anymore

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Omma, you're really awesome! I'm definitely so in love with your blog. You're the epitome of perfection especially your love for Sei-Appa. Thank you for being born in this world. I love you, omma!~ I hope you don't mind my petname for you. *runs*

oh my gosh what a cute petname *u* wow i’m actually quite speechless right now because jesus christ how am i supposed to respond to this incredibly heart-warming message without rolling on the ground squealing 

thank you so, so much for dropping by in my ask <3 pls come back so i can force you to accept my love ok seijurou can be a patient husband and wait


I was supposed to deposit my refund check when my mom got home this morning, but she didn’t wake me up and went to bed herself so now I can’t. I was gonna get exact change so I could pay those housing people to wait list me on Monday.