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sorry if i forgot to put anyone!! i hope you all have happy holidays and thank you for a great year!!

  • Me:Everthing I liked about the Legend of Korra finale- Korrasami
  • Someone else:I thought you were listing things
  • Me:I was, I'm done

HEY DUDES! I uploaded a new video - I spent way too much time not studying and instead making this so I really hope you at least somewhat like it!

The one in this post was a random Target one I got for the 2014-2015 academic year, but I hate it. So, I’m buying a new one for 2015.

I’m a huge planner geek too - I spent way too much time on YouTube looking at videos of people showing their planners and doing reviews to decide what I wanted. I recently bought 5 from the Sugar Paper LA line at Target because I couldn’t make up my mind (plus a 6th one, not pictured, just for work). I’m keeping 2/5 and returning the rest lol.


Your name is SI ICE KING.

As your name indicates, you are the KING OF COOL. Your CROWN allows you to master the POWER OF FROST, which comes in handy when you live alone in an ice mountain with penguins. Well, mostly alone. You don’t like to think about the SPIRIT ABOMINATIONS that used to plague your house before your BEST BOSOM FINN trapped them in the basement. Especially since they’re still everywhere else. Watching. Judging. You can see them with your WIZARD EYES.

Ice isn’t the only cool thing you can create, though. When the mood strikes you, you like to play MAD BEATS on your drums, and you fancy yourself a LYRICIST. You can never hope to be as great a lyricist as MARCELINE THE VAMPIRE QUEEN, of course. You don’t really REMEMBER why, but you think she is the MOST MATHEMATICAL PERSON EVER.

Your interests also include WRITING FANFICTION OF THE ROMANTIC PERSUASION. It’s quite good. The ladies love it. Or at least that’s what you keep telling yourself when you’re not too busy being SAD AND MISERABLE. Fortunately, you can always KIDNAP A PRINCESS OR TWO to make yourself feel better.

You really are CRAZY SICK. In more ways than one.

What will you do?