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Turn Set Locations

Okay, so I know that I’m a dork for Turn. I just happened to google locations for the show. So far here are the eight locations that imdb.com lists for Turn shooting locations:

Shirley Plantation - 501 Shirley Plantation Road, Charles City, Virginia, USA (Strong Home)

Tuckahoe Plantation - 12601 River Road, Richmond, Virginia, USA (Richard Woodhall’s home)

Richmond, Virginia, USA (Setauket, Long Island)

Petersburg, Virginia, USA [Old Town Petersburg Historic District] (York?)

Westover - 7000 Westover Road, Charles City, Virginia, USA (King’s College {Abe’s Alma Matter} & Major John Andre’s home interior?)

The locations/sets that I didn’t instantly recognize:

Powhatan, Virginia, USA -  I’m not sure but could this be the location of Caleb’s dock from the  Pilot {Season 1 Episode 1}?

Scotchtown - 16120 Chiswell Lane, Beaverdam, Virginia, USA - If anyone recognizes the scene(s) that were shot here please let me know. If I can recall it looks like the location that Tallmadge shot the Brothers Quill, Eben, and General Scott shot Newt {Season1 Episode 3}?

Kittiewan Plantation - 12104 Weyanoke Road, Charles City, Virginia, USA - Again I don’t recognize this location.

If you do search these and recognize them please let me know so that that I can add them to this post and lable them what location they are standing in for on the show.


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How come I reblog a lot of your posts but you don't follow me. Consider this a notice of boycott. You have 24 hours or I will unfollow you with extreme prejudice.

I honestly hadn’t noticed the support on a consistent basis although I do recognize your blog name :)
I instantly capitulated and followed you prior to this response by the way :)
In other news, that reaction to confrontation feels like it’s becoming a life choice for me.

(Not really I’m an effing Dragon Slayer! True Story.)

I’m sure I’ll enjoy checking out your blog too. Thanks for the heads up :)

i have discovered EXO has a very specific sound when they all sing at the same time that i LOVE….when they sing together even in acapella i can INSTANTLY recognize who it is…like its very unique to them as a group…THEY CANNOT LOSE ANY MORE MEMBERS FOR GODS SAKES….

Catch up time

So it’s been since Valentine’s weekend that I’ve posted anything. I had gone to Hudson Mass to visit a friend. It was 3 gorgeous single women celebrating the single life together and with other single women met at the club.

We had an awesome time but Sunday eventually rolls around and me and my friend must return to Maine, it’s snowing so we need to decide the best time to travel.

While waiting I receive a msg on a dating site and instantly I recognize this person as a customer at a store I worked at just over a year prior. He was one that I flirted with and had hoped he’d finally ask me out. All he ever did was smile and shake his head.

He seemed to like the flirting but something was holding him back. Well that’s because he was married and even brought his wife and kids into the store. I took this as a sign to back off, so I did. No longer would I so outwardly flirt with him when he came in.

So here we are a little over a year since we seen each other, I open the msg. After chatting a few moments he did tell me he is now single and wants to get together. He couldn’t place me at first until I mentioned the name of the store, “yes that’s it!” Is what he said. I giggled half feeling like I was in a dream and half just so happy yet surprised, he is one man I really really liked.

I just felt a need to know this man, and when he wouldn’t even flirt back then finding out he was “taken” I was even more interested, not because he was taken but because he was taken and not even a woman like me would make him stray. Don’t misunderstand me..I don’t want another womans’ man, but we know people cheat and I was impressed by him not giving in and staying true to his family. I’m not the home wrecker kind of woman.

We planned to get together as soon as I got back to Maine. I would txt him the whole way back to let him know how long it would be. We would meet at the hotel we agreed upon.

Seeing him pull up beside me in the parking lot, instantly made me smile. I honestly could not wait to see this man again, and this time in a different light he would see me.

All I could think about is this is probably only gonna be a one night thing and even though I’d hoped that wasn’t true, I was just happy to be spending the night with him and show him how much I had wanted him all those times seeing him in the store.

Among things said this night, one thing that was most important was my question to him. “ u are single, right?”

His answer “ of course, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t” made me smile but I couldn’t help but be skeptical if he was being truthful.

I had been lied to so many times by men in the passed 4 yrs of being single. They would tell me everything I wanted to hear. All to just get what they wanted. I had been so jaded but my heart loves to love so I continue on….thank God. If I allowed these so called men to ruin my heart then this man may not ever get to see my soul.

This night was definitely an amazing night that will never be forgotten.

I’m uncomfortably proud of the fact that I not only just instantly recognized Charles Grodin on this episode of Louie, but also said to myself out loud, “Holy shit, that’s Charles Grodin.”

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Someday I'll see you in person and I'll look at you and recognize you instantly and nod at you and whisper "you are the same as in my dream" and then we will battle

It has been some days since you sent me this, and it took a long time for me to type up a response because I was offended by the fact that you didn’t mention how quickly I would defeat you.

Arrow Summer Rewatch 1x02 “Honor Thy Father”

Dig’s my guy - Oliver to Moira

I love how John Diggle instantly recognizes Oliver Queen as a brother soldier, returned home, wounded, to face new battles. It’s clear to Diggle in the aftermath of Oliver’s first evasionary gambit - slipping from the chauffeured car in the pilot - that something is amiss with Oliver’s story. “Arrow” draws great humor and action from subsequent interactions where Oliver reveals, yet down-plays, his easy use of diversions, cutlery and choke holds.  But more importantly the show lays the foundation for a future partnership and deeply forged bond in the quiet moments where Diggle repeatedly is shown to cannily observe Oliver struggle in the presence of those he’s loved and disappointed: Thea who rejects his protective interference; Moira who pleads with him to exercise caution; Detective Lance who lashes out in anger, grief and fear; and the memory of Robert Queen who drives yet haunts his son’s mission.

olicityalamode geniewithwifi

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I love love love your art even when you change your URL I can almost instantly figure out who you are because I just love your art style and I can instantly recognize it. Is this weird? Sorry for bothering you! Have a nice day! ;u;

Omg wow thank you so much, you’ve made my day!! :DD

You’re definitely not a bother don’t worry about it!!!

You know I’ve hated Katy Perry for a long while now.

Hearing what Taylor Swift has to say about her, I’m just sitting her like “I freaking knew it!”

I’ve hated her since I found out about her song “Damn”.
I’m a HUGE Skye Sweetnam fan, so instantly I recognized the trumpets, background vocals, and drum beat from “Boyhunter.”
She could of bought the song just as easily as stole it, but either way, she was lying about writing her own music.
Skye is an extremely talented artist. She writes her own music, and credits anyone that co-writes with her (I was wondering who this “Tim Armstrong” was that was featured in every other song on Sound Solider and why I wasn’t hearing his voice. I found out later he helped her write the songs his name is on.) Skye has a new band that she’s got indie with, SUMO CYCO. (Can’t help but wonder if that’s because of the song Katy took. Did she see any money from Katy, or did the record company get it all if it was a sale? Maybe there was no sale, I never looked up to record company that published Katy, maybe it was the same one and they claimed that they owned Skye’s work and could sample it however they wanted?)

Then whatever happened between her and Ke$ha and I officially hated everything she stood for. Ke$ha has always been super nice, so it’s really hard to tell exactly what Katy did. Ke$ha always refuses to bag on anyone in interviews.
I love Ke$ha. Most her music is just good pop, but people just like to mindlessly hate anything that’s just suppose to be fun. She has so many beautiful unreleased ballads! Did you know she had the IQ of a genius?
Not to mention she was going through hell with her fucking producer at the time, who was set on making her out to be a stupid slut in the public’s eyes! Probably because it would make him seem less like a SUPER VILLAIN if what he was doing to her ever got out. (Maybe that’s why most her poetic stuff was cut?)

I hated how she seemed to be systematically copying ever other female popstar’s style.
I hated how she was dissing these women I admired.
I hated Katy Perry.

It has nothing to do with her music, it has everything to do with her.
I can’t listen to any of her songs without being disgusted by what this women has done.

TLDR: I don’t like Katy Perry, and I can add another women I respect to the growing list of women Katy has disrespected.

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your art is super awesome, have i told you that? you can draw celebrity's features accurately and i can instantly recognize who you're drawing. that's really cool! loving how you draw MCU Tony's eyes as bolder than your usual style. it made his eyes pop out even more :D

Wow, you really made my day<3 Recently I have been paying attention to the likeness to objects I’m drawing. And I’m really grateful for your great cheers of encouragement. I think MCU Tony has incredibly beautiful eyes so I’m constantly giving a shot to picture them :D

magic-skull asked:

for the art style thing: everything is very pointy!! u use a lot of like. angles i guess??? very few curves. also the way u draw faces i can instantly recognize it like "ace, my friend, drew this. i know it."

AAA THANK YOU!! yes that is. something everyone always points out. my aesthetic: red, black, and sharp. i think most of the blame for that one goes to my invader zim phase, since that art style is. comedicly pointy. 

im glad my faces are distinct though omg ;u;

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Hey! I passed by the gallery at CoD today and your portraits immediately stopped me in my tracks. I instantly recognized the DA:I influence. They're absolutely beautiful. I googled your name on a whim to see if you were on Tumblr and here we are!

gosh thats!!! so cool honestly? i didnt really think anyone would spot the shameless fanart. thank you so much. this made my day 10x better!!

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1. Kitchen counter
2. It was fantastic. We finally figured out how each other’s bodies work and really got in sync with one another.
3. I feel like Tony Stark is fantastic in bed.
4. The song “Naughty Girl” has been making me instantly horny since I could recognize what being horny meant lol
5. I would never have sex in a church/mosque/temple.