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I really love your clothes and your hair! You are gonna go far. Please don't doubt yourself. -//::

Thank you so much!!!!

i really love the clothing designs for brotherhood more than any of the other games

i think that’s why it’s my favorite

15 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by expendablelimbs (oooh thank you! I really liked this one)

Sorry I am pretty poopy and as a result this list is a hot mess and I think there’s more than 15 things on here woops okay I’ll put in one of those cool read more things:

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Do you Shopbop?

Or love Asos and Nordstroms? 

Let me style you! Visit my online stylist site and request a lookbook for a special occasion or just life in general.

If you shop GREAT! If you don’t shop, at least I can help you come up with ideas to spruce up your wardrobe.

I just really love clothes. 

And you. I love you too.

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I really loved your clothes tutorial you did awhile back, would you do more tuts on clothing? I REALLY love how you draw clothes.

omg ;_; ya i guess i could put something together soon o: but thank u im rly glad it helped!

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I really love the clothes you wear! I was wondering if you could recommend me a brand/where to buy those kind of "drapey" clothes that kind of "hang" loose?

recently i just shop at consignment stores

Clothes 💔❤👗😻😿

I really love clothes. Madali ako magkagusto sa mga damit and kapag nagustuhan ko nag iipon talaga ako or kung may pera naman binibili na. Nung nagstart ako bumili sa mga online shops nag tuloy tuloy na agad -.-” I dont care minsan sa price kahit alam kong mas mataas lalo na kase ddagdagan pa ng shipping fee. Kapag nakkuwa ko naman ung mga items I’m happy. Masaya ako kase nakkuwa ko ung mga gusto kong clothes. Sabe nga ng ibang shoppers “I’m not shopaholic, I’m just helping the economy.” Pero ang problema ko ngayon napansin ko na bumubili ako ng damet tas once, twice or thrice ko lang sya ggamitin tas hindi na :( madali ko napagssawaan :( nakkalungkot :( balak ko stop na muna pagbili ng clothes :( kahit gusto ko stop na muna kase naisip ko sayang pera, bbili tas matetengga lang sa bahay. Hahayaan ko muna na magsawa ako sa lung ano ung meron sa closet ko. Kase ayoko na na bumibili ako ng damet dahil GUSTO KO LANG. Gusto kapag bumili ako ulet ng damet ehh dahil KAILANGAN KO.

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Hello :) Is it okay to ask you a question about your fashion inspiration blog here? I didn't find an askbox there... I would like to know if you could recommend other blogs that post similar things you do. I really love your taste in clothes :D

Thank you :)
The blogs I reblog clothes and jewellery more often than not are either not exclusively fashion blogs or just random finds from tumblr search. So you’d just have to follow the thread from the image from whom I reblog get it from
I would however recommend ladeeeeda and katarina-von-abyss. I reblog on from them a lot on unusual attire

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i gotta say you are gorgeous & your style is just a huge turn on.

I really love clothes. I go from sorority girl to gym junky to frat boy on a daily basis.

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aurora, comet, zenith!


I’ll repeat them because I love ya.

Aurora:What is the most beautiful thing that you can think of?

  • In winter, when there’s a huge, howling snowstorm outside but you’re inside, warm, comfortable, and safe.

Comet:Who do you like to be with?

  • Friends, family, roommates. If I know someone fairly well, I’ll enjoy their company most of the time.

Zenith:What makes you feel good about yourself?

  • I really love wearing cute clothes, even if other people say they look uncomfortable. I feel 10x more confident in some really fancy outfit than in a t-shirt or sweatpants. (Also, hats. I love how I feel in hats.)

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Heya I really appreciate your work Could you possible do a few Lyanna Stark inspired outfits with a skirt preferable from h and m but if you can't find any from h and m by free to uses any Thanks a bunch I really love your clothes

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your compliments and request :) I made a set of four ideas for you and tried to use almost all H&M items. Also try looking in the lyanna tag and H&M tag for more ideas.

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i really love your clothing style. When i search for gothic clothes, I always find some tight skirts and corsets and long uncomfortable boots that doesn't suit me very well, but raintower has plenty of unique and comfortable pieces. So thank you

aw yay thank you !!

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I'm 327, good luck :)

your url is so great omg how do you even get a url like that? your theme is so simple and classy and clean I absolutely adore it because it is so easy to look at (that probably sounds really weird) and I like how your posts are a lil bit of everything! I think its cool that you ride horses, I love them! I went to horsemanship camp during the summer, actually! oh and yOU”RE INSANELY PRETTY like REALLY CUTE I love your clothes and your hair and your beauty mark is absolutely adorable it really suits you and ive kind of always wanted one tbh you’re lucky

paragraph compliments!

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Just wanted to say hi. I really love the clothes and trinkets on your posts. They make me sad that there are no cute clothing stores near me and online shopping, especially sizes, scare me. Thank for your help and running this blog you lovely people.

Thank you~! Aww. D: You should measure yourself with a measuring tape. Later, look at the measurements the site has for a certain product and compare them to your measurements. That’s the main key for online shopping. You are very welcome c: -Mio/Jackie 

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What's your dream job?

As of now I want to be a children’s psychiatrist, however I can’t say that’s my absolute dream job. I truly love psychology but I’m not sure what I want to do with it. Then again I also really love clothes so we just don’t know