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babe, its okay. I have a really skinny body, no boobs, no butt. I weigh 92 lbs. im also 5'5" and my feet are like size 8. my hands are huge and to everybody at my school im anorexic. i never wear tight things always loose so no one sees how skinny i am, unless a friend talks me into wearing something. I hate my body too, and i know people tell us its beautiful and they "wish they can have it" but then people turn around and say its disgusting and i should cover it. It sucks but it will be okay.

literally same. i get asked atleast once a month if im anorexic and its really annoying. i love tight clothes … hm idk 

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This Man’s Shoes

Click bait fashion articles make Dr. Kwame M. Brown gaze at his shoes.

We have all seen the typical click bait, often judgmental, articles about how to “look better” and “dress for success” in magazines and on social media. I have also heard phrases like “you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes”. It is that last statement that was running through my mind as I looked down at my worn, dilapidated shoes this Sunday morning at a campus event. I want to offer a different perspective.

Before I go further, let me tell you that I am actually a closet fashion bug. My wife used to work in fashion, and I really love the design of clothing. I watch Project Runway and marvel at the gifts the designers have. So this is not coming from someone who has no appreciation of design.  This is coming from someone who appreciates life more. 

Shoes tell you a lot about a man…

What does the wrinkled, scuffed leather on my black shoes in this picture tell you? What of my life and character can you glean? 

Can you tell that I am not “successful”? 

Well, that depends on how you define “success”. I live my life as a change agent, and as a truth seeker. I have been quite successful at changing hearts, minds and bodies in my career as a teacher, coach, entrepreneur and administrator. I have not been as successful at commanding a six figure salary. I apologize. 

I am a college professor at a small historically black university (HBCU). I do not make much money.  Could I theoretically buy a new pair of shoes? Yes, but that would require me giving up something more important this month – like maybe a night out with my beautiful, loving, creative, hardworking wife. 

Can you tell that my shoes in this picture are pointed toward the next thing I’m doing to make the world a better place?

I am a man of action and purpose. If I could also be a man of high fashion, maybe I would be. But even if I had a ton of money, shopping in the mall is not really where I would like to spend my time. I like to pick out nice clothes. But I also tend to wear them until they have holes – because I don’t want to go back to the store. As the meme says:  “Ain’t nobody got time for that”. I use my shoes to protect my feet from rocks and glass as I make my way to the next task. When I buy them, I buy what I think looks nice without breaking the bank. You will see me wearing these current shoes until they make my feet hurt or fall apart. You will also find me barefoot moving around in my office as I write grants, exams, and articles. 

Can you tell I care more about making a difference in the world than your approval of my fashion sense or categorization of my socioeconomic status?

This kind of conversation about what I should be doing to “look better”, and making judgments about a whole person just from looking at the shoes they have on at present makes me grateful to have found someone that loves me for who I am. I shudder at the thought of being completely rejected because of my shoes. I shudder at what that means for our society. I shudder at the thought that picking the right tie out means that NOW you think I know something about child development, or neuroscience, or can help solve problems. 

If you can tell all of that by looking at these 15 year old shoes that I wear every day, then you’re right. You can tell a lot about this man by his shoes.

We care far too much about financial wealth and the appearance of such, and not enough about true riches like community, joy, playfulness, and helping others. This man and his shoes are taking a stand. Will you walk with me, or stand on the side to figure out if you like my shoes enough to value me as a person?  Stop looking at my shoes and look into my eyes. I’ll give you a smile and a hello. Then I will keep it moving in my 15 year old shoes and 11 year old Chevy Impala. 

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Tonight is so chilly here and after seeing a post of sweater in my dash I want to draw Mihashi in sweater… then he ended up in such awkward pose that was meant to be sleeping pose hahaha orz

I want to draw Abe too actually but I’m to confused about how Abe should pose without him looked too cute?? lol 

I really love winter clothes *__* Snuggling behind baggy sweater, warm big wool slayer is comfy isn’t it * v *

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if you had the opportunity to live your life to the full, without clothes, would you take it?

Not really I love clothes too much


The In-Between

Architecture: it is the in between, the meta world between the natural world and our own internal personal worlds, the middle stage where life takes place. 

In thinking about my life and my design and what I truly want to do, what my aesthetic is, why was one of the goals for my knitwear project, I came up with this idea of the in between. I want to do sculptural clothing, clothing that is wearable art, work that is museum worthy no runway worthy. But at the same time i really do love clothing, impeccably tailored clothing, I like the act of making clothing, the patterning, the sewing, the textiles. I want to make a collection of glass clothing one day but I also go to heaven when I’m in the woolen knit section of mood. I think my personal goals and aesthetics exist somewhere in between the worlds of fine arts fashion and the world of hand crafted fashion. The main thing that is important to me is that I work with my hands. 

In exploring this about myself, about my design aesthetics, my goals and in trying to figure why I’m doing what I’m doing I made the connection to my life philosophy. The concept of balance in the universe, that our entire existence is built upon opposition, the invisible tensions that shape our world like the skeleton to reality. We wouldn’t know light without dark, peace would not be peace without war, how would we know silence if we never knew sound and so on. This carefully constructed world of opposites and delicate balance, the cycles of life and death, happiness and sadness, peace and war, night and day, everything that makes our world turn, doesn’t last forever. The world may be made of balance, but the universe is constantly hurdling towards entropy, everything is in a constant state of decay; our bodies, the earth, the stars, everything we build and create, nothing is permanent. That to me is beautiful, the imminent decay, the realization that nothing is permanent and the world is built on contrast. 

My design interests and aesthetics are at opposite ends of the spectrum. I love deconstruction and decay, the messy quality of destroyed knitwear and waxed and painted clothing. But i also adore structure, boning and horsehair, the corsets and metal panniers of history, intense volume and organic sculpture in clothing. I love sculptural fashion, but I also find well made tailored clothing, mostly historical clothing equally fascinating, bespoke tailoring, the beading of the 20s, the bustles of the 19th century and so on. My design desires are at odds with each other. But the balance between them creates my work, it is this contrast that brings about my work. 

An so comes the In between; the world in between worlds. I want to explore this idea, the invisible world, the structure, the skeleton of the unknown, the unseen. What is the feeling, the photos above represent that feeling to me (screenshots from boardwalk empire). How does the in between relate to architecture, the in between spaces we build for ourselves, but it all crumbles in the end. What is the structure of the invisible, does this idea come across in architecture. Midnight, the bewitching hour, halloween: veil between the worlds is thinnest, purgatory, limbo, the stage in between life and death, the standing stones, churches, palaces turned into museums, history existing in the in between, preserved but forever getting further and further away, existing in this stasis between what once was and what is now, full of ghosts. A sinister elegance to this world, folliage with fangs, don’t eat the fruit you’ll be trapped, pomegranates, fruit of the underworld, faeryland, if you eat what they offer you, drink their wine, you belong to them. These tales of the in between are wicked, filled with enticing beauty that turns black when the veil is lifted. What is the infrastructure of these unseen worlds, unseen emotions, unseen creatures, the unspoken, the unseen, the forgotten and the lost

anonymous said:

Where do you get your favorite clothing items?

I really love revolve clothing, singer 22, necessary clothing, and LF

julianacarrera said:

hi sweetheart! it went to a website called phraseology and each new clothing collection benefits wildlife :) i really loved the clothing so i was browsing & kept it open for almost 20 minutes haha :) x




anonymous said:

What is your favorite outfit to wear and for what occasion?

{Ooo! Ok so I have these red chinos that I love to wear with a denim button down shirt (I got both at H&M), and my fake loafers I got from Kohls, and I love this outfit for pretty much anything. Obviously nothing formal, but it is possibly my favorite outfit. I also have a burgundy flannel that fits my body really well. I love clothes, ok}

anonymous said:

I'm the anon who wants to draw something for you! What's your favorite clothing style?? I want to draw clothing for you!!


Ahh I’m freaking out! This is too cool! Clothing is cool!

Oh geez, if you make me something ever, I won’t be able to pay for it, I’m too poor right now. :( But the idea is really awesome and exciting and it makes me squeak. I actually do that when I get excited. I might be a very smart hamster.

I absolutely adore dance clothing - but not just any dance. I love oxford shoes, vintage style dresses, stockings… the kinds of things I would want to wear if I were going to go to swing dancing today. I like the mixture between modern fashion and 1940’s - 1960’s fashion in the USA. I also really love loose clothing, like sort of tunic dresses, because they match today’s kind of fashion and I can hoop like crazy in them. 

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

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Ahhhhh gosh I rarely do these (plus I'm so dormant when it comes to talking to people omg) But my fave color is light pink, kinda like rose quartz??? I also like salmon pink too, pretty much any type of red is amazing haha ;; I really love coffee ice cream omg so tasty, I don't really ship anything atm, too lazy to really care about ships right now ahhh. anddddd i have 2 cats! Both are 17 years old and they were found under our house ferrel and alone when I was 3!!! Whoop whoop~ ovo

Yo! (ah, don’t worry! thanks for coming out to talk at me >uo) ahhh my friend has a big comfy sweater that colour! I really love clothing that lovely link pink, it feels very fresh and relaxing to wear =u= mm I agree! teal may be my favourite colour, but anything red or pink is my favourite colour to wear (though I wear far too much black ;u;) YO I tried some amazing coffee ice cream not to long ago, it’s really a nice flavour if you want to try something a little different, I’m such a cofffee addict I’ll eat anythign remotely coffee flavoured ouo; WOAH that’s an amazing age for cats, and wild too? Glad you were able to give them a good home, are they tabbys?


'Oh won't you stay/ We'll put on the day/ And we'll wear it 'til the night comes'