A drawing I did for my 300th follower, which took way too long haha
A greaser!stuck AU where I imagine Cronus would obviously be the cool guy greaser that secretly hangs out with his boyfriend Kankri, the preppy and sophisticated know-it-all. It was really fun drawing these two in 50’s clothing!

Oh and also a big thanks to my friend ghostly0rigins for helping me out with the clothing :D


That Moment (when my feelings for a character began to shift for whatever reason) → Jesse Pinkman

Hey. You. Have you eaten today? Anything? Get up and go grab a snack, okay? A handful of chips, an apple, banana, energy bar, whatever you want. Nibble on it if you have to. Eating isn’t easy for everyone for a variety of reasons, but it’s a thing that’s important for your body. And no matter what you think of your body, and what you tell yourself to make you think that maybe you shouldn’t feed yourself, I’m here to tell you that your body is fucking beautiful no matter what shape size or color it is because YOU are fucking beautiful and you deserve to give your body good things, whether it’s a glass of orange juice or some chocolate cake or three cheeseburgers. Food is awesome, and you are awesome.

MORE COLLEGE!AU i cant be stopped

and here are some small facts

  • weiss and ruby are roommates
  • blake and yang are roommates
  • weiss meets yang thru track or something IDK 
  • ruby and blake meet thru a literature class
  • then they all meet together one day and have lunch and hang out y’know now they’re BEST BUDS
  • blakeandweissmightbedatingwhoknowsidontokmaybeidoidkIDK
  • blake has a bad habit of rescuing stray cats/kittens and keeping them in her dorm room until she finds homes for them 
  • yang doesnt mind/notice cause shes barely ever in the room (social butterfly and party animal and all that) and usually only arrives to sleep (sometimes bringing a different warm body with her)((blake finds it annoying))
  • ruby is a PRODEGY CHILD of some sort aHAH
  • weiss attends college to try to prove herself and escape the pressure of her family wanting her to be married off to some rich man

A gift for strangulated-harlot! It’s supposed to be a scene from her fantastic fanfic The Vindictive Paradise which everyone needs to go read ASAP.
Hope you like it!  (ノ´∀`)ノ♥
Better view here

this is how it feels to take a fall / icarus is flying towards and early grave (x)


doing some song requests again! (this was wayyyy back in my inbox omg i’m sorry) but thesunqueen asked for castiel and icarus by bastille


Have some Rumplestiltskin clothes reference because reasons. Might come in handy in the future for me and maybe for some other people, artists, cosplayers, maybesmutwriterstooidunno.