in every nice shot, chanyeol just have to

ruin it

kai and sehun’s are his favorites

not his intention, it’s just that

he’s a born creep

or derp

and when u see it, you’ll shit brix

and just when everyone thought finally a ni ce picture



Stanatics have 3 categories to vote for this year on PCA: “Favorite Dramatic TV Actress”, “Favorite TV Crime Drama” & “Favorite On-Screen Chemistry”. Here’s how you can vote:  

  1. PCA website: Click on "Favorite Dramatic TV Actress" to vote for Stana; "Favorite TV Crime Drama" to vote for “Castle”; and "Favorite On-Screen Chemistry" to vote for Castle & Beckett.
  2. Twitter: Tweet “Stana Katic #DramaticTVActress #PeoplesChoice”; “Castle #TVCrimeDrama #PeoplesChoice”; and “Castle/Beckett #chemistry #PeoplesChoice”. You can also vote in all categories with just one tweet. Like: “Stana Katic #DramaticTVActress Castle #TVCrimeDrama Castle/Beckett #chemistry #PeoplesChoice”. You just need to write “#PeoplesChoice” once when voting on multiple categories - but you must always respect the order “Nominee #category #PeoplesChoice”. Your tweet may contain pictures, links, numbers, etc, as long as it also has “Nominee #category #PeoplesChoice”. Retweets also count! So whenever you see someone voting on you timeline, RT.
  3. Facebook: Vote through PCA’s official Facebook page app.
  4. Mobile device apps: Download the People’s Choice Awards app on your device - available for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad e iPod Touch).

Voting ends on December 5th, 2013. The ceremony will take place on January 8th, 2014.

I think everyone remembers how much it sucked not winning last year, so VOTE! Non stop! This is our year, fandom!