i love no man

There are strings on my guitar now, but you took the chord progressions with you. Also, it didn’t rain today.

Today, the sky was empty thunder. Motioned grey reminders held themselves far from my fingertip’s reach of your absence. 

 Flashing vocal chords bounced just between the clouds, the echo stirring asphalt. The noise yelled at me through every cracked window and door that closed too slowly; a reminder that it is not always possible to touch the things that are loudest.

You are missing from me. 

The empty thunder was detached from any earthbound precipitation. I grew so accustomed to seeing you through the impressionism of rain droplets that clarity without you became calamity. 

You are missing from me.

I turned on the car windshield wipers. I wanted to remember the way you smiled when they fell without control, slapping the edge of the places we passed on our drive to my apartment. 

You are missing from me.

When I flipped the switch, they got stuck at the peak of their arch. I drove alone to my apartment, letting the places you once moved sink further into the dirt, reminding things that they still need sunlight to grow. 

I’m a straight grandmas boy man. I haven’t seen my grandma since last year and she flew in for my sisters graduation. We caught up, told her how I started at audi, what Audi’s gonna be doing for me after I graduate school, friends/relationships, etc. basically everything that’s been goin on since she left. She came in my room right before I had to leave to work today and said she was proud of me and here’s a reward (aka money). I told her I didn’t need it but she just dropped that shit on the ground and left. I swear she was a thug in the past life man


me: idk maybe im not THAT gay

internet: hey look at this

me: hly shiidfgfiihts.. hloly….