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hey let’s play a game called who wants to proofread this shit essay about the Call of the Wild by Jack London tonight. it’s about like. morality and uh. civility vs savagery i guess. sorry in advance

alright well here’s a link 2 a copy of the document on google drive. anyone can see it u don’t even need an account i don’t think. i mean it’s there. if u can check it over and just make sure there’s no typos and tell me if something doesn’t make sense maybe?? if u want to make edits u can but if it’s a major change pls tell me first hehe

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aveline talks about … | accepting.


‘ My mother is a woman who I never knew ; just flashes of impossibly long hair, but my father … he was certainly something. ‘

Her tone is wistful, memories of younger days with an impossibly tall and big bearded man enticing her with stories of Knights and dragons. ‘ My father was many things ; strong, supportive, determined – but he never forced me into anything. It was always my choice. ‘

‘ He could have forced me into the life of a soldier, made me pick up a blade and practice with it at the crack of dawn, but he didn’t. Every step I’ve taken in this life has been of my own doing, of my own thought and care … I loved that about him more than anything. ‘ 

‘ I think he would have liked you Carver. Your tenacity to be who you wish to be is something he would have admired. 
               … Everyone likes to stick their opinion where it shouldn’t, and they like to think they can tell you what to do – but its always your choice. That’s the greatest thing my father could have ever given me and even if he were still alive today, I don’t think I could thank him enough for that. ‘

Cheerful or Crushed

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

I watched a team in Perth, Australia get crushed yesterday, completely overwhelmed. The game was Australian football, an aggressive, 18-men-to-a-side, continuous action, contact sport on a large, outdoor, oval pitch. The first quarter score alone was 49-4. It didn’t get much better. A sell-out crowd of…

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having a disgusting amount of thoughts/doubts/anxieties about what i want to do in school

thought i wanted to do history, thought i wanted to do french, and now i can not for the life of me feel sure of myself in wanting to do english

and i mean i’m gonna give myself this fall semester to keep feeling things out but honestly i wish i could be the type of person who makes a decision and doesn’t doubt myself so much