i can see that


“dont do it,

its so cliche”

i whisper to myself as i’ve already begun drawing


Bella was GOOD. All the other things added up to that whole — kind and self-effacing and loving and brave — she was good through and through.

“Pls don’t post but do you still feel positive about canon Destiel? I didn’t expect they never addressed the final fight scene in 1022 properly and once again Cas played no role in what’s important to Dean. I feel that not only even subtextual Destiel is gone but Cas’ position on the show has become very questionable. But again it is just one (very terrible and makes no sense at all) episode, but it’s a finale so I don’t know how to feel.”

To the person who sent me this…  I’m taking your name off it since I have anon disabled but feel I inevitably need to address this so people know where I fall…

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if you support the free the nipple movement but tell every hijabi or niqabi you see that they’re allowed to take that ‘thing’ off their head than ur an ignorant butthole and are a terrible representation of feminists 

Every time I see this, I picture Felicity using this in arguments to come between her and Oliver…

“Remember when I saved your life….”

“What about the time I literally caught you falling off the dam…”

And then Oliver will get really quiet and look at her the way only he can and say:

“Felicity, you saved me in the very beginning and every time since.”


general reminder that if you are using the art work/photography by another person in your themes and commissioning them for sale, you’re breaking the law. making money off the work of another person is classed as STEALING and is an illegal offence. 

What I want is for the anti-larries to explain the matching tattoos, and then I will be reasonable…

anonymous asked:

Do you have a list of all of your sideblogs? :3

I’m slightly embarrassed by this one because there are so many *hides* If only my home was as organized as my online home…

♥  berrysimhearts - Ts4 Blog

♥  berrehlovesyou - Reblog Blog

♥  lacelotpixelhearts - Lacelot Side Blog

♥  findaberrysweet  - Resource Blog

♥  moonshinecandyhearts - Personal Blog

♥  askaberrysweet - Ask Blog

♥  dearberrypie is a blog I made a long time ago and has a bunch of notes and letters about Splash of Color. Not very active though. I have a couple others but they are set to private, so no need listing them here.