i can see that


Aries- feisty and mean
Taurus- small babies that must b protected but r actually hard heads
Cancer- emotional and real af
Leo- love themselves but hate themselves??
Virgo- expects ppl to know what they want also v orderly
Libra- romantic little shits
Scorpio- almost as bad as gemini
Sagittarius- v sexual and playful and all sorts of energetic
Capricorn- v quiet and shy but also that person who reads the most instense porn
Aquarius- leo equivalent but dont hate themselves as much, more emotional, kinda like a leo/cancer baby
Pisces- the only chill zodiac but is very gay

So, there’s probably going to be a hiatus for the show during the months that the movie is in theaters. And then if and when the show returns, it’s going to continue off from where the movie ended. That’s how I think the movie period will be. It’s still too early to say though, because we don’t know a) when it’s airing b) what the plot is c) who’s going to be in it. 

The 2D vs. 3D debate isn’t the biggest concern yet. I’m just looking forward to seeing one of the cartoons that I’ve been following for the past few years and the one that has changed my and a lot of other people’s lives is going on the big screen. 


4 - Night clothes

I.. kinda went overboard. OTL Missing-the-bf Survival Guide includes wearing said bf’s shirt to bed to ease the longing.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day at all… 

We went to an event my sibling was participating in and every single person we came across treated my mother like absolute shit. She was in a lot of pain already, and they only made it a lot worse. I was livid. 

Please, don’t ever treat a handicapped person poorly. Ever. 


I was tagged by splicerspawn to post 2 selfies and tag 20 people so here’s me in my gross frostmourne necklace lmao

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I’ve you’ve already done it then I’m sorry!! :3

am i the only one that did not think 1989 was the greatest thing since sliced bread ???? - alexis


we’ve been tidying our attic out this week and we have literally dozens of old guitars, this one’s my favourite because it’s so small and cute ;_; (p.s. please ignore my pasty arms I’m sorry)

tiny headcanon that when hinata goes through those nervous breakdowns and gets really bad kageyama does a ~*special*~ pep talk 2 calm down his boyfie 

this is actually a birthday gift 2 daisetsuchan happy belated birthday my sweet child 

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Consider this, Bilbo was finally getting over it, and then Frodo came to live with him, and the first time that little boy looked up at him with those blue eyes Bilbo didn’t sleep at all that night for fear of what he’d see when he went to sleep.

He sleeps eventually, exhausted and scared, and he sees Thorin’s eyes. But they aren’t the glossy, empty eyes of his last moment, not, it’s the wide, open gaze of when he finally accepted Bilbo into the Company after the goblin caves, it’s the excited expression of when they found the secret door, it’s the soft, shining look Thorin had when he showed him the acorn. It’s the adoring and full of love gaze he had when he finally understood his home was with Bilbo.
And that’s when Bilbo finds the strenght to write his book.

can i try something cool? go on anonymous and leave me a confession about the person you like. like, pretend you’re confessing in the message, a letter to them, would you write one. and, do it with all the passion you have. i wanna see. what different loves sound like.

Being a huge fan of VIXX I’ve obviously noticed the remarks made by the VIXX members about Hakyeon’s skin. I am definitely not defending them because I totally agree, their insensitive comments aren’t ending and they do need to stop and learn that their jokes aren’t funny. BUT at the same time, some people are not handling the situation that well. It brings tears to my eyes when I saw so much hate and anger filling up the VIXX tag which was once the source of my happiness.

In no way was I trying to point fingers at any users or posts. Everyone is free to say what they want and express their opinions but so am I. They are getting out of hand. Please don’t start hating and cussing at the VIXX members. It’s devastating to see such a lovely fandom and group get so much hate. I honestly doubt Hakyeon would be happy to find out that there are comments trashing his beloved members.


That must be quite an angle of Rhett

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