i am crying at this

Yo so remember before Fan Fiction aired we were like, “All I want in the world is for the Dean and Cas actresses to be off-stage girlfriends.”

And then we caught ourselves like, “No, we must not dare to dream so greatly, It’s too fanfictiony to be allowed.”

And then they were queer girlfriends anyway and we all collectively shed a tear because of how much Robbie Thompson gets this fandom?

Claire is in a hospital in Angel Heart, which was written by Robbie Thompson, and I am DARING TO DREAM of awkward pretend Destiel Dads as a cover.


Don’t let me down, Robbie.

Charlie is sick and I can’t stop crying.

My dog got really sick too. We had to put her down at the start of last year. And it still hurts so goddamn much.

My heart really goes out to TOP right now. I know the pain he’s going through. I wish I didn’t, but I do. 

Be strong for Charlie. He needs you now. More than ever. Give him love and hope for the best. <3

They say you should never meet your heroes.

But that wasn’t something I was thinking about when I clocked out for lunch, ran for the elevator yelling a breathy something about “stalking my celebrity crush,” and sprinted due east across Prince street.

In fact, I had another mantra rattling around in my skull.

Do not puke on Chris Evans.

Something I thought I would never think. And I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Chris Evans.

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In appreciation for the 100 follows I wrote a little NaLu drabble for y’all!

Titled: Hell Week
Rated: This is cute
Pairings: NaLu

In honor (or more like dishonor) of College finals next week 
*painfully cries*

Natsu sighed heavily as he laid down his phone down on his torso for maybe the eighth time that day. He looked past his feet to the blonde sitting at her desk, vigorously typing away at some sort of paper. He grunted as he sat up, slouching his body against the montage of fluffy pink pillows.
She sat there, eyes tracing the letters that appeared on the screen, utterly and completely in her own world.
“Hey, Luce.”
Her fingers kept typing, clearly in some sort of trance.
“What?!” She yelled, whipping her head to the pink haired man slumped up on her bed.
“Are you almost done??” He sounded almost pitiful the way he asked her, like some sort of beaten puppy. And with those eyes- oh god here we go again…
Lucy attempted to inhale calmy and grow an almost gentle smile on her face that came off more as being so pissed off she’s smiling now. “No. No I am not almost done, Natsu. In fact, I haven’t been done the last twenty times you’ve asked me.” She took in another breath as she pressed her eyes shut. “I have so, so much to do. I have another four pages of this paper. A math and chemistry final I need to study for. And some bullshit group project. Who the hell even still assigns group projects?! Hell, we’re in college?! And I just don’t even have time to think or breathe or sleep or-”
“Lucy…” Natsu sooths into her ear, his palms placed on the pale skin of her shoulders. “You need a break…”
“Natsu I don’t have time for a break! I have to-”
“You need time for you. Your mental health is much more important than some grade you get, right now. I don’t want you to overwork yourself…” His voice cracked as it drifted off when he placed a kiss on the crown of her head.
Her eyes fluttered shut.
This was probably the only, and last time, his kiss slowed her heartbeat.
“Come here,” he said, patting his hand on the comforter. “We need a nap.”
He watched her get up from that chair she had been glued to for the past three hours. Her eyes were tired, he could tell. But her smile was as warm as ever. He didn’t expect any less. The sun shined in as she stepped over to him, oh so slightly. And it was at that moment when Natsu realized, like he hadn’t before, how breathtakingly beautiful his queen was. Her blonde hair shimmered over her shoulders as she sunk into the bed and curled up next to him.
“You haven’t even done anything today, Natsu.”
“Yeah I have. Watching you work all day makes me tired.” He smiled down at her as he wrapped an arm around to her waist to pull her in close.
“You are so weird…” She yawned, exhaling into him.
“Yeah, I’ve been told that once or twice…”

Uncle Jesse and Sirius Black

I was watching Full House last week and watched Uncle Jesse in particular. He went from this motorcycle riding bad boy, to this total Mr. Mom in a way that was still all cool and tough guy. Uncle Jesse is actually everything I ever pictured in Sirius Black but couldn’t express. Uncle Jesse is what Sirius would have become if Lily and James had lived.


Those who know me well know that this is my baby. I cried when I received it in the mail and I wore it in 35 degree heat because I love it endlessly.

All good things come to an end.

As mentioned in my previous post, I am scraping the barrel for cash here.

I’m taking expressions of interest for people wanting to maybe purchase this.

I paid $250 for it brand new. It’s in good condition, a little bit of pilling, but otherwise excellent shape. I have treated it like a child. These are rare as balls to find these days, but I’m aware that it’s not fair to ask for what I paid for it.

It’s a size large and I can make sure to send all the spare patches with it, and I still even have the original bag for storage.

I can’t bear to part with it for less than $150 + postage, but I’m hoping people will understand how very very hard this is for me to let go.

Please reblog this to see if any of your VIP (BIGBANG fan) friends may be interested, and we can talk price!